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  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    is it 400 pages yet? Edit: yes it is
  3. Ban both GetNerfedOn and watermelen671 because they dont See the obvios answer wich is to replace "w" with "uu" .
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Uh oh, you didn't censor the no-no word... You know what's coming next... The problem is the fact i just want to search normal Fan-Art. You can't forgot to use the manure, or Klei is going to call your mom. I cannot afford Wurt.
  5. Yes, unfortunately. The relevant agents were spawned improperly.
  6. My inner everything says to never let you near the server.
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Yeah but Wendy is underage, the hearts do mean something kinda disturbing with the character's ages. That what i was going to use the manure png for, but i forgot to use it.
  8. So todays the day that Im finally able to get a new art pen.

    I go to place my order and *right* before checkout it says that it doesn't accept debit.



    I feel defeated.

    1. -Variant
    2. minespatch


      That happened to me today when trying to purchase the kickstarter pack for Rosto.

  9. For just pennies a day you can help feed these cold, starving Wurt mains.
  10. My inner Willow says to decorate this bridge... It looks... lacking. :'}
  11. This is still crashing for me. Do I have to restart a run for this to take effect after it crashed for the first time?
  12. Today
  13. I still anticipate a lot of Wurts starving to death in winter the first week Might actually switch to Webber to less dilute available veggies early on Then again, hallowed nights gives the rare opportunity for the normal tree potion, and living logs are my favorite farm in the game (it's crushing that Wormwood is the best at making them, has a skin that resembles them, yet gets so little out of them)
  14. a dst version of my character, sunnyboo! this was a lot of fun to draw,,,
  15. Screenshot Showcase - Off Topic Edition

    Heres a pic of me attuning myself in astral sorcery. Considering the amount of Sevtech Ages I've been playing, I'm bound to share more of these. >.<
  16. Just grinding out Dfly kills now for yellow gems. Our puzzle called for 3 and I apparently had none laying around and a totally cleared ruins.
  17. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Art doesn't have to be sexual to be creepy. Even if they aren't doing anything """lewd""" this is still an image shipping a child and an adult character.
  18. Re-Gorge-itated mod

  19. Why do you play as your main?

    I do find all the characters' personalities and abilities and downsides all interesting in their own ways, but I've ended up playing Wormwood a lot, because I end up attached to the characters with softer personalities, especially when they're nonhuman-looking XD And it's nice that he doesn't get attacked by normally friendly mobs (even though that it would've made sense if the coding had counted him as a monster character). And I find the stuff he says amusing and endearing, being extremely literal and copying creatures' noises, being probably more naive than any of the actual child characters, being probably too friendly for his own good, etc. So he ends up seeming very vulnerable, and I like the idea of getting him to survive long enough to eventually build a megabase while playing as him... 'Cause his personality gives him an underdog feel even if technically his abilities are pretty good (even if maybe not the absolute easiest for solo play in DST, as I usually do) 8'D So, yeah- I got a hunch that I'll probably also end up getting attached to Wurt, too, I guess I'll see soon XD
  20. Well now, my turn. This should work. They just ignore those seeds on the ground, won't bring one up to that next spot. I don't have a double plant there like that last guy! 3 pips wandering this area, watched them pass the seeds many times. nevermind, I applie rule 1 incorrectly. Momentary lapse of reason - I was planting left to right!
  21. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Yeah yeah, keep shaming a random person for expressing their art. wOaH, 2 cHaRaCtErS dRaWn tOgEtHeR, hOw lEwd, hOw mEsSeD uP, tHaT's mOrAlLy WrOnG. I don't consider this art weird. I think it's ok. Sorry for being salty, I just don't like when people do that. EDIT: I'm not looking to start a war, this entire argument is overdone already. I don't think a character's age matters at all, age is merely a statement. If she was stated to be 18, 100 or less than 3 """years""" old, there's no difference. If you disagree with me and think that people should be harassed for that and freedom of expression is a bad thing, go ahead and react with confused.
  22. Added through psn shoot me a msg for whenever
  23. I was waiting for this the whole week! Really excited n_n
  24. I didn't make it. It might've been @NoscopeFelix
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