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  2. In a handful of quotes for both Wheeler and Wagstaff, there's no space after an ellipsis, like there has been for every quote in the game so far. Below are spoilers of all the quotes that have these ellipses with no space in between them for Wheeler and Wagstaff. Wagstaff: (3 typos) Wheeler: (21 typos)
  3. what if we took a different approach, the fake hound waves are a good start, but what if we expanded on that concept, false objects, enemies, even stats, or the time of day could be obscured if one is insane for too long, escalating over time until you cannot even trust your own inventory, said escalation should only fade after reaching a high enough sanity threshold, such as 70-90%, in order to prevent dipping in and out of insanity to avoid such effects with ease. another way would be to add character specific, possibly invincible shadow creatures that would do more then just attempt to attack us outright, along with tying into the characters backstory. such as for wortox, a vaguely krampus shaped shadow that would try to disrupt the usage of souls for teleporting/healing, or for winona, a pair of gloved hands emerging from a portal, attempting to take a item or 2 within its radius that winona put down or had otherwise attempted to collect before escaping, discouraging insanity for long periods of time.
  4. This always happens. It would be great to solve this before the release.
  5. I've been running on Linux almost exclusively since they offered it. It runs just fine and I have similar performance to Windows. It 'feels' like Linux is running it better, but I'd have to actually compare identical saves to be sure.
  6. Cooking food in inventory

    Ah, no. The Hamlet problem lied(?) in the shedding feature. The idea is, in spring and summer, monsoon and dry seasons, and humid and lush seasons Wilkas will drop a beard hair every few days, depending on the season. It worked as intended in all worlds, so that was good. However, on starting a Shipwrecked world with Hamlet enabled, it would crash. That's all fixed now. Works just fine with Hamlet enabled or not. Thank you for that. However, it claims 'GetNextAvailableSlot' is not declared... I noticed stuff like 'local slotFound = i' and 'local newprefab = SpawnPrefab(replacement)' in the code, so would I have to do something like 'local GetNextAvailableSlot'? Also, I have a small question... What is the difference between 'local function name()' and 'local name = function()', and what do the things like 'inst' and 'data' in the parentheses do? I see these two functions used a lot, but I'm not sure what the difference between them is. I saw someone saying after Googling it that they were pretty much the same thing, but then, why have two functions that are the same instead of just one? Apologies, I'm still trying to get a grasp on lua and what stuff does, and the way you explain things is pretty helpful...
  7. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    Yeah I'm not the only one who thinks this dlc is like so unfinished to hell. I could never get used to the turf art style which always bugged me and I thought it was just a beta art style but it unironically worries me that it's going to be part of the full release of this DLC. I honestly hope there is a better future for this DLC because this seems like its barely getting support it needs. all what you say its true this DLC is like actual poo poo doo doo unstable like my Tesla coil that just goes out in berserk for no reason I even like SW more than Hamlet probably because its legit so stable that its actually playable and the art style doesn't look like in a alpha stage. The characters are fine except Wormwood seems pretty out of place with the new design he got. I think his old design was way better overall compared to his new and fresh flower look which is pretty cool but I still think his old design was better. This is really sad to hear too because when a lot of the audience knows that they are expecting it to be really bad, it really becomes downhill I really hate when most people actually expect some bad news for the game and once the update releases it becomes true. this has happen to ARK, Quake Champions, and PUBG in their early access stages and to full release they go so downhill (you can say quake champions is a Early access game but it pretty much feels like a full finished game being hidden with the "EA" tag which basically made its whole playerbase mad) So why am I basically ranting on a EA DLC when its not even out You guys are also probably going to check on my profile and see that I only have 160+ hours in Don't starve on steam and say that I probably don't even know what I'm saying but I play this game on my laptop on the go when I go to fast food,restaurants, work, and etc. I hope it really does become playable after full release. If It doesn't this DLC will usually be remembered as the saying "Don't judge the book by it's cover". I will replay Hamlet once it comes out of full release or the next beta update.
  8. Nice. I do have a petrol cooling loop that I'm getting some power out of. It is more efficient now that steam turbines run under 130c
  9. Dupe-A-Day!

