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  2. Let's hope not or it's going to be a really short game with all that neutronium (degenerate matter that cores of white dwarves are made of) around. Start the game. Unpause. Splat. Everything on the map compresses to become a thin layer on the netronium tiles. Colony lost.
  3. better then making her a teddy bear general
  4. 1, yes, these are niche things, that's the point, 2, fighting burning creatures is not a immense issue, yes, however, neither is just stabbing them, using fire to fight would be entertaining, currently, with the current buffs, and with the suggested immunity, it is easier to do so, if ye already went this far, why not go all the way? 3, standing on top of fires, while it can be done forever with the scale mail, and with 6 seconds of immunity, is quite doable for sanity, however, if standing in, say, a tree farm that has been set ablaze for the express reason of dealing with a hound/worm attack, or anything else you don't need the drops from, it would be quite nice to have that full immunity, sitting in the middle of the blaze, laughing at the beasts that attempt to strike you, would it not? plus, the scale mail argument is not a real argument, thats like saying you can achieve the same thing as wortox with a lazy explorer, sure, you can, but they aint exactly coming out of your ears AND saving up that extra slot now are they? 4, he can in fact be closer to lava pools, this however goes back to my previous argument, hiding out via bush hat/shell next to a magma pool, while hordes of angry beasts burn themselves upon it would be quite handy, if niche. 5, can get more hits in while the animation is occuring, making things overall quicker, irrelevant yes, but not completely pointless, 6/7, not everyone uses the wall strategy, some prefer to simply run, letting the larvae die off by themselves, again niche but also not pointless, again, already this far, why not go the full way and get a few extra goodies? plus, letting the willow fight enraged dfly is simply saving pan flute/sleepytime charges for a diffrent time, yet again, niche, but with its place. TL/DR, well yes, but actually, no.
  5. I ran it 10 cycles to stabilize it. I spawned the water in at 26.8C because I already knew this was just slightly below the temperature it would stabilize at. Metal tiles are 100kg. Full water tiles have 93 times the SHC of iron metal tiles (10 times more mass and 9.3 times higher SHC per kg) so if I hadn't spawned it in around a temperature I knew it would eventually get to I could have waited ages.
  6. i think for the willow rework she should be able to flash R with bernie into the bosses, killing them instantly, and say "?" after doing it
  7. I also wish you could give them specific commands; For the logger commands could be chop tier 1 trees (all) chop tier 2 trees (all) chop tier 3 trees (all) chop only Birch trees ((any size) or pick this then one of the above to cut only that type & size) chop only Evergreens ((any size) or pick this then one of the above to cut only that type & size) For the digger commands could be Dig only stumps Dig only grass tufts Dig only saplings Dig only berry bushes For the miner commands could be Mine only specific types of rocks (can't think of the different names) I feel like they just need to be smarter otherwise they become more of a nuisance after awhile.
  8. Is this the conclusion? I'm assuming that you started your test with metal tile of the same temperature as water. Was it 20C? What if the tiles and water started at 95C or 0C? Without testing is easy to see that 1000kg has more heat capacity than 200kg.
  9. not going to say anything because my grammer is seriously bad
  10. less that, more cutting away the filler perks, and adding perks that are actually useful, along with a downside or 2 that is, again, actually impactful.
  11. One thing is ability, one thing is intention/interested. They're not mutually exclusive, really
  12. bug1: robin's egg seems to be freezing beside fire when player leaves the room, when entering back to the same room after few milliseconds you entering the room where egg is, it continue growing in normal color and animation Bug2: Maybe this shouldn't be listed as a bug Queen Malfalfa doesn't accept royal staff at night, but jewel truffle that found in ruin still can be traded picture below is the first night I just reach palace, I'm pretty sure I gave jewel truffle to the queen when she already fall sleep only royal staff is rejected, but truffle is gone and I get a gallery key this is pretty strange, for such important stuff(although not so important to player), Royal Staff, she reject to accept it when it is time for bed(owh.. she is a QUEEN and yet doesn't have a single bed, how poor is this kingdom...but wait those decorative stuff around palace? What are them?)
  13. here from another post but all these instances are very niche things (Dfly and Fire No Eyed Deer).. the most beneficial effects will be seen in winter and after that there isn't really anything fighting burning mobs isn't really a bit deal for her either for her 3 seconds fire immunity and it won't with her improved 6 seconds immunity standing on top of fires should would be able to do anyways with the buff to 6 seconds fire immunity.. just not as long as if immune.. she could be closer to lava pools as any character can.. she can stand a bit longer now and closer (improved overheating too with update) the fire no eyed deer can be mitigated with an ice staff... so this is really not that relevant IMO Dfly... I mean I never bother to fight the larvae.. they are kinda irrelevant if you build a wall or wall off an arena or the lava pools... and you can put Dfly to sleep when she enrages.. so again this isn't really that beneficial and with sanity you can achieve the same with a scaled armor..
