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  2. "If you can calculate that it produce more water than it consumes, then you know your system can run forever without adding water once it's started." Yes, that's true, but my point was, once you've done this, you don't need to make one petroleum tank for petroleum from slicksters, and a second petroleum tank for petroleum from your oil boiler. You can mix them freely in one central tank, if you want to, because you've done the calculations and you know your system will run forever without adding water. The only reason not to mix the petroleums is temperature concerns, not 'amount of water' concern. Or if you really just want to have two tanks, it doesn't hurt, it's just not necessary.
  3. This might be intentional (though I really hope it isn't), but I figured I'd post it just in case. Rainforest trees placed on the craftable Dense Turf cannot be "infected" by nearby Cocooned Trees, because spider_monkey_herd.lua line 52 only counts the natural-spawning deep rainforest turf as valid. This makes it impossible to have Cocooned Trees outside of the deep rainforest, for those of us who wanna use them to make our base pretty.
  4. For each kg of water you pump into an oil well, you get 3.3 kg of crude oil. Burning 3.3 kg of petroleum in a petroleum generator gives you 1.25 kg of polluted water. This means you can build a closed loop where all you put into it is sand/rego for a water sieve. This means oil becomes a renewable power source with little to no maintenance. It is when it opens the question of what to put into your system. If you can calculate that it produce more water than it consumes, then you know your system can run forever without adding water once it's started. It's just as much engineering as it is when you calculate if your powerplant produces more or less power than it consumes to keep the generator going.
  5. I'm talking about water too. Water in the game, is water, period. Nice discussing water and petroleum with you.
  6. I was talking about water. But, you can find someone else to have an argument with, I'm done
  7. I'm not talking about semantics, I'm talking about facts. Petroleum in the game, is petroleum. Period. If you burn 1000 kg of petroleum in a petrol generator, it produces the same amount of p water, no matter where it came from.
  8. whoa, hold on. I'll throw this one back to 7th grade unit analysis (pre-algebra.) If you fill up a tank with the petrol from slicksters, and it sits there - you never get the water from burning it in a generator. You prioritize the slickster tank first to reduce the amount of water you're pumping into your oil well. Semantics is over there, next door <--
  9. Distinguishing between petroleum based on its source is not logical or relevant. You are mixing up accounting with engineering.
  10. Game is getting too easy?

    It would be nice to see that perhaps after you've defeated Fuelweaver, the overworld changes to be more dangerous. Perhaps there's wandering merm cults with hostile ranged sorcerers, more dangerous environmental effects(Strong winds from SW?), and maybe old bosses gets some tricks up their sleeves to not just be kiteable for free. Some of the DST exclusive bosses(and Forge bosses) are great and challenging which shows that Klei can make real challenging and dynamic bossfights, it's just that at the moment the ones we most commonly fight like treeguardians or season-giants are the easy and outdated ones. It would be nice to see a polish-pass with some bosses too, now when a lot of characters are getting revamps for DST.
  11. Regarding your molten slickster petroleum farm. If you burn petroleum you'll create lots of CO2 and a little polluted water. If you scavenge the CO2 and burn the petrol from your slickers first, it makes your power plant even more water positive. water -> oil well (oil) -> boiler (petroleum) -> generator -> CO2 / pwater CO2 -> molten slicksters -> petroleum Feed the slickster petroleum back into your power system, to be used before petroleum from the boiler. You wind up with extra water on hand. (Your power plant produces extra water) But if you use the oil refinery building (operated by a dupe) you lose almost half the output mass, so burning the petrol produces less water. Like, less water than you used to pump the oil out of the oil well. So, your power plant would consume lots of water.
  12. Okay here's the Wheeler slide! And here be Goggles Wagstaff I'm at least 75% certain his nose should be over the goggles, but I dunno what to tell ya. SMELTER And finally, the plant in the far right I believe is an orchid.
  13. Culturally problematic?

