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  2. He's cool once you get visor Quotes are interesting , he seems very excited about reproducing tragedy of ruins in the normal world Not being able to full heal with dry meat kinda hurts me on a personal level, but its not that bad He's really good at getting wood but i don't like his lower range on teleportation
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    ok meme police .. xD
  4. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    Wagstaff got me excited for what Wheeler could have been but she was pretty underwhelming. 2 new characters added, one that shoots lasers and can teleport across the map, and another that shoots rocks. Which one seemed to get the shorter end of the stick?
  5. I just found out this problem also happens with emptying gases from pipes, so its also logical that goes for liquids too.
  6. That's true of literally any character though. You can get away with using anyone and ignoring their perks entirely if you're good enough. It's just that Webber's perks on their own aren't that useful when you take a step back and actually look at them. Especially when you consider anyone else with a spider hat can replicate his biggest perk fairly easily.
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    This better
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    low quality thing that i made quickly
  9. Klei, this is enough to make the game very close to something that I think is perfection, please :'D
  10. presumably all the buildings of type "ComplexFabricator" affected by this problem the source of the problem in the function ComplexFabricatorWorkable.OnSpawn(), some parameters are overwritten protected override void OnSpawn() { base.OnSpawn(); this.workerStatusItem = Db.Get().DuplicantStatusItems.Processing; this.attributeConverter = Db.Get().AttributeConverters.MachinerySpeed; this.attributeExperienceMultiplier = DUPLICANTSTATS.ATTRIBUTE_LEVELING.PART_DAY_EXPERIENCE; this.skillExperienceSkillGroup = Db.Get().SkillGroups.Technicals.Id; this.skillExperienceMultiplier = SKILLS.PART_DAY_EXPERIENCE; }
  11. Wagstaff Lore

    Doing God’s work.
  12. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    She will be kinda useful for finding reeds and resources in RoG before I override her with Woodlegs from SW and then override him with Wicker because Wicker is useful to respawn resources.
  13. Not sure if I can play him. The blurry view without goggles is stressing my eyes, after a few minutes they hurt & tear. I don't know what it is, had the same in WoW a few years ago when the character is drunk and the screen gets super blurry.
  14. Not the thread for this
  15. I'm on family vacation for Easter so I'm reading/replying to the forums from my phone. By the time I get home I'll share my picture of my early drako farm that doesn't use exo suits. The grooming station and shearing station is on the same lvl as the mealwood so there's plenty of oxygen to breath
  16. Exosuits melt like dirt - same temperature and result. If you have weird blocks of sand with round mass, in places where they don't belong, it could be melted exosuits. If you don't have 300+C temperatures nearby, it's not melted exosuits.
  17. sure... I mean this is an issue... no doubt.. the thing is how to solve it I'm just posing the question cuz I'm sure that in a broad spectrum of players this is a very discussed issue and that's why there is a mod that changes this with 3,203 subscribers in the workshop... In the forums, we are only one very small section of the player base... a different targetting.. maybe even different profiles fort autotargetting would be the best idea to make combat as tight as it can be
  18. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Klei plssss art by quackadero
  19. Ban reverentsatyr because the only thing that matters is results!
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  21. Hi I Investigated this problem from the preview version of the game. Actually, there is no way how to increase cooking stats. Both cooking station increased tinkering stats. (Of course, your duplicant can have some initial cooking stats + cooking stats bonus from skills) . If you wish, you can use one of my mod, which will show how duplicant gain stats exp :
  22. You raised non-problems: Webber is a solid character that works, you don't must to stay on the basis for cultivating cobwebs always, and the low sanity offers an interesting challenge for the less experienced players, and an opportunity to cultivate nightmares for the really good players. The fact that Wortox is a walking ambulance does not obscure Webber's excellent potential, not to mention that spider glands allow hearts to be built. I think the only thing Webber would need would be the possibility of sleeping in spider nests and to ride queens. If you have to do the spider, do it all the way.
  23. Screenshot showcase

    thats why i always keep wardrobe on my inv without placing
  24. Personally I think Webber's problem is that his late game potential is really meh compared to the other characters. Amassing an enormous amount of spider dens for protection, spider glands, silk, and monster meat are things you can do late game but there are other better options and realistically three out of the four resources spiders provide will never be needed in excess. That and every single character in the game can do what Webber can in a slightly less efficient manner with the spider queen hat. He really needs something to unique to justify playing later in the game since he's so overshadowed by other options. That or spider resource intensive recipes need to be added into the game so that the excess spider stuff he can amass actually has a purpose other than looking pretty in a chest.
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