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  2. too many critters

    More troubling to me is that you appear to have a temperature problem in your great hall. Those wilted plants aren't doing anything for your decor. I don't see any problem with the number of critters you have in that room.
  3. Dupes will get EXPOSED to slimelung if they breathe contaminated air. Exposure does not equal infection. After EXPOSURE, there is a chance the dupe will become infected. This chance is modified by things like "Biohazzard." It is also modified by repeated exposure. So if a dupe spends 3 cycles mining slime, they are more than likely going to become infected. Dupes will NOT get exposed by handling suits with slimelung germs on them. They ONLY get exposed by breathing contaminated air. Personally, I haven't observed this, but I've read posts that suggest that MULTIPLE dupes getting exposed during a single cycle will guarantee that at least one dupe gets sick. My personal observation is that each dupe is their own, so six dupes mining for one cycle, then taking two cycles off, will likely result in none of them getting sick -- EXCEPT if one has biohazzard. Then that biohazzard one will likely get sick. Dupes will ONLY become infected after they wake up following the cycle where they became exposed. Exposure =! Infection. There's an incubation process where the dupe (with a normal immune system) will likely fight off the germs and not become sick. However, repeated exposure increases the chance that the dupe will get sick. I've found that one cycle of exposure will almost never get a dupe sick. Three consecutive cycles of exposure will almost always get a dupe sick.
  4. You know, there's already a thread on this, you should look there to see how we all feel about this topic. To save the trip, no. Swimming Hounds aren't an issue, at all, you should be planning in this game, to be fair, it is an uncompromising Survival Horror game. You should plan for Hounds, and if they catch you off guard in the middle of the ocean, I say, it's time to fight or face the music!
  5. Bramble Husk

    Yes, please! Thanks for putting this here, I was thinking of doing that myself. Let's hope Klei sees your post!
  6. You mean inverted respect the original code value? If you mean this, yes they are inverted because I've represented with the icon if the building can be submerged in wated (floodable->icon without red x) and if the building can be covered with solids (entombable -> icon without red x). For example the natural gas generator can't be flooded or entombed (two icon with red x) and the Thermo Sensor yes (two normal icon). I hope I explained the representation PS: I've just released an hotfix for a little bug where the entombable icon was rendered based on the floodable icon!
  7. Werewilba last too long

    Eating 2 monster meat can turn you into werewilba for 1 day I think 1 day is very excessive, i mostly turn into werewilba to do tasks that take less that half a day like farming logs or fighting strong monsters. I just when i finish my work as werewilba i just sit in safe place for that time until I return back (mostly half a day) which is boring and stupid, I can’t get back to my city because i am monster or open any chest or backpack to get material fo build anything, if i am in SW i am stuck in the island for a day. i understand that downside is necessary because werewilba is too strong but making it last for a full day isn’t good downside, it just make players hate to use it because he will get stuck in that form for a day. Suggestion: Make it last for a bit more than half a day (0.65 of the day)
  8. Huh, thanks, that's interesting. The Gorge pigs referred to the survivors as 'weird goats', so that's another possible relation. ...or one of the new characters is actually Billy; they're almost the right size for a character. I have a small feeling that Warly and Wormwood were pushed to the front of the line early due to Hamlet ending, so this 'next' character may have just been planned to be next until recently. ..... Or Warly got turned into a Goat. I'm inclined to think Billy though, since the reference is to a 'little' goat, probably meaning young.
  9. The Things can spawn on any island, except the Roc's nest. It's RNG.
  10. I didn't notice how filthy things were until i used the gas overlay. That's when i realized how many po2 packets were moving around, and even pco2 in the exosuit airlock. Maybe try my solution. Build a separate bunker, with basic amenities, and lock sick or exposed dupes inside until they heal up. Don't just lock the sick, if you leave the exposed unchecked, they may wake up sick and screw everything again. Don't forget to set door permissions. You will have to manually assign a cot and a table to each resident, then reassign when they leave, unless you don't care if they eat and sleep on the floor. I stopped caring, but i'm playing with morale on normal. The silly amount of deodorizers will immediately eliminate any po2 packets as they are generated. I built mesh tiles just in case one sneaks by and goes up or down, but should not be necessary. If you want to go the extra mile and minimize sick dupe downtime, which might be considerable if you have a high turnover until all the root causes of the outbreak have been identified and dealt with (i goddam did...), you can add a second entrance with an exosuit checkpoint and dock for your doctor, then build a sick bay and store a few med packs. I would not chance the doc getting sick because he spent just a bit too long caring for patients, just adds to the number Automating food, and build sand storage also with automation would probably be a good idea, but i didn't bother with it. Maybe i should have. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Considerations: Identify and solve all the root causes that may cause another outbreak. Absolutely ban any slime, ph2o, polluted dirt or anything that can outgas po2 indoors. No dupes should ever carry any of those indoors. If you have mushrooms, make sure there is no connection to the interior, and dupes wear suits when farming. Build a few outhouses outdoors, just in case your toilets get screwed up for some reason. Keep interior air pressure between 1500g and 2000g. I'm going to be honest, dealing with this situation has been a complete pain, and 15 cycles after starting containment dupes are still getting exposed somehow. At some point i thought i had it under control... I've had to stop everything else and micro the situation, following dupes around, see what they do and spot anything i might have missed. More then a pain, it's getting aggravating :/ Hospital simulator aggravating...
  11. I am lucky enough to get them spawn on the start island or in rare cases on the second island. Now I have these 3 together on one spot: It's nice and all but there's no adventure to find them nor the Divining rod isn't really necessary. How about to place one on each island or in the main ruins? Correct me if I am wrong.
  12. Vortex cloak placement issue

