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  2. Don't starve quiz

    Another crock pot question would be fun: What do you get when you put 3 durians and 1 stick into a crock pot? A) wet goop B) monster lasagna >C) fruit medley D) Fistful of jam
  3. Mmmh so an AT with supercoolant ? So you do have access to space material ? That's not what I get from your original post.
  4. Oh...ok,..well, I would still go for the volcano, steam turbine would cool the at in my vision but... If you don't like it...skip the steel melting. Just use the magma as coolant in a refinery. Don't forget a reservoir because it evens out the temp of your magma when in a loop...good luck
  5. The best boiler without space material, you don't even need steel. I think @Neotuck did an update but this one is still functionnal :
  6. Don't starve quiz

    Every answer is correct for first you need to specify its for cooking, not building it, for example "Which of the following ingirideint is NOT accepted by the Portable Crock Pot?" for second question, you cant have marble suit and piggyback equiped at the same time unles you are using mods or its a trick question none of the answers are biomes, i think youve mistaken biomes with what usually spawns in them
  7. @OxCD Cooling down the sour gas is really the easy part without Thermium, my build would still include an AT for this sole purpose. However you might be right that it doesn't end up being power positive when heated through a refinery. @Yoma_Nosme I found only one volcano and it's already attached to a steam turbine, I'd prefer a build around an oil fissure rather than a build around a volcano.
  8. usually the code to start a task is: inst.task = inst:DoTaskInTime(...) and then you can use this "inst.task" to get information or cancel the task. If you are unlucky you want to cancel/ask info of a task that was started by the devs and they did not save the task anywhere, in this case I dont know a way, it may be impossible... Looking into entityscript DoTaskInTime you see that something is saved within self.pendingtasks, maybe you can access this and try to find the relevant task.
  9. Why pump the magma if you can use doors? Doors don't melt so easily (2400c and more) My problem with refinery and glass forge is they require dupe labour...volcanoes when set up are much more efficient.
  10. I here... ONI(RUSPHIL)

    Thank you, Spatch^^ A quick sketch at a history lecture xP
  11. The thing is cooling down the sour gas to methane (as I guess your goal is to get NG from crude oil, considering the fact that sour gas is useless by itself). Then it's doable using thermo-regulator and hydrogen, but will no be power efficient I guess. You'll spend a lot more power for the refinery and for thermo-regulators than the power you'll get from the NG generators supplied.
  12. Don't starve quiz

    I'm not sure if I understand. Mathma-inept person over here. Also, how do you make a mega base? A - You don't B - By dying a lot C - Creating a strategy D - C_spawn("board,1200")
  13. Screenshot showcase

    i've seen many great worlds, where awesome stuff is close to is close to each other. but an oasis next to a reed trap setpiece? just think of wendy tombstone quotes
  14. Today
  15. Anyone knows the details of how to do it? I found "EntityScript:TimeRemainingInTask(taskinfo)" but i dont know how do i tell this function which task i want to extract
  16. Don't starve quiz

    Huh, thought it was additive. Welp, guess I was wrong.
  17. Wurt

    we can only hope for good things, maybe we will get some news!
  18. ... and then the spiders will be outside all the time, ripe for friending.
  19. Don't starve quiz

    Hardest question for real here: What gem is this symbol? A. Yellow B. Green C. Purple D. Orange
  20. Don't starve quiz

    I dont think you will play it because it' s in a diffrent language heh The most difficult question. I'll add this xD
  21. Hello everyone, I want to make a Sour Gas boiler on oasisse to exploit the many sources of oil I have; the catch is that I don't have access yet to Thermium thus cannot have an AT as my heat source for boiling off the Petroleum. My current plan is to use a metal refinery with Petroleum as coolant in order to melt 800kg of Lead and use that Molten Lead as coolant in a refinery that would run when the coolant is lower than ~600°C, flashing the Petroleum into Sour Gas. Does anyone have good advice on things to avoid or even a blueprint of their experiments? I want to note that I don't really want to use Magma as my heat source as I find it hard to manage with Steel, maybe I should get better at handling it. Will I be better off using Molten Glass (already in pipes, so quite useful) or any other coolant?
  22. if you get all the spiders out of a nest as webber, you can just kill the nest. spiders only care about you hitting their nest if they are inside it.
  23. The Melon's Art Thread

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