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  2. I wouldn't say that the majority is unhappy. There are plenty of people that are happy, including me. Willow can now stay warm when insane, and Bernie sounds so much cooler. I don't really care about the fire immunity when she is already immune for a whole 6 seconds.
  3. Why not? I can see potential in a horde of Bernies. In the forge, five Bernies helped defeat a Boarrior. It was awesome.
  4. She must've gotten really fed up if they show a montage of her life. Maybe we'll get to dress up Bernie like the friendly scarecrow?
  5. why people talk about willow? i missed some information from klei?
  6. I think it's probably backstory.. the trailer is gonna retake a chunk of her childhood to explain why she is the way she is btw.. is there a list somewhere with all these emotes for the forums?
  7. Wait a sec, a dev said that she's in her late twenties while the picture above makes her seem like Wendy's age.
  8. Thank you for checking this!!! I'm printing this to save, I hope I am not the only one that has literal stacks of papers for ONI of various builds, favorite tips, and things I'm trying.
  9. For me the start in QoL 3 was painful: I had over 420 notifications to click ... => I ignored it and thought it´s just a problem when you "upgrade/update" an old base. But right now I have a colony and it seems my duplicants are still acquiring skill points, even if they have more than all skills would cost. => Please at least give us a "max level" or skill cap. (Not to restrict our skill choices, just to limit useless notifications.)
  10. Couldn't you crush abyssalite into sand? Or was that removed?
  11. I call it a feature: I use(d) the "pacu egg -> pacu fry" and "pacu fry -> pacu" transitions, to stabilize a temperature inside a base. (A tank of pacu will try reach a temperature below 25°, so it can counteract the little heat my base is emitting at the plumped buildings. We are talking about the heat 40°C water can emit, not about real hot stuff.^^)
  12. The only things I'd hate they have burnt are reeds and catcoon stumps. A burnt forest is actually bearable in DST - for charcoal of course. And fire is actually hated because of wild fires in bases. Bases become an important part of many world and it's a shame that fires, earthquakes and griefers destroy them.
  13. My TreeGuard with your new friend!
  14. Time travelling character idea

    I like the forward travel part of this idea but not the backward travel part
  15. The morale balance is pretty off atm. Imo they should reduce the mess/great hall bonuses and maybe even some of the high tier food bonuses. The skill tree could use higher morale costs too. The tier 3 jobs are too light on morale imo, especially if a dupe has interest in it. The diseases can be hard to avoid early on but they don`t do much when untreated. Imo they penalties they give should be higher. Double the bladder increas for food poisoning, or triple so they will spend a lot of time in the toilet, slimelung should give -6 athletics. Now the allergy effect is too strong on the other hand (+20% stress in an instant and can happen 5 times a cycle easily). Should be like the sopping wet imo half a cycle debuff for 10% stress total(20%/cycle). I haven`t yet tried dealing with the zombie spores. They seem like a hard germ to deal with but you only encounter it in the oil biome where you use exosuits anyway. It also hits hard when infected. Maybe it will be moved to a different biome on release. Release will have 3 new biomes. I suspect some of the stuff might be moved to those. Like the morb for example. I can imagine it spread some kind of "blight" germs instead of slimelung that would have the old food poisoning sypthoms (vomitting) and be more deadly. There is some balancing needed definetly but i kinda like the direction it`s headed.
  16. The thing that most people forget is that the forums are not a homogeneous group, there are players of vastly different levels of experience and understanding. DST is a game that looks very different from the perspective of a skilled player and a new one, and the same applies for perks. I think it's an unfounded assumption that you can't please everyone, but to do that I believe requires that the character have clear advantages and disadvantages in both skilled and unskilled hands. I don't think that's a necessary design constraint, so you're going to have characters like Wheeler that were perfectly balanced pre-buff in the (more accurate) perspective of an experienced player, and seen as "useless" by new players by the very nature of her abilities. How can we expect new players to be able to appreciate and accurately evaluate mechanics they aren't capable of utilizing yet? In short, I'm saying that while there's never going to be zero complaining about a character, there's definitely the potential for no *informed* complaining about a character. Some people might find that perspective elitist, but anyone who has played this game for a long time knows that where a new player sees a hostile landscape teeming with danger, an experienced player sees a playground overflowing with food and resources. They can't both be right.
  17. Wes's problem was solved a long time ago. It was just an example of an animation bug.
  18. I am trying to get rid of abyssalite so azure bugs is the intermediary step to abyss bugs. But one wild abyss bug eat only 800 gr of abyss on several cycle... no much but worth the trying. Now i go for an automatic smelter for abyssalite....
  19. So if we are on a dead neutron star... does that make Meep Starlord?
  20. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    again it's random if you can find the 2nd island on day 1 or very early on, it's random if you can get the tam, it's random if you can get a good treasures and all before day 9; Lastly pls tell where can I buy Sewing kits (I can't find it)
  21. Lies.... You can never keep Meep out of trouble!
  22. I`d prefer if they had all their own unique effects. Like bluff briars increasing critter reproduction rate. Mirth leafs doing something with chlorine or hydrogen and joyas.. not sure, but maybe there`s something cool they could do.
  23. Nope, its not just you. Prior it made sense, because we had to change job, to advance. Now we dont have to. Dupes will still aquire skillpoints, even if we dont spend them. So its no urgent thing anymore. And with lots of dupes, every 1-3 minutes the message pops up. If would prefer an icon next to dupes-count, indicating a dupe has points availlable (like on the jobs-desk). This would be really enough reminder. Another nice thing would be, to disable notifications for additional skill points. Theres not really use for "dupe x has gaine skill point" for the second, third... Maybe i want that dupe to stay with current skills, and dont want, or cant afford (morale) more skills yet. But the system keeps telling me.
  24. That's a rather generalization. There were some, sure, like always - a vocal minority, some try-hards, some wanting other directions. By now I believe they, for the most part, come to acceptance of current changes and hinted direction. Yet "new" Willow's proposals from Klei dropped - and I think they are actually testing waters with this preview, no actual re-balance had yet been done on her - and people, this time looks like indeed a majority, reacted rather displeased; as she still remains underwhelming, not brought to re-worked Winona and Wortox levels.
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