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  2. At least feathers have a fuel value. I typically toss any extra feathers into my fuel chest.
  3. Make the Carrat a pet.

    Imagine all the vegetable related skins we could get for this.
  4. Just wanted to show my little S.P.O.M. With some comments. 1. It could self power, but instead I externally power it. However, If the external power fails, it keeps running self-powered forever. Basically your oxygen supply can't fail. One less thing to worry about. 2. Thus it only uses hydrogen when the power fails, and otherwise exports it all elsewhere (AETN / Rocket / Storage ) 3. I do make sure both gasses always have somewhere to go, with the last resort excess being vented into space so it never clogs the system. 4.I use a automation filter to prevent hydrogen getting into the oxygen line, however a mechanical filter would work. 5.The temp output is controllable, and done by a sensor at the location I am cooling, and usually makes most of my non-industrial base temp neutral.
  5. silly drawings i make

    it's blood, forgot to spoiler this before i posted, whoops
  6. silly drawings i make

    Blood or mud?
  7. silly drawings i make

    "i thought i could control myself." (spoilered for blood) i also drew this a day ago but didn't finish until now.
  8. but it's still nice to see how kind Klei are!
  9. I just thought of this while watching the new fnaf game of all things and I need to throw this into this thread before I forget. *clicks tongue* Woodlegs. Think about it. Yeah, Woodlegs seems like a nice lighthearted pirate, but we don't know if that's just him being a screwball. We have absolutely NO clue how he canonically acts around people. For all we know, if Woodlegs ever found himself in the lands of DST with other survivors, the first thing he could do is hold a sword up to someone's neck and demand the group to hand over their goodies, not to even mention the horrible possibility of non-PG war crimes that pirates are/were known to do.
  10. [Game Update] - 336171

    Now the carrot needs to be smaller.
  11. Wormwood Origin Theory

    I don't know, I always thought Wormwood came into the world when plant matter simply attached itself to the Green Gem and became a sentient being afterwards. If he gets a trailer when he gets ported over to DST, I'd really like to see how he got over to where the other survivors were. If not, I'd also be cool with seeing how he officially came to be.
  12. @Instant-Noodles debunked me and told me it was a "logging accident".
  13. Medium, because as it is I (metaphorically) have to sit and grab a book just to wait for the world to load.
  14. Didn't you ever see shutter island?
  15. What it sucks? This happen when is lava in contact whit oil whit a simple liquid lock you can avoid base contamination until you have time to make an methane condenser. If you have an AETN you can use it for only this purpose...
  16. And to think in shipwrecked, they used crockodogs cos hounds couldn't swim. (I can't find the Jurassic Park one for some reason).
  17. Remove and combine some items

    It does somewhat bother me to stuff a chest to the brim with a single item which sole purpose is to craft one or two specific items. Even more egregious if the item in question is capable of being massed faster than I can craft for it, like in the case of bee stingers and feathers.
  18. The game is almost perfect already just adding more byproducts as already told above seems nice to me :).
  19. Culturally problematic?

    someone: makes a post about Warbucks the forum: distressed whinnying Can these threads die already? Everyone's discussed this many times over.
  20. Burnt matron #1 & scorched matron#2. Also, thanks klei, you know how to lure old lost players back.
  21. Frankly, I'm hurt. But fine.
  22. WormWood abilities.

    i feel like he should have his flammability removed it could accidentally destroy the community base especially with all the reworked Willows running around and the attracts bugs aspects were just annoying and nothing more i would like to see those go
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