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  2. This is why I put pressure sensors on both my air and water pumps to make sure they only run when they can draw a full packet.
  3. Hello, everyone. I want to make a mod that will make default crockpot look like gorge one. Do someone know how to extract full pot animation from Gorge event? Since this structure is constructable, I can not find the way to display full pot animation at once for average pot in the game. Is there any way to combine animations from several entities at once? As far as I see, I need firepit, fire, hanger and pot animations,
  4. Count to 200 without interruption

  5. Wurt's diet guide

    Nope,leafy meat is meat,you get them from plant creatures,that's why it's leafy. It's meat alright. Wigfrid can eat it,bunnymen hate it,also you can't even use it in the crock-pot! Flesh is flesh. Where do we draw the line?
  6. A Wurt army placing swamp turf and merms everywhere, only Wurts survive.
  7. Like replacing all worlds turf with the swamp one?
  8. At wich flower part are you ? The normal flower or the roses part ? If it's the normal flower try to double click every flower and make sure you click all 12 of them. If it's the rose part you need to click the roses in the order of the comic strip "H. E. I. R." (The comic strips spells charlie) Double clicking them is again a good idea to make sure you done them properly. If any trouble hit us up again
  9. For me it worked, I used a YouTube video that showed the step by step
  10. Can't wait to get together with a bunch of other Wurts to overrule the constant with.
  11. Cyculum puzzle isn’t working for me. I’m stuck at the flowers.
  12. Ever tried to draw anything on wax paper? Yeah me neither
  13. Today
  14. At first I had Wilson and Wickerbottom as my main characters. Wilson because he felt like a good character same with Wickerbottom. Liked that Wicker had books that I could use a lot. Then Winona after refresh. Liked her new buildings. Then Wortox. Liked the ability to teleport and quickly get health. Then Willow, really liked her after the refresh. Loved using Bernie. Then Wormwood. Had good items, liked that he could get Living Log early. Then Warl....Woodie. Liked that he now after refresh could turn into a powerful weremoose and have the ability to quickly explore the map as weregoose. Maybe I will like Wurt a lot next. I wish I liked Warly more but I will try him more later at some point. Might like him more then.
  15. There is no smoldering sound

    Changed Status to Fixed
  16. Why do you play as your main?

    Willow, I like the convenience of her lighter early game, and watching Bernie fight my battles late game. Finding a way to use her fire immunity is a long term goal.
  17. I think you need a Triage Cot to rescue unconscious dupes.
  18. image.png.4f07fc226b49aa38cef87b73a83cf544.png






    I did it, Ma.

  19. When you go the website to do the puzzle they ask to login trough whatever account you are playing in. Basically Im on ps4 did it with my pc and my friend is playing on ps4 did it with his mobile.
  20. Does this work if you use the browser on PlayStation?
  21. Trying dig out some hot rocks and one of my dupes fell unconscious but nobody would save him. so I reloaded a few times trying different things upping the care priority upping the priority of the med beds nothing helped. Did I miss something in a patch or is this a bug?
  22. Woodie. I loved playing him prerework anyway, and now going full on genocidal moose is really entertaining to do it's just fun! All the woods and easy access to stonefruit early game is neat too for basebuildin
  23. From what I know it is the last one that we know about. It could be the case there are more in the files or have been made but are not visible to us atm.
  24. Bees hovering over fences

    Hmm, Yeah I'm sure they used to be caged in within the fences, not walls, but after the sea update, they behave strangely and constantly flying over fences!
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