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  2. Ban GNOrmalPinkerton because if you keep this up, then i'll be forced to use my special attack.
  3. Idk how to reproduce the steps but the cosmetics of my friend were on the npc and my friends was treated like it was the sister at some points. The game would quickly flip between my friend being the sister to the sister being the sister so my view would constantly flicker between as the distances were different.
  4. Unlit: Yeah, that's not terrible. Lit: That looks awesome!! Well done.
  5. we need upvote and downvote reactions

    This has been debated quite a few times. The forums even had downvotes at one point. But encouraging negative feedback on just about any post can get a little... well. It was removed as the mere presence of the "dislike" reminded everyone how human they really were, and what once started as a way to say you simply disagreed with an idea became the tinder to start flame wars with small, petty jabs leading the charge. And as @Xenologist said, "Confused" acts as a disagreement anyway. Confused is the only one of the bunch that doesn't add to community reputation, whereas all the others (Including Sad because everyone meme'd with it) do. Not that community rep actually matters too much, but it still stands as a pleasant number. That being said, while not many people care about the number's gradual rise, people usually do care about a sudden decrease. Dislikes actively take from a member's community reputation, which adds a layer of defensiveness to someone's reaction, which is yet another way dislikes can cause something to spiral out of control. As much as I'd love to say everyone on here is adult enough to not make this kind of childish reaction, I can't, as Klei is in fact a game company, and quite a good chunk of people that come on here (even briefly) are children. All in all, even in it's intended use (disagreeing with someone) a small tongue-in-cheek response is almost immediately ignored. That's why everything I happen to firmly disagree with I will usually take the time to write out my response about why I disagree with it. Even then, usually quite a few people that suggest something also have the thread come along with a poll that asks if you're in support of their idea or not. That gives the same statistic a like/dislike ratio would. I just wish Klei would ask for specific community feedback on matters themselves.
  6. Well, looking at the way the health badge works, it's just not designed to show for all the changes to your health. It only shows arrows for specific purposes. It shows a down-arrow when freezing or overheating, or you're taking fire damage or you're starving or you have corrosives on you. It shows the up-arrow when the down-arrow is not active, and you are sleeping or have regen equipment equipped. That's it. It's not designed for what you want it to do. What it WILL do, however, is make the health-badge pulse red or green (depending on damage or healing) and make a sound. Here's the code for it:
  7. Hey, welcome to the forums! And hey, nice pumpkin! Since you don't know where it is, the area for Don't Starve/Together fanart is right here. Your thread will be moved there eventually as well. Other art threads (unrelated to Klei games) usually wind up in The Off-Topic Area.
  8. The lighted up version is really good! Nice work.
  9. They patched it lol, but it felt good to find an unreleased skin. That lil gold bit could be a zipper
  10. Yesterday
  11. That really looks like a magmatic imo. It's got the bit of gold, and the very questionable gradients.
  12. Have you tried drop points instead of storage bins? Bins would take over a thousand to hold all the debris on a map, and definitely wouldn't improve performance. But a singular drop point using the auto dispensers, doesn't require power, should be very doable, and should get a performance gain as all the debris merges together when it equalizes in temperature. A more interesting mod would be for all debris to instantly merge together at the average temperature of the two, rather than waiting for the temps to reduce first.
  13. The source may be 500C (326.9C in the oil fissure case) but the amount of heat (except in the steam vents case) is very small and is easily cooled by a normal self-cooled steam turbine set up. However, a normal steam turbine set up would not be able to cool it below 126C thus necessitating steel pumps. And equally important, a normal steam turbine set up is in most of these cases not nearly as efficient at extracting the last bit of energy out of the heat, and thus not being able to be self-powered. In the steam vent case the steam room temperature can exceed what a steam turbine can tolerate (325C) if it's one with particularly powerful eruptions. That case yes, the split room makes the aquatuner sit in a separate room with lower steam temperature. I should note the builds as presented can tame any of the vents in question. From the lowest to the highest possible output of them.
  14. Battery in Game Does Not Act Like Real DC Current

    Batterys dont store AC nor DC, but chemical energy.
  15. Let me know if I have this correct or not. When you average the incoming steam through the turbine, this is enough to cool itself with its 95C water output. So in other words, it does not generate or delete heat, it simply slows the temperature transfer to the turbine while still functioning like a normal turbine. This also means that if you try to cool itself without this divide, it would overheat because it takes on too much heat for its 95C water to cool it down.
  16. pls klaus skin, Looking at it again,it looks more like a roseate,kinda unfinished.
  17. Own Fanart Thread

    Since there's a wide variety of outfits, it's fun to place them in the skins depending on the location, timing, and if I'm wearing it in the game. What strikes me about this piece is the lighting. Very dramatic. You're not the only one(from what my buddy Darith tells me). The hair is stylized a bit different here in my perspective.
  18. *insert aurora borealis meme here*
  19. Spindlewick's Art

    "I've never been lucky." Too bad I don't recognise the other two.
  20. What does your item's lua look like? Did you make sure to load the assets there?
  21. Showcase for tidy bases [3]

    The new town in Welcome to Hamton! Is finally open! Here's a quick look at Wharf, the seaside port town near the Lunar Island. The road to Wharf from the High Road Welcome to Wharf! Town entrance Voyager Shop - For all your voyage needs! Shipwright - Buy everything you need to build your own boat! Wharf Wares - Get stocked up for your next adventure! Pub - Grab a drink after a long day on the sea Boat Dealership - Find the ship for you! Docks Wharf Questboard Map Overviews That's all I've got for now! Thanks everyone!
  22. Here’s how it looks at night To me, I think my carving looks like a Beefalo that could be part of a special event or something, it looks like a fire skin
  23. I read your post twice and I still can't quite grasp it. You mention using it to cool something that is below 125 and yet you present us with builts for geysers that are incredibly hot (around 500C). Are you by any chance using the "averaging" mechanic you mentioned to trick the steam engine, thinking it is receiving (on average) 200C and not 500C by using the cold steam?
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