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  2. I think you should able to give 10 oinc coin and that hire them for harvesting stuff for you (but not owned crops of course). The hire could last half a day may be.
  3. My goal with this thread is to try to get a sense of what is likely to change in the near- and middle-future. That chance to revisit it hasn't disappeared. Similar to how the steam turbine worked the way it did for a long time until the devs changed it, same with drip-cooling mechanics much earlier, etc. I don't think anyone's disputing that it was and remains an intended mechanic.
  4. How about recolor his hair? Look so beautiful! Klei, pleeease?
  5. Spinning rocket ride

    Concerning recreational final tier, I can imagine better uses for Buddy Bud... * Stress relief * Temporary 'bottomless stomach' debuff * -3 Athletics debuff * Temporary "narcoleptic" debuff that can be removed with aditional sleeping shift
  6. Should make doodad and pretty parasol available for vanilla game. All other DLC for example have doodad required for alchemy, but normal game need gold instead. Can confuse some people, these two items not that big deal any way if ported from RoG to base game.
  8. Didn’t you know? Wilson current hair design is the energy force holding the constant together. Actually, not only the constant, but the game’s world and the real world too. Changing it would destroy the universe. This is evident from the William Cartier puzzles, where Mr Witherstone says “Where is the muny? Do you think Mr. Witherstone is runnin a charatee? You better pay up this week or there will be trubble!” Now, we are to understand, Mr Witherstone runs a successful and very legitimate business, we know this because none of Maxwells quotes mention being angry at him. So why was he making these spelling errors? The conclusion is obvious. Remember how time flows differently in the constant? We can conclude that while Mr Witherstone was writing this letter, the events of the Shipwrecked announcement trailer were taking place. Spesifically 0:49, where Wilson washes up on the island and, for a moment, his hair is matted down by water. Clearly, the reality bending waves caused by Wilson’s hair cause Mr Witherstone to make typos. Not only that, but these reality bending waves effect the real world too. Not the game canon earth, but the REAL WORLD. Have you ever wondered what causes the Mandela effect? It’s Wilson's hair. If Klei were to permanently change Wilson hair, the effects would not be so minor. The universe would be destroyed. Obviously. Be careful what you wish for.
  9. What if we had variable 'COLOUR_RED'. Would it be fair to assume that programmer wanted colour red? Would that be a better analogy?
  10. I had this pointed out to me just recently:
  11. There are a fair amount of people, however small or large that number may be, that do enjoy playing PvP in DST. In fact, most of them who do don't approach the Klei forums due to regular forumers such as yourself that talk down and belittle the newer forumers who have been long time players and short time forumers, which in all honesty is quite disheartening. I myself haven't had the courage to make an account because of all the toxicity portrayed by not just yourself, but other regular forumers who seem to argue against points without thoroughly reading posts for the sake of arguing, possibly to maintain the status of a respected Senior Member. I'm sorry if this comes off as somewhat offensive, but can the Senior Members please climb off their high horse for a moment and take into account what the minorities have to say too? There are a bulk of PvPers who have DST but are still waiting for its PvP aspect, and we know of this because of players, both in the forums and out, that have expressed their opinions about PvP being a fun feature that isn't fully fleshed out. Now, this is another concerning point: Why should a percentage of people be neglected when that would equate to neglecting a percentage of not just initial game sales, but also in-game transactions for DST. We would provide visual evidence of people who like PvP, but previous ones that have expressed their thoughts on PvP were immediately shut down by people such as yourself. Either way, if there were a more PvP-friendly forum out there, there would be your evidence. As was mentioned prior, Strictly Unprofessional was a great example of a thriving PvP community, where back in its day it had a maximum capacity of 45 players, I believe, and it was at its peak of 42 out of 45 players, and let me tell you it was a thrill to have been in that match! As for PvP mods, there shouldn't ideally be a large modding group because mods don't fix a game's problems, it merely masks them. You're bringing up percentages again, which is, as I've stated already, a denial of a percentage of sales for either the game or in-game content for said game. I don't know why we would want to exclude a percentage of customers from a game—Don't Starve Together—that we all like. I suppose that would be my question to you: Why do you want to exclude a percentage of players from the game we like so much? I think this point needs to be clarified. My opinion is that PvP shouldn't exactly be a priority more than it should be a consideration. What I mean by that is that though of course the addition of new biomes and general content for PvE should be the priority, PvP should also be considered within Klei's pool of ideas for the next big update. Now, I'm not sure how you know exactly how Klei's dynamic works for you to state as a fact that Klei can't do this and can't do that due to resources and whatnot, but for someone who likes DST that mentality comes off as more pessimistic than anything. I personally would like to believe that Klei can achieve quite a lot if given the time, and if that means more delays, so be it. You can refer to Shigeru Miyamoto's quote not as set-in-stone, but a sentiment that can apply to DST's state: "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." Another way to alleviate the concern of delayed content is to have more communication with the players, even if it's a small post saying that there's a small issue, or that everything's going slowly, but going great, that's what I'd want to see. Basically, any form of new content will either have or not have some form of returns/profit, and I can understand your concern there, but there have been flops when it came to PvE content too (a Toadstool that will not be named), so it's always better to be open-minded about anything and consider both the good and the bad of all things, PvE and PvP. Once again you seem to be name-calling, which with your currently unpleasant attitude is rather upsetting. Not only is this last post outright slanderous and unnecessary, but it's also contradicting your desire for "PvPers" to gather evidence of other players who enjoy PvP. If this is all tiresome for you, you can simply stop posting direct jabs at forumers who enjoy PvP and, in your words, "move on" from this thread.
  12. maybe there downside is that they can't wear body slots because they to large? that would make them interesting and cut down on Kleis workload abit
  13. Water cost aside, 10 cycles to build a single piece of insulated pipe seems a bit off to me. I can't see how anyone can argue that this is properly balanced currently. I've had several 1000+ cycle bases since insulation was introduced and I've basically given up on using insulation for anything (that and I hardly have enough to build even a single room out of it).
  14. Why Wes is Evil