    yeah I saw that when I was using geo placement there was a trail of stuff blocking my placement so the particles are def and issue as well
  13. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    Updated Sensory Overload to add 4 sensors to Conveyor Rails. Now gas/liquid/conveyor rails have the same 4 sensors: element, germs, temperature, pressure/mass. To do this, I had to write the base classes for adding switches to conveyor rails. Vanilla has them for pipes, but not for rails.
  14. How do you claim Webber’s Webrolly on PS4?

    So is it basically impossible for us to get these items?
  15. I can still improve or edit the waves of swimming hound I have only Retur of Them Beta so many things can be changed
  16. SPOM Noob Trap Edition.

    This is a very good point and definitely true if you're running pipes close to capacity. Most times when I'm filtering, its shortly after a gas pump, so generally I'm at 50% capacity. The only time I've ever had packets slip by was when the output from the filter was backed up -- and in that case, a second bridge isn't going to fix the problem. Here is a much more robust solution that I frequently use: In this solution, we see that the pump is on when there is adequate pressure within the room, and there is no air in the feedback loop. The bridge split after the filter is a sensor for when the filter's output backs up. Ideally, this feedback line would be a couple of pipe segments longer, but as the non-filtered air simply gets returned to the room the pump is in, its not necessary in this particular example. Anyway, the pump turns off when the feedback detects gas, which gives time for the pipe to clear so that the filter isn't overloaded.
  17. I saw it coming... Look, the subject is a bit touchy and probably would affect some people. My last grandmother died by Alzheimer years ago, and a character with that disease don't affect me, but the question is: ¿It's REALLY necesary add something like this to the game? As I said, I'm not the kind of person who is affected by one or two things becuase I always try to see a "good side" on everything and overcome the problems. But I understand other persons who probably don't like see this stuff becuase gives bad memories, so, that would cause problems. That's not justification to start adding some features that will affect parts of the community. There's a big difference between mention death, dark magic & mysteries or more adult content like mortal diseases like cancer, evil acts like r*** and other things you can find out there, in the real world.
  18. CPU Usage

    It was just a wild shot. Admittedly I've only tried to set up a dedicated server once, ages ago, for testing purposes and it wasn't even running GNU/Linux. Hmm. What version of the Linux kernel are you using? Have you experienced anything similar in a different scenario on the same machine? Is the BIOS up to date? Sounds like something wonky is at work. Edit: Depending on your kernel version, an update or change of kernel might be worth a try. Not sure how to troubleshoot this, except for paying attention if the machine behaves in a similar manner in different situations.
  19. Today
  20. "The Return of Them" are them?

    wow, spot on analysis before the beta even came out, good job!
  21. What if we had a version for Endothermic Fire Pit?
  22. Your world are located in They are he cluster_# folder, Cluster 1 is world 1 in your list, cluster 2 is world 2 and so on.
  23. my problems with Wheeler

    never mind i just started a Shipwrecked world with her was fun keep her as is just add a key bind
  24. Screenshot showcase

    Poor Bearger, I was just leading him around trying to destroy petrified trees and clean up spiders. He got himself in a predicament... 3 treeguards and a spider queen, all who wanted the big hairy bearboi dead. XD
  25. This game is getting easier and easier. If Klei changes hounds to where they can't swim, then you can just fill a boat with catapults and make them fire at the hounds on land while you stay safely on the boat, adding yet another aspect that just makes the game easier.
  26. EmiAlvi's art!

    Perhaps! I don't participate in many things nowadays, but yeah. Also, thank you very much! Hah, those hands were a pain in the neck to get right- Hello hi!! Thank you kindly! And it could very well be, yeah! Speaking of Wheeler, here's a lil' something!
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