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  2. It’s not new though, it’s a different version of Abigail, and I already played with that toy.
  3. I know people want total fire immunity, but is it needed? Could any task improved by fire immunity be done in 6 seconds, and if not, can it be managed (example: walk away before the 6 seconds are up and then walk back)
  4. Another PvP Poll

    How many discussions and polls on pvp do we really need?
  5. The reason I (and Im guessing a lot of other people) really want Fire Immunity is because of creative stuff like this. If something gets out of hand, there can be a tweak to Willow's sanity gain for items on fire. However, I feel methods like this will actually allow her to be *at least par* with other characters (especially the reworked/new ones)
  6. Sure, if we can still craft bernies, just craft a full backpack of them, go fight whatever, drop them all, and get insane. Even if they deal 10 damage, its an insta army of things luring the enemies, tougher than an army of spiders.
  7. I also have mixed feelings but I think her direction is changing and a lot of people are resistant to accept something new... I wrote a bit more in detail about bernie here if you want to check it out
  8. That's actually super useful, wow. Now I want fire immunity even more. Sanity management and makeshift fire farms sound like awesome additions to Willow. Can you elaborate? Cause I don't see it at first glance.
  9. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    Walani: is....meh she just needs seashells in the oddball shop to craft more surfboards - Nothing special Warly: is fun in a Wes kinda way, he's my favorite out of the SW crew - Good Wilbur: is kinda boring but he can uncover the map quicker than most and get early tier 1 magic thanks to his poop throwing abilities- Overall decent Woodlegs: is random but mostly terrible, lose -60 sanity PER DAY and heavy depends on the randomness of the lucky hat which by the way is harder to repair due to the lack of silk - Depends on your luck
  10. thats a 2 second brain scheme if I've ever seen one.
  11. It can be abused too. You can try now with willow and the scalemail for the fire inmunity. Drop 40 ropes to the ground one by one (not in a stack) light them on fire for less than 20 seconds and then put out with a water baloon. Standing there gives you literally hundreds of sanity points instantly, and you dont loose not even 1 rope. This can be used to dish a ton of damage to mobs as well, similar to DS fire farms. With innate fire inmunity she wouldnt even need the scalemail... About bernie, if she can still craft bernies we'd get an army of bernies fighting and luring as long as she is insane, which wont affect her at all since bernies lure shadows too. Thay sounds absolutely amazing... Also for those complaining about getting the beard, you can get several stacks of beard by day 10, just seek bunnymen, get insane, and kill them. Also find the monkeys, wait for nightmare phase, and also kill them. The perks proposed by klei seem really strong if you think them through, and the perks proposed by the community seem even more powerful. I have mixed feelings about fire inmunity now. We'll get pro players like laknish or jantonio showing everyone these fire farms exploits on youtube, and then everyone will complain how OP she is...
  12. This is an aside, but: It's not. But that doesn't mean you need a sour gas converter, or steam power from a volcano. I stopped my QOL 2 colony at around cycle 1350, and it consumed around 22-24 kw on average. I didn't have a sour gas converter, a 10 kg/s oil boiler plus steam power from various sources was enough to generate that much. I had a magma volcano, but I never tapped it for energy. You're guaranteed 2 oil wells, and 3 is common. That's 6.6 - 9.9 kg/s of oil. Converted to petroleum in a boiler, and burned in boosted petroleum generators, that's 15 kw. Plus energy from natural gas from the oil wells, and natural gas geysers. If you're building a sour gas converter, it's because you need more energy efficiency from your renewable sources of oil, OR you want more polluted water byproduct from that oil. The math is something like 4x as much polluted water from oil converted to natural gas than from petroleum. Oil boilers are another topic, even if it's related. They're much easier than sour gas converters. Heat efficiency is important in them, because a 10 kg/s oil boiler is (400 C - 80 C) * 10 kg/s * 1.76 DTU/g/K = 5,600 kDTU/s if you brute force it. That's far more energy than you get from a volcano, and 9.5x what you get from a thermium aquatuner running water. To get 10kg/s you MUST transfer heat to the incoming oil, rather than converting it to electricity in a steam turbine.
  13. I would've suggested spoiling your work due to the huge amount but thanks for making a thread here. Beautiful amount of detail on this! Also love the correct touch on the tallbird feet. I'm strangely thinking of my own drawing:
  14. HD Textures

    For the low price of buying the game again HD textures can be yours in a couple years, pre-order now today then you can be the proud owner of HD textures !! *Gameplay not included
  15. @JoeW could you pls give a bit of info on Bernie stats? and does she need to be insane always for bernie to grow in size?
  16. I here... ONI(RUSPHIL)

    I think it's this website's translation function. Why is Liam looking shy here?
  17. silly drawings i make

    noted! when i draw unmermified sam and pip again, they will look more like goats. this drawing is now classified as an AU lmao.
  18. And on top of @MrDeepDarkmind and @Mr.Mulk's posts we have: -Fully automated catapults able to make boss slaying a mundane task. -A character that can heal an infinite amount of HP by killing very very weak mobs. -Books that generate a near-infinite amount of food and can be used multiple times, along with it not being hard to craft. But we draw the line at fire immunity? Why?
  19. 2X damage and a 25% movement speed bonus with 300 HP: Totally balanced A whole class of items that are extremely powerful locked to one character for crafting and a free crafting tier: Totally balanced A robot who can upgrade to having 400 hp, 300 sanity, and 200 hunger, and has overcharge for a massive movement speed bonus, light, and heat: Totally balanced Fire Immunity on a character who previously had it: Completely OP HMMMMMMMMM Not trying to be rude (no ill will is intended) but I think fire immunity is the least to be concerned about being "OP"
  20. Oh welp. Forgot that Natural Gas Generators can only process 90g/s at a time, so it is guaranteed to take loads of space. No point in processing crude oil to natural gas at a rate of 10kg/s then =/ Anyway I'd go for 1kg/s, I think this one would be fairly small, considering the sheer size of natural gas generators. Btw what is really hard about oil boiler? Couldn't you just push in some heat into it until it reaches vaporization point, and cool it afterwards? ..oh wait. Petrol isn't a gas.
  21. [Game Update] - 328827

    Sounds good to me.
  22. your telling me that sounds OP when like we have a robot who gets a speed boost 100+ health on thunderstrike and a AoE of light who can also UPGRADE HIMSELF TO BECOME A TANK then we have a fat man who get stronk man by eating foodies
  23. On defense of Bernie

    yeap.. maybe we can get some info here @JoeW can u pls reveal a bit of Bernie stats? that might be helpful pls and can u pls clarify if this means BOTH near and insane OR either near or insane yeap.. I hope Joe can come back to us with a bit of info... the willow's update thread is so bloated dunno if he can catch a break
  24. On defense of Bernie

    and right after wortox too... what a good time to be a furry
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