    There lot's of games that don't handle those topics with the necessary sensitivity and care, in which case there is definitely something wrong with that. Besides, it's clear Klei is more than willing to rewrite history in areas that don't pertain to the game. For example, Wilson, an Englishmen in the early 1900s probably would have used cocaine, heroin, or some type of opiate. However, Klei never mentions drugs because it doesn't matter. The game is rated Teen by the ESRB, and I don't think they want to push it farther. Also, DS is the flagship game of Klei, so they want to avoid controversy about it. It should be noted that every character is caricature of something. Webber is extreme naivety juxtaposed with a horrible symbiosis with a killer spider. Wickerbottom has practically encyclopedia-like knowledge of the world. Wolfgang is the classic strongman stereotype taken to the extreme. Everything in Warly's life has to revolve around making and eating food. But Warbucks never went that far, he talked old-timey, loved money, and was a pseudo-colonialist but it was surface level. There was no joke (e.g. everything is a play and I'm the lead actress), there was just a character with the potential to be offensive (a controversy Klei does not want). At this point Klei had two options: drop the colonialism or double down and make it a joke (like every other character). Klei tried to remove the colonialist and just have an explorer, but he was too bland. So they cut him. The double down option would have been tricky to get right, if they don't go far enough, they look bad if they go too far, the "joke" is now just the player being hit with a sledgehammer that says "mildly amusing". Klei picked the easy path and I don't blame them. Finally, what is there to gain by having colonialism in the game? If you believe Klei should have doubled down and made colonialism to an extreme the focus of his character then what is the advantage? What reward is worth the risk of potentially bogging down you flagship product with controversy?
  14. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    Stunningly) We need more of these pictures. And why do I look like Wagstaff?
  15. silly drawings i make

    i fell asleep before i could post this there are friends in the water
  16. I prefer unlimited storage options
  17. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    I suppose. My suggestion was under the assumption that you were naturally accruing the blowdarts from the Ruins you went through.
  18. [Game Update] - 335754

    Yep my turf image went away too.
  19. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    That seems to me to be slower than killing the stationary ones by hand. One has to collect almost 2 reeds and 2 iron per snap tooth, plus the time taken to disarm the traps. And needless to say, taking them all out by hand is what I have been doing up until now.
  20. is there a special sprite for when you repair a leak with the tape?
  21. Given the limited dynamic in this release compared to shipwrecked the function of the boat is primarily as a ferry. Experienced players know how to find islands quickly and I presume build bases near their “dock”. So I build my boat just for speed, no fire pit, icebox, etc., as trip just lasts 2-4 minutes. For a dock I like an L shape, I can glide parallel to the landmass and drop anchor at any time (avoids damage from hitting shore). Took a little practice sailing alone, helps to have anchor right next to steering. Any other tips people come up with, like avoiding rocks? Hopefully they fix the repair issue before June 20 release, gets expensive if you bang up boats. Never mind! They fixed repair issue :).
  22. I could maybe help you, I'm at school right now so give me a couple more hours till I can get back.
  23. [Game Update] - 335754

    ...That's the entire point of the moon. Why would that be removable?
  24. I have some feedback on the next character refreshes going forward. So far, the character refresh is structured like this: 1. The character chosen for the refresh is announced. 2. A week or so before the actual update, the perks are shown to the community. 3. The character is released to the main branch. I feel that this process doesn't allow for much feedback or change of the original plan when presented to the community. It's quite inflexible. My suggestion for step 2: Announce the perks to the community, and ALSO release the current state of the character to the beta branch. That way, the developers can receive more practical feedback for the feel of the character when played in an actual world, rather than speculation on how the perks would function in theory. The character could even be released with unfinished art assets, if that's needed. After all, it is the beta branch and unfinished content is to be expected. I even recall that Slay the Spire's beta branch used placeholder art for various cards in the beta. Would love to see placeholder art in DST, and I imagine so would others. This is what a beta branch is for, after all.
  25. Bug with mealwood?

    I encountered the opposite bug once (I think it's resolved now) where they wouldn't stop delivering dirt.
  26. Nice write-up. I came to the same conclusion yesterday after running two maps and noting the U formation. So you can kill two birds with one stone.
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