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  2. What any of this has to do with the Update?
  3. Rework seems pretty decent. No matter what they do one side of this argument will complain, the rework is met in the middle right now.
  4. -Temperature change Decent players will not notice this change -No more downside when you get insane? But i liked this downside, it make sanity a huge deal and encouraged sanity management. -temporary fire immunity Well it’s better than nothing -Fire pit is creative perks - Equip bernie for sanity good in early game but outshadowed by tam in mid game bernie changes are good Suggestions -increase her lighter range to same as lantern, that way i can give all my teammate a light
  5. Annnnd the forums are bickering about what Willow needs.... And I'm just here trying to juggle a webcomic and chatter with friends.57d88eaf3fbda_arielcrashescopy.png.f4477e568355dc01195b75672d7c6f8e.png

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      Not all Heroes wear capes, Lad.

    2. minespatch


      You'd think they would wait and see next month.

  6. This has gotten off the main point regardless. The point is that the rework ideas at best are bland and unimpactful (possibly with the Bernie buff as an exception) At worst it's a wasted opportunity to finally help the character that the community has requested a rebalance for in a very long spectrum of time. And no, people wanting fire immunity is not part of some grand conspiracy theory to make her OP in order to exploit the game. If they want to exploit the game all they need to do is pick one of the current meta.
  7. IMO this is unnecessary, but at the same time I don't mind it gone for the following changes. Is kinda nice and makes sense with the character that loves warm. Although I am sure it is going to be barely noticeable even with the mod that shows health and temperature at all times (I think is Combined Status, but can't remember). Better than losing temperature while insane, but meh. I mean... this doesn't tell me much. I guess it is going to be longer than it currently is, but that is a bit pointless IMO. Just make her straight up immune to fire and call it a day, it never was a problem and never will be (I will be talking up my buttocks here but I am sure almost everyone that plays Willow in DST has at least one mod to make her immune to fire, even if everything else is untouched). Again, kinda makes sense, but still requires you to go directly to it to extinguish it, and is pointless during a mass fire, for those you better have that feather fan or flingo ready instead of relying on your fire extinguishing prowess. The concept is not bad, but is Woodie vs Bearger. Now, if she could give surrounding things resistance to fire (as in they take more time to smolder, catch on fire, and burn down; at least twice as long I think), that would be more interesting as it gives it more time to activate flingos to put it down or to use a feather fan. And it makes sense with her love for fires. NOTE: the 2 ideas are not mutually exclusive, if anything they synergize pretty well together. This is almost perfect and gives the perfect niche for the nightmare light (given it works for it)! If you can add it to other stuff that burn fuel like flingos and lanterns it would be by far the best; maybe even Winona's small generators (the GEMerators should stay untouched). Even better if her lighter, lanterns, miner hats, and torches last longer in her hands. Although first we need to know how much more effective it is... I guess a 25% increase is good enough, but if it is just a middling 5 or 10%... Uh... What? I mean, this is almost the equivalent of wearing your best friend's skin as a coat... Honestly way too creepy... Also it is completely unnecessary considering there are a myriad of warm equipment already. I can even list them: breezy and puffy vest, cat cap, bearger vest, tam o' shanter, beefalo hat (winter equipment by excellence), winter hat, and rabbit earmuffs; for a total of 8 winter equipment; 2 of them are amazing sanity equipment too: the bearger vest and the tam o' shanter (and the bearger vest also slows down hunger). What I am getting from this is that Bernie is stronger (and able to taunt hostile creatures) while close to Willow specifically, it seems he will be able to do some damage as well (I guess only near Willow). It is kinda nice, but I still don't like that Bernie only works while a character is insane, and that it only becomes "stronger" near Willow... I think it should be active at all times, be able to taunt small hostile creatures (hounds, spiders, bats, and cave worms; but no varg or giants) and nightmare creatures, and become stronger if a character nearby is insane (get 2 times as much health, no need for Bernie to do damage at all). But this is a wait and see, I guess; so for the moment I remain neutral. Understandable. But I suppose she is still the only one able to cook on her lighter? If so, a lost opportunity to make her ever so slightly a team-player that can make lighters for her team like Wigfrid can make battle gear for her team, or Wickerbottom books for a Maxwell, or the newly re-worked Winona build catapults for her team. The radius is not big enough to be a viable torch replacement, specially with how expensive it is in comparison; but is an amazing portable campfire (mostly because is the only one). Another option is to remove durability from her lighter, in that case it would definitely be a good replacement for a torch since it's free, at least until you get a lantern or miner hat...
  8. But Wickerbottom almost has hunger immunity already.
  9. Then you should certainly know that she's not that OP, she's just a solid character.
  10. Excuse me? Youre the one making assumptions. I play singleplayer Willow quite a bit. Also when did I say DST Willow is better? I honestly never said that.
  11. it wasn't luck, I used Tools Not Included to pick a slush heavy seed.
  12. I have legitimately never heard a person say they prefer DST Willow to DS Willow, except as a joke. Again I'd recommend you actually try out DS Willow before making assumptions based on the hearsay of forums posters
  13. I wouldn't know, I dont play singleplayer games. They are balanced differently. Yeah dont starve, we wouldn't with hunger immunity.
  14. DS Willow is a blast to play, and no it's not because of some magical "fire stun." It's because she's a good character with solid perks and a real downside. I would recommend if you're not super experienced in DS doing at least some research beforehand.
  15. any character with a torch can do "fire stun" fire immunity would just let you safely do that around trees
  16. Hmm Weird it would do that in a new install unless it never installed correctly. You could nuke all the documents/appdata/registry associated with ONI and try reinstalling the game. If an integrity check didn't fix it, it's definitely a settings file or registry entry that's corrupt, IF it is corruption. Those usually get left behind even if you uninstall. Z:\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\worldgen Your directory may differ, but you could try deleting that folder and doing an integrity check with Steam to rebuild it. You aren't running any mods right? Could be one of those as well.
  17. Oh, so that is why everyone talks about Willow being so good in singleplayer? Man, she is so overpowered there. It is called Don't Starve, not Don't burn to death. .
  18. I literally said everyone being OP is not the ideal. That is not suggesting it's a good thing, that's just suggesting it's better to the alternative of half the cast being bad and the other half being OP. I'm trying to understand how me literally saying it's not the ideal is me suggesting it.
  19. You're suggesting for everything to be overpowered, like asking for hunger to be removed. I mean it makes sense, because some characters have smaller stomachs than others, so make them all op with no hunger requirement. See how that works? It doesnt.
  20. Hey Dude ... meant as a new feature implementation. Cannot remap keys currently in the game.
  21. Oh, this is because they panic. It's not really a stun, but they run around in a circle, which if you're lucky, you can slap in another hit. Heck, make burning mobs flee from Willow, then she can fire walk and not abuse mob panicking. Let Wolfgang do that. If I were a pigman, I'd be terrified of a fire woman.
  22. I don't think that anyone wants vanilla DS Willow because that would mean she'd have the downside of randomly starting fires when insane which would be an absolute nightmare in a multiplayer setting.
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