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  2. Lol, I felt really dumb When I spent 20 minutes looking in DLC0003 fore wagstaffs files. It happens to the best of us.
  3. Guess Who?

    He will.. Just not in the character selection
  4. Dupe-A-Day!

    Max looks like he has seen things... lots of things.
  5. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    Walani is useless outside of SW as always, Warly is mediocre anywhere, Wilbur is arguably better outside of SW than in it, and honestly, Woodlegs might actually be better in Hamlet than in SW (at least as long as you come into Hamlet with Lucky Hats prototyped in SW first), since flowers for sanity naturally regenerate in the jungle and you can rush a Tam by day 1.
  6. Guess Who?

    Actually, I'm about to put it in godmode and let it run in the background while I do other things.
  7. Reason people don't talk much about chlorine is because you can't really change the geyser itself in any way to fix the problem (more output isn't going to do anything). Also, if one really wanted to make chlorine geysers good, I would probably start by buffing Gassy Moos to be worth the trouble compared to Solar Panels (ie actually strictly better then Solar Panels if you are willing to deal with all the hassle).
  8. Those 8 Pacu are a pretty nice bonus if you're set up to capture them. Unlike most printer rewards, they aren't a one-time thing, they're ongoing income if you put them in a pool. That said, if you roll Pacu and don't have a capture pool, you might as well take them. You can either build a pool afterward, of if that's impractical, eat 'em.
  9. Guess Who?

    You could just spawn in a bunch of meaty stews, tents, and siesta lean-to's to skip days fast.
  10. world generation

    I do not understand OP's concerns much either, but what has been happening to me lately and I can relate to, is that I keep getting juicy berries and/or twiggy trees worlds more often, with normal unchanged settings and no server mods. its probably just RNG, or some of the latest updates increased the possibilities of those type of worlds, I'm not sure.
  11. Guess Who?

    No, I mean I sped ahead 100 days and died, then my XP said I lasted 0 days. I don't need to play Warbucks; I 'm just curious if he will show up when I get the XP (if that makes sense).
  12. I'm kind of hard pressed to see the advantage of the hand sanitizer, since I've never felt the need to sprinkle sinks far away from food poisoning sources (meaning outhouses mainly). The other major germ - so far - is slimelung, and it's not important to wash that off a Dupe's hands, since it's not getting into the air that way. Hand sanitizers use up a resource. Sinks provide a resource - polluted water, which can be converted to water + dirt, or oxygen + clay (via PO2 -> deoderizers). Similarly, slimelung on ore is only important if you don't store it in chlorine. It doesn't matter if a dupe picks up germ-covered slime. Slime's only dangerous when it's on the ground or stored, where it can offgass polluted oxygen with slimelung germs. If you have chlorine storage, that doesn't happen inside your base. It generally only happens out where it's first been mined, before it gets put away. So I don't care about ore scrubbers either. So, no, I don't want any chlorine geysers on my maps at all. Because there's nothing I want to build that uses chlorine. The machines that consume chlorine aren't bad just because you might not have a renewable source, they're just bad period.
  13. You are. And, it's not just "going out and killing it", it's more of a, "look, there's an option of getting 8 pacu and I've no way to get them, but I don't want to stop the printer rotation while I build an aparatus to make use of them. let's just get meat for now and worry about it when I need it" But then again, now that you say it... maybe you're not, and I'm not concerned enough.
  14. I have tried many times and did a lot of research about playing in a LAN server. These are some background: 1. My friend and I are on the same wifi so our network should be fine to play LAN game. 2. Both my friend and I were playing DST in offline mode, and the server was created in LAN mode of course. 3. I have switched the LAN tag to yes, but I still cannot find any LAN server. There seems to be no problem at all but I just cannot find the server in the browser and although I can see my friend status "playing Don't starve together" there is no "join" tag under my friend's right click menu. Please help Thanks
  15. Greetings! I don't think it is intentional, but you can see clearly that multiple bramble blooms are occupying the same space. The image is self explanatory, you can clearly see that there are two blooms at the same spot. I found one that had 3 blooms.
  16. how new level skill works ?