    stop worshipping this evil creature worse than the gnaw.
  15. Why Wes is Evil

    That last frame tho...
  16. I don't think sloppiness was the case for the water sieve either. I'm almost certain it the fixed 40 C output is by design, for reasons that made sense when the sieve was first implemented. I was really talking about the more general case of the dangers of thinking "it's in the code, so it must be intentional." BTW, I'm currently working through my first QOL 3 base, and the fixed temperature output of the sieve has been more of a curse than a blessing. With my first colony, I didn't know about it and didn't think about it. With this colony, I started sieving my polluted water, which was mostly at 25 C because I'm not very industrialized yet, and the 40 C output water heated up my base enough to cause crop failures. I had to implement my first-ever aquatuner / sieve loop, which cools the output to 26 C and dumps the heat into the polluted water. Which isn't really an "exploit" since the output temperature ends up being around the same as the input prior to the combination. The aquatuner's pretty energy expensive when you're still relying on coal for electricity. That's not an analogy that works. A number in the code is not automatically a "feature," or proof of intent. It's a number. To be absolutely clear, I'm talking about the general case, and the attempt to use "the number is in the code" as a proof that it's part of the intended design, rather than the specific case of the water sieve. I agree about the specific case of the water sieve. I'm warning that you shouldn't assume that a number is a feature in any other context just because the number exists.
  17. Sieve was in game since it's inception as are threads about fixed outputs. Devs had a chance to revisit it in just last update when they introduced revamped, fixed output steam turbine. @Gus Smedstad Although I agree about code assumptions in terms of a company, however I disagree that you can't assume that a feature of a product is, in fact a feature. If you buy a red car, I don't think it's fair to assume that the manufacturer wanted to paint the car green but, somehow, didn't. Herein lies the problem with Klei communication style - we (as consumers) don't know whether implementations are bugs or features. It bothers me that the only way to find out is to report them as bugs and find out if they get addressed. If they don't get addressed, are they features?
  18. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    For my taste, I like to have a spacious inventory. If I had to choose take me a mod to a desert island I would choose the one that allows you to put backpacks in the inventory. So for me Wheeler is the antithesis of a fun character to play: he has too much, too little space, is unnerving to handle. Especially in Hamlet, where to explore the ruins you have to bring the right equipment and every single artifact occupies a slot! Madness. I don't think Wheeler has any great advantages, I don't understand why she has a mange such as big as a drastically smaller inventory. The only way to make she enjoyable when it officially comes out will be to give it a totally different disadvantage. Wagstaff, on the other hand, looks like a wonderful character: such as appearance, he vaguely recalls Albert Einstein. Myopia is a real handicap, it significantly changes the gaming experience. The things he can build are fantastic: glasses that shoot fireballs, wonder! I still don't understand how Klei managed to create a character so beautiful and one so ugly (always from my point of view). And anyway I get the feeling that Wheeler is a sort of replacement for Warbucks, it will be the appearance or profession, boh... anyway, she doesn't have Wagstaff's thickness.
  19. Final tier recreational building?
  20. I've never built a pump specifically to service a steam chamber. I've always connected my steam chambers to a general water supply.
  21. I don’t even think you need to blame sloppiness. It could just be something that made sense at first, and that the devs haven’t had the time to revisit since then.
  22. Or you can just use a mini liquid pump for water as the default flow is 1000g/s saves on power too In my opinion, the benefits of radiant vacuum insulating for steam far out weigh the loss of a few kilos of water and metal easy to manage and is temporary until you get your first petro rocket You and me both
  23. For me, the key thing for learning how to make steam was to limit the amount of water in the steam chamber. A steam rocket needs 800kg of steam. That's a lot of steam, but not much water. One full tile of water is 1000kg, and it's very easy to overfill a steam-making chamber with too much water. Filling a chamber with, say, 5 tiles of water means you're heating up 5000kg, or 6.25x as much as you will need. Which means it will take a lot longer. Gas pipes only move 1 kg/s. If you put in a water valve set to 1000 grams/second, you're matching the limit of a gas pipe, so you won't feed water into the chamber faster than two gas pumps and a gas pipe can empty it out. Similarly, a hydro sensor near the liquid vent can shut off the water flow if you accumulate too much water. In a 5 wide chamber, even 1 kg/tile is plenty. Phase changes in pipes are a problem. Insulated pipes are very useful to avoid this. A temperature sensor can ensure that the steam is hot enough that it won't condense too quickly in your gas pipes. In a vacuum, you can also use radiant pipes. The idea is that a radiant pipe heats up rapidly, and once it's the same temperature as your steam, it won't leak any heat at all. The drawback is that you'll lose several steam packets as they heat up the pipe and condense. This destroys the steam and damages the pipe, and it will need repairs. Personally, I prefer to avoid exploits like cycling the tepidizer on and off rapidly to get around the intended temperature limit. It's a bug, and presumably will get fixed eventually. My go-to steam generator now is a water vent, an aquatuner, and a hydrosensor in an enclosed chamber.
  24. that is most likely true if the plumber added more PW bottles the sensor would reset to the correct weight. I'm sure it's the same if any other object fell on it as well
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