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  2. Lol, most times am chill af, heh, funny some people assume otherwise Well, isn't that just another more elaborate form of "bumps up" spam? Let topics "live" organically. If nothing else can be added, let it fade; is natural. Yeah animations are cute, but would be more fun if only related to upcoming stuff, snippets dug from latest updates via said data mining. Still in the end is ok, is only my personal view, can just gloss over it and do whatever one wants to *thumbs-up*
  3. I like the idea of both generators. But I know the "waterwheel" generator would be easy mode free energy with the right setup. With geysers eventually you'll obtain enough water to make a system that loops back on itself and produces more energy then it takes to move the water back to the top. IRL that's not possible because you'd need very strong pumps to push the water back to the origin point. With ONI the pumps don't have any physical limitations as far as pumping against gravity. So you'd probably need very few pumps to make an artificial river/waterfall to step down into many waterwheel generators and produce tons of power. To balance it you'd need to make them produce so little power they wouldn't we worth building in the first place. The stirling generator seems like an interesting idea.For people that know how to manage and manipulate heat and cold it should be a good power source.
  4. Calm down. As Zeklo said those requests are a good way of keeping the thread from being burried. Plus I don't mind seeing animations that minespatch requests
  5. Could we see some mods make it in the game?

    DYN can cause lag, dyn stands for dynamic, the files that are under this extension load dynamically meaning they ONLY are used whenever necessary. Thus entering a new biome can cause a freeze for a while since all the new things have to load and certain things have to unload. This works for skins because they only exist for a few things and aren't as wide-spread. Of couse, some things in ZIPs are HQ, Im not saying they can't do anything HQ, there are certain things that the game can handle, I guess small items such as food and hats, armor or hand-held things are ok, but if they were to HQ an entire biome's worth of assets it would create memo issues
  6. Probably in one of the Return of Them updates in the future. I would imagine that specific update to deal with more technical crafting recipes being added into the game using moon & ocean stuff.
  7. The wiki page on this stuff is pretty good now and includes the changes since that original post. Those editing the page are heroes the community needs but doesn't deserve. Note that there are some minor details missing, but they aren't very important in the grand scheme of things.
  8. Managed to sneak in a quick one before Finals proper began. Nothing to special, it's rather messed up (i mean, look at those wings!), not too much detail either, and its hurriedly done, not to mention the lack of an awesome background, but i really, really needed to vent like this before i went into Finals with pent up emotions. Doing the latter is unhealthy for you and your grades. Will probably add details later, as well as more pieces, God willing!
  9. Tentacles literally only want one thing and it's fricking disgusting.
  10. Silly Tier lists

  11. It is posible to add recipes only to a preset (level)? The only function that i have found is: AddLevelPreInit("MyPresetLevel", LevelInit) local function LevelInit(level) ... Recipe("MY_receipe", {Ingredient("iron", 2), Ingredient("twigs", 1)}, RECIPETABS.ARCHAEOLOGY, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE) ..... end But It is not working,It seems that you can only put in there code that alter the level generation?
  12. Man ya'll have some low priorities. Reach for the stars and get this exemplary mod into the main game
  13. To add to your post, I noticed fire poles made athletics dupes slower on descent compared to a ladder.
  14. [Solved]Problem creating a map

    @podfangirl21 Changing WorldSim to -> GLOBAL.WorldSim
  15. jumping against slide while moving up it can get you lodged inside it and forced to think about your life decisions that led up to this point before you are (sometimes) ejected at mach 5
  16. only if its stuff like health info and fishing rod reeling in floatsam
  17. Wurt

    But hunchbacks like werebeaver lack many animations that normal characters have. This would still be a hefty amount of work, but I'd love to see it!
  18. Wurt

    This makes little to no sense.. Woodie in Werebeaver form shares the same large hunchback size as a Merm..
  19. Wurt

    I remember that the devs were making this new character even before the woodie rework.They stopped the progress a little bit only to refresh Woodie They must be doing something really cool. I can hope at least.
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  21. Wurt

    Yeahhh I'm a little afraid how hes going to look, especially if he ends up being a merm. Are they going to... squish a merm like thing into a character model? I'd love to actually get a new kind of character model, of course that would be a lot more work, but these characters cost money after all.
  22. Wurt

    Some people think Wurt will be a dragon cuz of those things around their head. That's obviously incorrect
  23. Wurt

    Wait,what dragon part? lmao
  24. I use them for some really expensive viking funerals for my beefalos/other slaves when they die.
  25. Wurt

    Honestly, a merm/goat/dragon hybrid sounds like an OC character in a cringe fanfiction.

    If someone destroy base u can always do backup , but what to do when someone took all your very important resources and exit your world ???? I really tired of this ..
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