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  2. just updated this meme: add wagstaff and wheeler
  3. I really like these suggestions, because webbed walls would make it much easier for controlling spiders near places where other players hang out, and the webbed turf gives Webber a combat niche that no other character can fill (slowing enemies). Another change I'd like to see that doesn't necessarily involve Webber would be the ability to carry spiders in your inventory. If spiders caught in traps could go into your inventory the same way rabbits and birds do, Webber would be able to deploy them at will for combat situations. Perhaps Webber could also craft a unique tool to catch spiders and get a perk that slows down the rate that animals starve in their inventory (linked to their apparent backstory as the son of a farmer). And of course, LET SPIDERS WEAR HATS.
  4. Not really... It's a scam cuz there us no real justification to set 40 euros for a skin price... It's completely arbitrary... And based of greed Normal trade is fine.. I'm just saying some people make excessive profit of digital goods in game that costs less that a 40 euros skin...
  5. Can crock pots explode?

    I come to offer a different theory
  6. agreed, this is why I set up my bathrooms like this with clean water supplied from above and PW draining below
  7. If you just follow the icons you don't have to care about 'intuitiveness'.
  8. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    @Drakolyn is saying that this is maybe ironic cuz Wag disability effect in the game is hurting people's eyes with a real life disabilities like Drakolyn. Drakolyn already conceded he wants an OPTION to disable said blur effect.. Not a change for everybody... I think you are confused and maybe missquoting him.. This thread was a bit confusing already cuz it wasn't very clear in OP what he really meant.. So yeap... Maybe go back and read a bit in context what happened
  9. I would like to point out it takes some time for the oxygen and hydrogen to equalize and balance out so expect some random bristle or two to get stifled in the first 10 to 20 cycles after completion This shouldn't be a problem as it take time to breed a full 8 dreckos If you feel you need more oxygen just build, fill, and deconstruct pipes to add extra
  10. Yeah, who thought it would be intuitive to have the output above the input? This still makes me angry.
  11. I like this. The lack of sweepers is unfortunate, as to me it makes no sense that bunch of debris sitting above the scanner somehow doesn’t block it. Even if the game allows it. Also, the lack of a cooling solution for the miners means that this is not sustainable in the long term. I hope Klei makes the miner exchange heat with the tile it’s attached to, it would make cooling them a lot more straightforward.
  12. Wheeler's hair art and design

    Yeap... I mean this post is not about destroying Wheeler but pointing out in a cohesive way all the errors in her animations due to an extra hair layer... This is not about destroying her... Just fixing the issues.. Which us now surprising when u admit there are issues and u voted no... Do you really thing her smile reflects her personality? Or u just voted before reading what this was about... xD For sure... I just tried to compile a list as comprehensive as possible for the devs..
  13. Nice design very simple and clean, thanks for putting the details of the design up I know how time consuming it is. A few suggestions would be to integrate a cooling solution for the mining drills as they will overheat eventually. During the game many of us have a tendency to not notice the destroyed building notification and repairing them does not destroy the heat leading to a constant repair cycle. Also stack the solar panels in a pyramid shape, it gets your more power per tile. I included a video tutorial below it's a bit long winded but it's got most of the info in it and I believe it still works with the current patch. Perhaps borrow a few ideas for cooling and such.

    If you do figure out the answer, I think you should leave the thread up. It could help others that have the same issue, since they might find the thread while looking for a solution.
  15. Please focus on cooperation, PvP, and end-game content. Those are the three things that this game lacks quite a bit.
  16. I think people are reading too much into wendy's popularity in pub servers. As was mentioned before she is VERY noob friendly play-wise. If the majority of arguments here were true we would expect her popularity to follow into the experienced player base.
  17. THIS! It's an awesome idea and I'm totally using it for my next base.

    Oh! Xbox? Hhhhmmmm... The being kicked thing still applies, but I don't know much else about the console version of the game, Xbox servers might be the issue in this case, or it could be something completely different. Good luck though!
  19. (PS4) DTS Cannot log in

    You've been heard. Getting to the bottom of this is our priority right now.
  20. Very nice, thanks for putting in the effort to document all this. Despite being a worshiper of the Goddes of black and gold, my next game I'm going to give glossy's a shot. Bookmarked. Also got to add this to the tutorial list.
  21. I am a hardware guy instead of software and feel the same way. Must be a bad memory leak as it gets worse and worse the further into the game you get till it's nothing but lag. Only in split screen with my wife. Xbox one x and I've searched for a fix. I think the reporting process needs enhanced. Thank you for the great game but please fix this issue Klei!
  22. being that it's early game and before exo suits I need to have oxygen in the room for the rancher to breath
  23. I don't know if it's a bug or not , but our server doesn't have connection lag issues , but sometimes this problem happens and some players get random lag spikes for a long time (or endless lag spikes) and the only way to fix this is quitting and entering the server , We do have some mods , but this is the first time we encounter this problem. (We didn't change any mods or settings)
  24. Very cool, LOVE your step by step guide. In the early game, I actually do the opposite with the doors and place them two tiles up to keep the carbon dioxide in the bottom of the stable.
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