    Oh. I thought maybe they represented the dupes that's been around since beta. Tempart cracking up at Minespatch's mishaps?
  10. That design relies on not getting too unlucky, you can do it without relying on that by just putting tiles right above the miners and having them overlap slightly so they clear each other off (note the very specific spacing/coverage). But yeah similar concept. The tiles here can be anything really they don't have to be mesh as they are not inside the scanner arc anyways with the spacing used. As mentioned, you either need to use thermium miners as shown, or steel and then use a petroleum coolant loop hooked to a turbine behind the miners if you place them on the floor like this since you have to deal with all the heat from regolith. That is basically the reason many people use 'floating' designs as in the OP and their chief advantage as they can be done with non Steel/Thermium robominers without having to be rebuilt when they overheat. So honestly this floor based design is just for ascetics/if you think floating miners are cheating. And sorry for hijacking.
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  12. silly drawings i make

    wuh oh maxwell look out get to that fire quick!!!
  13. I only go into public servers, and even in day 4 of autumn there will be people begging for help, and refusing to leave portal until they get an escort, while I think that it is ridiculous, I want the world to be safe enough for these newer players to explore on their own and not have a ewecus at every corner. Now if you can think of a synergetic use for 2 or more players, I might be open to that, but if new players aren't able to figure it out, then that's just opening a frustrating new world of backseat gaming and listening to other people backseat other people. The forge exhausts my tolerance for that already. End game content is too late in the game for me to care about, I want to switch between bee boxes in one game, spider farming in other, bunny huts in another, and having done those dozens of times over, I'd rather have new alternatives to those. End game content has the problem of "I spent 3 years without a mushcap, why bother now?" And I consider PVP to have been a mistake, while the battle mechanics are worthwhile for single player content where enemies will aggressively attack you and there is a legitimate challenge in finding opening; for PVP content, it's painfully missing block and block punishment mechanics found in other games, and the characters don't have balanced stats for it.
  14. You can improve the speed of mopping by adding more liquid vents (+10kg/s for each added liquid vent). I see 4 liquid vents you could add, directly above the mopper, without increasing your blueprint. This would increase the mop rate from 10kg/s to 50kg/s, greatly reducing the time spent mopping (letting your dupes do other things, though loosing strength training). Of course, each vent you add will require either another liquid storage tank to feed it, or a separate pump. The same pump can fill 4 more storage tanks (during non mopping times), located where ever you want. With the exact same power input, you can drop the time needed to produce your liquid bottles. Pro: 1/5th the time spent mopping. Let your dupes do other things. Con: 1/5th the time spent strength training, and requires 4 more liquid storage tanks. Without increasing the foot print at all, you could use a liquid shutoff and bridge priorities, with a single vent (in 3 of the 4 open tiles) to cause 20kg/s to drop in the mopping area. Assuming you have a constant liquid supply filling your reservoir, then you could mop up 10t of water before emptying your reservoir and dropping the rate back down to 10kg/s.
  15. Book Club

    So... Got four book this and last week but just finally brought it up: The both have beautiful art and were worth the expense. My father will also enjoy reading them. This was so colorful! As a big Umbrella Academy fan, finally after a decade of waiting, reading the first issue was a breath of fresh air! If you haven't read it, trying reading the Free comic book day issue first for a proper introduction: So nice to get the second volume already. Seeing the anime first, it was so refreshing to see what the anime did faithfully. I'd say the anime from manga-to-anime comparison is 80%. I highly recommend this if you haven't. It's also a inspirational manga for those having trouble in school and problems.
  16. The fact that griefers, like in any game mind u, exist doesn't have anything to do with character rebalance.. They are 2 different problems Klei already has a vote kick and rollback option... Those are anti griefer measures but more should be done in this area... This is another issue and doesn't have anything to do with character rebalance at all... Any character can be a griefer... Is about people attitudes not characters.... Ofc they want that character stand on their own.. That's clear with Winonavs rework.. She can pull her own weight now with her catapults. BTW Wes is a bad example.. He is supposed to be a useless meme anyways
  17. Indestructible Regolith

    Another occurence of this bug, with a small variation : After digging under the bugged block of regolith, the "burried" sprite stayed in place. I also join the save file. But as said, this type of bug disappear on reload. Iris.sav
  18. Looking for modding partner

    Combine your minds, and then create supermoding offspring.



    Maybe it's because his eyes are focusing on the same thing, rather than trying to migrate away from each other. #Pugstaff


    Maybe someone can try to fix it so that it looks more in character. :wilson_curious:

    1. watermelen671


      @crystal_clodet, you know what you need to do.


  20. Wait a minute wait a minue wait a minute...

    I just realized Wheeler looks kinda familiar...

    Image result for carmen sandiego

    So THAT'S where she is...

  21. Fairly clean. But you can brute force it with more miners(thermium). They will cool themselves off by being covered in space rocks. They will eventually mine themselves free. One of them won't be covered. This lets you overlap your solar more. It is an older image but it checks out.
  22. You mean like a D&D stat assignment? Sure. I guess that's fine. I tend to "reroll" for a while until I get the three that I'm looking for. MORE IMPORTANTLY: the three starting dupes should start with 1 skill point. It feels *really silly* that the new dupe I get on day 3 gets their first skill point immediately, while the three starting dupes, who have been busting ass for three days already, still don't have their first skill point.
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