    You also earn "attributes" (digging, construction, athletics etc) as normal. So dupes get better at most things by doing them. The points put into "skills" give a specific +2 to attributes, and sometimes extra utility. (eg. "Hard Digging" lets a dupe dig very firm materials as well as +2 digging)
  17. That's been in the files for a long time as an old art for the conveyor system, not a dupe elevator.
  18. Right now the shipwrecked characters have little to no use in hamlet. It appears as if this was originally going to be the same thing with hamlet characters, as Wilba's and Warbuck's (at least when he was still around) upsides were all about hamlet. They've now been updated (and removed) to be playable in rog and sw, so why not the sw characters? It's about time they get an update, because all of them are garbage outside of shipwrecked. Walani - Walani is probably the character from shipwrecked most suited for hamlet. The only change I'd make is to change her surfboard recipe to that of something from hamlet. I'd suggest corks, but I'm sure there is another material better that I'm just not thinking of. I think most of Walani's problems come from the fact that she is basically the Wilson of shipwrecked. She doesn't have many good upsides, or downsides. She should be made more interesting than just "surfboard lady." Assuming that she does not change, though, I would just change her surfboard recipe. Warly - Warly is just kinda sad, he looks really cool on paper, but in practice he's terrible. Now I know the Warly patrol fanbase is gonna hate me on this one, but just hear me out. I think that my first suggestion is pretty fair, make him have some exclusive recipes outside of shipwrecked. I'm not just talking about hamlet recipes, although it applies to hamlet the most. I also want to see some recipes for Reign of Giants, or how about the caves and ruins? I am fine with Warly's harsh downsides, but I feel like he should get more options. I am asking for maybe some kind of drying rack that can also be equipped on the head slot. I think the item would look something like this except with some like jerky instead of a sandwich. This would specifically benefit him in hamlet because he can easily make a stalking stick right from the start, allowing him to easily gather food. Wilbur - Is there really much to say about Wilbur that isn't obvious? Allow him to befriend spider monkeys and splumonkeys already dang it! Woodlegs - Woodlegs is by far the best character in shipwrecked. However, in RoG and Hamlet, he is pretty bad. If you want to play Woodlegs, you are basically forced to start in shipwrecked (tbh this kind of applies to all of the characters, but especially Woodlegs). What's my solution? Firstly, Woodlegs should be able to craft his sea legs and lucky hat in hamlet, that's kinda the whole reason why people play Woodlegs. Obviously change their recipes to suit that of hamlet, i.e. change the dubloons to oincs, change the boat cannon recipe so that it doesn't cost coconuts and instead bramble bulbs or something. Woodlegs was made to basically live life on the sea, and he can't really do that in hamlet. There is just too much junk in the way. We should be able to remove it, whether it is through the trawl net, burning, or some third method. Even if we could remove these things legit, we would still have a problem, and that we can't craft the shipwrecked items for a sea base. Items such as the sea lab, sea yard, sea yard, and the buoyant chiminea. Either change these items when they are in hamlet so that they can be crafted with hamlet items such as iron or corks, or let us buy them from stores. Yet another problem occurs, we need tar. The only way to get tar right now is through shipwrecked, and even if we were to bring the quacken drill over to hamlet, despite there being water, we can't use it. I would say make a version of the quacken drill that lets us drill for tar or some other resource like tar. The iron hulk could nicely provide us with a new version of the quacken drill for hamlet. And while you're at it, maybe make a version of the slanty shanty where tar is in the recipe, but it allows you to build a house on the sea. That leads me into my final suggestion for Woodlegs, make it so that the sanity gain from staying indoors is great enough to counter his sanity loss from being on land. Alright, I think that's it, all four shipwrecked characters. I am not a game dev, so who knows maybe all of this is just crap, maybe it is already in development, but if there is one thing to take away from all of this, just buff wilbur already cmon
  19. Wheeler's hair art and design

    So interesting the sprites have emotes expressions too.. I'm still gonna make my own in game comparisons.. To see it for myself... Ty for this tho.. Very interesting
  20. That's really weird. I don't know where else it would be? Make sure your in the beta and are checking base game files. If that doesn't work Idk what else.
  21. The appearance of Wagstaff

    Yes, 100% you are probably the only one. Also, I think most people also thought that was either a female or a clown.
  22. Greetings! I have just found a bug where I got 2 robins plus a new stone egg. I was trying to get Robin and I picked up the stone egg from the ground the moment it was about to hatch (the animation of the egg cracking ocurred and few moments after, I picked it from the ground). then suddenly appeared a Robin on the screen with the stone egg still in my inventory. I left clicked on the egg inside the inventory and then another Robin appeared! A miracle has happened! Now I have 2 robins and another egg.
  23. OH MY GOD IT'S A ROSEATE SPORKBILL!!! Yeah that's what I meant. Also, I still can't find it.
  24. I noticed quite a few people refuse to print dupes with this trait. I can see it is quite a strong effect and requires you to build your base in a certain way or keep all the sources of floral scents outside. But there`s another issue. An allergic dupe gets the allergic reaction instantly unlike other diseases which kinda makes sense for allergy. But it means he can get the effect up to 5 times per cycle. There is no grace period where the allergy can`t happen again. Allergy seems to have a 100% chance to happen everytime the dupe passes an tile with 100 floral scent "germs". It gets hard to see how far the scents reach and the dupe can get allergic reactions from quite a far from your bristle farm. Immune boosters have no effect on floral scents (and probably shouldn`t for it to remain realistic) and the allergy pills take bristle seeds. Having a bristle farm capable of feeding 10 dupes won`t provide enough seeds for a single allergic dupe. Finally the biggest issue is the stress debuff (200%/cycle which effectively adds 20% stress during one allergy attack). That combined with multiple allergy reactions per cycle can quickly get a dupe to 100% stress out of nothing. I got one dupe that got his stress reaction 3 times during 2 cycles and there was nothing i could do about it other than locking him in a room until i bould enough doors to restrict his access to all the allergy sources. Overall i think either the stress debuff should be lowered (no other disease hurts as much atm) or it hould take more floral scents to get the allergy proced along with some sort of delay. Additionally i think the allergy pills effect should last longer so it`s easier to keep the dupe`s allergy surpressed earlygame when every seed matters.
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