  14. @Denisetwin To illustrate my point about liquids being in many cases a superior medium over metal tiles I set up the following experiment. It has hydrogen at 76.6C 200g/s running left to right. And water at 26.8C 4000g/s running right to left. Surrounding infrastructure is insulation insulated tiles. Active pipes are iron/iron ore radiant pipes. Metal tiles is iron. Water is 1000kg/tile. Result is hydrogen comes out at 26.9C from both. Water that ran through metal tiles is 28.3C so a gain of 1.5K. Water that ran through water is 27.6C so a gain of 0.8K. So water as transfer medium is almost twice as effective a transfer medium as metal tiles.
  15. as has been said so many times, in so many other threads, its not to prevent taking damage, its to use fire more liberally as a method of, attack, sanity gain, trapping, hound attack prevention, and theoretically PVP.
  16. So basically make Willow fire farm machine lol.
  17. They really are but they fu***d up now. It's too much time to wait! AHHHH
  18. i could not resist. face is blurry, could not for the life of me find a transparent that was not.
  19. fire immunity is so situational.. when u think about it... and 6 seconds fire immunity now sounds pretty fun
  20. I NEED HELP!

    You can always do a console command to end it. Press the ~ key and type: GetAporkalypse():EndAporkalypse() But for the next time you hop into Hamlet from SW you can also force-close the game right after getting into the Aporkalypse Hamlet and then reload the game. It will be day 1 without Aporkalypse when you do. (Your SW world will still be as it was) Or, before hopping into the Skyworthy, you can start a new Hamlet world on a separate save file, and then choose the option to merge with that world when you hop into the Skyworthy.
  21. I said what I said. You are never gonna be exposed to fire more then few seconds anyway. Except maybe when fighting Dragonfly but I mean when was the last time you burn to death? I am all about strong and not bland characters but for Willow that will not make her more or less interesting. Instead I prefer focusing another fire related powers.
  22. While it's cool to see DS on mobile getting things fixed, unfortunately it seems Klei is struggling to keep up with our demands which were stated in 2017. We wished there was a dedicated team handling DS for mobile, but sadly this company cannot provide that. And to make matters even worst, Android devices are listed at the bottom of their priorities list - and when an update comes out (like MONTHS later), it only "fixes" the Shipwrecked version of the game, not even touching Pocket Edition. With that, I believe it goes without saying, but we should just FORGET about Wagstaff, who's a new character for the vanilla DS. He's never coming to mobile, so don't bother asking KLEI. Some say Klei will still fix DS for mobile, "yeah give it time". As if two years wasn't time enough. Some also say "But you know, Android is a damn fragmented platform so, what did you expect really?" I call it BS. See, even for the Playstation VITA, which was a platform with no "fragmentation", Don't Starve Reign of Giants performs like C-R-A-P, as the winter comes around, penguins jump in, your base is surrounded by trees, grasses, twigs, buffalo, traps, etc.The only difference to the Vita version is that DS:PE takes even less than that to perform slowly, the game is incredibly sensitive (not to say buggy and poorly optimized) and that is a deal breaker, even for the fans of this game. I get the feeling the guys handling this port to mobile are afraid to come up with optimizations (better frame rate, blurry, low-res, etc) because they don't have enough manpower to do that, most of them are working on useless-stuff-to-give-you-the-idea-their-focus-is-on-DST. And forget about "getting your phone ready to run DSPE" like getting rid of junk files and restarting your phone. Much better looking and more demanding mobile games run like a champ on my phone, why does DSPE have to be any different? That isn't OK. But I guess I expected too much from this company. We've supported their game on mobile. I guess they can't support us back.
  23. i really like the second craft but i feel like it should be slightly more expensive as you can make a single blueprint be worth every boss' rare blueprint now about the third craft option... i personally dont like the idea that some characters can be discarded as soon as you craft their stuff in the world as much as i dont like the celestial portal and its ability to let you swap characters at will; so yea... not a fan of this concept, even though the celestial portal, in my opinion, already did a lot of damage
  24. Make her able to put out bigger fire that other characters cannot touch. At the cost of sanity since she is a pyromaniac after all. Please don't make her a fire based Wendy and focus on Bernie instead of her.
  25. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'm imagining it now. Armies composed of only insane Willows and bernies. They would be the new meta.
  26. Time to Hate on Stuff

    Your complaints literally amount to: I want every single perk to be top tier
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