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  2. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    That should insert the room 1 time in the RoG World in the Desert Biome. I don`t know why it doesn`t work. If you send me a .zipwith the mod, I will take a look. Right know I`m out of ideas. Sorry
  3. ...wait a minute. 

    How did I put that in here, and what happens if you click on it?

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    1. crystal_clodet


      it brought me to your profile

  4. FINALLY finished my research paper!


  5. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    1.Derpson (please spell my sons name correctly(also im a dad now apparently)) 2. id go for mune instead of moon 3.really dont think of a plot when i draw so he got there using [insert transport device here] using an lg tv to come here you have to click on everysingle word (so frustating grrrr) 5.i cant feel my thumb out of excess typing (why am i still typing)
  6. Would like to say that all the best game studios used to have this mentality, "we're going to release it when it's done". I applaud klei for this decision, because losing that mentality is what's brought the gaming industry to the state it's in now.
  7. Your videos are always a blast and never fail to make me smile, Keep it up weird bucket man Filling up the constant with your rhymes
  8. My prediction

    and mumsy to support us with her milk to making high end tier foods
  9. ONI Merch?

    I would seriously buy some plushies or hoodies.
  10. I focused on introducing everything on list and sorry if it's not THAT detailed. But I kept it so it won't get too outdated after future updates. Also, I did not included items that are included but not implemented in game, example being "fish net" which can only be spawned with console command. I will do so if we actually get to use them.
  11. i also heard rumors about "them" that are shadow gods but i want to it is officall confirm, specially now with this new beta update that suspicious me about "them" nature. that which side are actually "them" ?!
  12. Them are, as Maxwell sugested,the Shadow Gods.Because Maxwell knew about them and shadow magic,but didn´t knew about Lunar magic.
  13. I did actually see a Maxwell get butchered by another Maxwell... on a pvp server
  14. Banan's art n' stuffs

    I made another pokemon trainer doodle. this time we got Wendy and her team! Here's her team: -sandyghast -shuppet -misdreavus -froslass -snorunt -piplup
  15. I could see Maxwell getting killed by Charlie.
  16. [Game Update] - 335195

    They expand fairly fast now from tree to tree. What you can do is clear a path in the middle and around the areas u want. You'll get logs and silk which is nice and just leave them one area they can be relatively undisturbed.
  17. Hello there; After purchasing and opening the game through the play store, the joystick acts like it is connected. You mentioned that the problem was solved with the latest update. But General Mobile branded phone users in Turkey, are still having this problem. These phones are part of the android one project and the versions 9. Please correct this problem. Sorry for my bad english.
  18. chances are, Turn of tides is just what they're calling this part of "the return of them" update. similar to how A new reign had many smaller updates within it, such as the arts and crafts update, the against the grain update, and the heard mentality update
  19. now tp focus is not just only single ticket , u can "return" with it too. (now i see why it had triangle shape , cuz u exactly stand middle of it just like teli pad . wish it had a sign like teli pad to this discoverd soon) (its essential when going to moon island , cuz there is no road back and you die there if u had'nt place boat there!) * i wonder how much content hidden deep through this game . you always learn new thing even you had 3k day base! - thanks klei !
  20. [Game Update] - 335195

    A lot of people complain about Spider Monkey extinction, but it seems that the opposite has happened in my world: I'm pretty sure most of those webs aren't even inhabited. Most of the Spider Monkeys are hanging out at the Cave Cleft in the bottom tip of the jungle on the right. Which is also the BFB cave, so that's a bit annoying.
  21. Today
  22. please note that the puzzle is already solved and the walls are used for the letters in Insanity! update trailer.
  23. Everybody bully Wes... That's not nice.
  24. -More mutated/horror abominations. I just loooove their designs. I know that there're people who are uncomfortable so Klei should make a toggle in he settings just like with screen shake or Wigfird's O's. Tbh I find the sounds more disturbing than the designs, but that's just the person I am, I mean, Deerclops' growling always gives me chills. -More usefull stuff. So far the moon thingy we have to make gives us more decoration potential and 2 semi-nice tools. The islands themselves give us a toothtrap variant and a berrybush 3.0 -More creatures on the main Island. Carrats por example. They'd fit perfectly with the main Island but are left on the moon islands. Maybe in the future there'll be a thingy that when we complete it the "Moon"'s influence gets passed onto the main Island. -More see stuff.
  25. Yes, someone on the forum explained how the numbers of the ancient civilization are arranged. It looks like a chip?
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