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  2. Since the caves rain a lot in Winter (which is what regrows natural mushrooms), mushroom forest farming will be a really good option. Sanity, healing, Ratatouille for hunger; Wurt's pretty much covered.
  3. autosave draw-everywhere is back

    same here, some times you can draw half of the map especially in space biome
  4. They do die after being caught, and I think that's the idea. Wurt is young, innocent, and mermified, she probably doesn't realize that fish can't breathe air and that her "pets" are dead.
  5. Decided I'd try something different for this run so I tried out an Evoke deck. Since 2/3 of the Evoke cards in the game are Hostile, I went for a mostly Hostile deck. So then we're here. On the first turn, (The first 10 damage was dealt by Nadan before my turn started) I did 47 damage. Every time I start a negotiation, I basically have a fully loaded cannon in my deck. Just build up a little dominance and then finish my turn evoking my Erupts, doing upwards of 30 free damage. Maybe new negotiation meta is Evoke in Experimental or did I just get ridiculously lucky? Then again, I've only unlocked P3 in this build so I don't know it's effectiveness in P7. Here's the deck in it's entirety: Oh, and bonus:
  6. I cannot find the last trial star! Even though I have completed the mini trial and the all courses trial. Is this a bug or am I missing another trial? It says that their are 2 trials but I have only completed one, which is false.
  7. Willow I don't like how all of her head skins give her jet black legs that resemble a stick figure drawing. I also wish her snowfallen skin sprite looked better, the fur on her shoulders looks too detached from the fur around her neck, the fur on her hands is too large, and I don't understand what the fur on her head sprite is is doing.
  8. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    Can I get a list going for how many platforms people post to. Right now we got: Official Site Forums (Klei) Steam Forums Reddit Wikipedia Any more? I just tried out searching for other articles on the actual study of online forums. Apparently any combination of usage, forum, and psychology will put this at the top of google surprisingly. I found this which is another interesting read.
  9. Own Fanart Thread

    Helloween crossover with Hollow knight
  10. The Item description for Warly's Honey Crystals states "a bit of sweetness for a peace of mind". But anyone who's even looked at Warly knows that that is straight up wrong. I should probably go report that, come to think of it
  11. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    Or the Steam discussion page for the game - I read both
  12. Oh, so gender classification of names was wrong all along. Thank you for pointing that out, a lot of people over the centuries were misquided but at least people at the forums had been blessed to see your post and as such exposed to the truth. I think if a girl is named Alex then most likely it's a shortened form of Alexandra, female counterpart of name Alexander. Also, if it's just a name, what are the reasons you bother providing examples to argue other than reputation farming? Just accept Klei's oversight with name's gender mismatch, no need to carry out investigations out there.
  13. Fixed. Thanks. I'm aware that it can easily feed on basic ingredients. I just think she'll have difficulty recovering hunger easily on specific goals, especially when she gets away from the base. Another interesting thing is that every character from Winona's refresh possessed some debuff in a matter of hunger. Klei wants to honor the question "Don't Starve " Warly/Wickerbottom/Wormwood will be excellent together with Wurt. I think she'll be a little bit dependent on one of them. The Stone fruits are nice. Basically infinite durability and great points of hunger/health/sanity recovery. Wurt's maximum stability point will be when a team has a Dragon Fruits farm. She will be able to easily stay with this feature.
  14. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    True, but it has its own share of issues as well. I was once mass downvoted in the sub reddit for and I couldn't post comments for it anymore. As I found out later many other sub reddits have a karma bot that prevents people from posting at all and karma carries over. That is literally preventing free speech. Many other people think that the karma system is bs too. I got trolled real hard back then and I can't even remember why. I could (and did) create another account, but I shouldn't have to which is the point. I also don't know how to navigate reddit that well. You can't sort the reddit by view count either which is a non-discriminating way to see what is relevant or eye catching (unless you sticky it to the top, dang discord thread). Reddit is still synonymous to this forum so all of the problems I have mentioned also apply to reddit as well. I could start using reddit as another source of information if it had similar features to the activity feed that this forum has. Um...what? Google brought me nothing, I don't know who that is.
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  16. Maybe wetness should have special effects for characters for example: Wormwood-regenerates health when wet(small amount) Wurt- while she's not released yet they said"Being wet does not affect her strong grip" but maybe she also wouldn't lose sanity when wet
  17. Woodlegs. And the fact that he doesn't exist in DST.
  18. You remember the Elder Swamp Pig that was being mermified in the gorge??? Yeahhh Wilba wouldn't make sense and wouldn't fit well in DST.
  19. Yes, 25% efficiency. I recommend turbines in most cases.
  20. 2016: October 18 - November 82017: October 30 - December 42018: October 25 - December 3 I doubt it will be as long as 2016 look for a solid week at least. 31st or November 2nd is a good possibility of its end. Unless they let it run a little longer while prepping Winter's Feast stuff. Once added you can always make a world with it turned on forever and I believe if you're PC player there are mods to turn events on and off out of season too.
  21. How about Wheezewort, do they get some kind of penalty when planted wild?
  22. Warly came from the Single player expansion pack dlc SHIPWRECKED. And therefore does NOT count as a new dlc character. Ahem.. however- Wormwood comes from the single player expansion pack dlc HAMLET and somehow DOES count as a new character dlc. I am still confused on that part.. but- as far as HUMAN characters go there is still- Shipwrecked- Walani, Shipwrecked-Woodlegs, Hamlet- Wheeler, and Hamlet-Wagstaff that Can and most likely Will be added. and for Non-Humans.. theres Shipwreckeds Wilbur (A playable Splumonkey) and Hamlets Wilba (A Playable Pigmen Girl) As far as completely brand new characters goes- there’s still one more Unrevealed unless.. Wormwood does indeed NOT count in that case there’s TWO but it’s more than likely just one..
  23. I think Klei will maybe add more characters that are probably human but I dont think there cannon to return of them right now, so they dont interfere with the lore and the storyline
  24. Sailing is Fun!

    wow these guys have bad luck with boats or somethin
  25. Has anyone noticed that every new character (going by what Klei considered a new character) so far this year has not been human? The only new human character to DST so far has been... Winona... So that begs the question, when are we getting a new human character? (Yes I know warly was added, but Klei has said that they are a rework, and like I said I was going off of what Klei considered a new character)
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