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  2. Next Update 5/28 Bug Fixed! 1. Fix where Wormwood does not die instantly when crafting living log with only 20hp
  3. Since it's your game, especially because it is technically a sandbox game, you are free to do as you wish - a blind or informed playthrough is fine either way. However, truly subjecting yourself with the uncertain - , horrifying even - feeling of being thrust into a hostile, potentially deadly frontier with nothing but your wits by playing a blind playthrough ups the sense of immersion and satisfaction after triumph. Though, this may also bring about the frustration of repeated failure... But that is also balanced the sense of genuine triumph. Whenever I see questions like these I think of Hidetaka Miyazaki's design philosophy for Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro, so please forgive me if i get too carried away in my explanations xD
  4. Thats quite a useless tip but still good to know xD
  5. Done. Causes -10 sanity loss on initial smearing and a constant -2 sanity loss every other second until either it rains, you get a water balloon thrown at you, or 3 days pass
  6. Never had the luck to find others on the other islands. It seems RNG prefers to put things on the first island.
  7. Nope, not in mine. Did you verify your data? Turn off mods. Would be nice to have more information. Did you craft it in Hamlet or in SW? Please screencap the crash screen and post it on Hamlet bug tracker.
  8. starmap bugged

    I just got the same bug for the 1st time however it happened in ring 1. I analyzed all 3 asteroids in the 1st ring. Sent a rocket to 2 and then it showed 1 of the asteroids as a duplicate. Then again I show a duplicate in ring 4 and screenshot shows another possible in the next ring.
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  10. If anyone on PS4 is looking for something different feel free to add NSA_iswatchingus! Open to the public in Autumn, Friends only for Winter and Spring, and closed for Summers. I made a world with towns, shops, and quests for players to interact with. Using lucky gold nuggets as a currency players can buy gear, buy supplies, buy food, buy a house, and trade with each other. There's also an Arena for PvP events, and a dozen "side quests" hidden around the map. You can check out the full thread HERE Or watch the 2000 Day Tour and 3000 Day Tour on YouTube. If anyone has some suggestions on how to operate the towns or just cool ideas to include let me know!! We're currently working on a new city and seeking new citizens to join it!
  11. I would recommend buying and playing DS (single player) first. It is more unforgiving, and therefore (in my opinion) more fun. Die a lot, learn a lot, get addicted. Then eventually, when you can survive your first winter, switch to DST and learn about the things that work differently there. By that point, you will not be requiring constant feeding by the other players, and you will easily find people who will help you get used to the slight differences between the two games. Also, single player has the Shipwrcked DLC, which is an absolutely awesome part of the game in its own right (and for which the dying a lot, learning a lot loop will start from scratch for you).
  12. honestly you can't blame them when we got the mime king get it ? meme,mime i am out of here
  13. Crafting the canoe results in a crash, and the prefab is apparently missing, as you can't spawn it in. Anyone have this issue?
  14. my problems with Wheeler

    You can, use a helmet along with it.
  15. Hello, yes, here's my contribution! (feat. Warly)
  16. Already added for Fashion melon skin. Come on, what about Tentacle for Wormwoods halloween costume skin?
  17. When I open the map, there's no Vortex Cloak icon on it.
  18. It really depends on how much extra stuff they actually have. If the new biomes are not that "new", it is not much of an issue. If they change the game strongly or fundamentally, it is quite possible that it needs more time. In that case, I hope they take that time. I am quite happy with more previews.
  19. That is moot point. The item not the same in game, but because of those reason I think they should be the same item like Pig skin and Pig skin? are. Because they so similar, they might as well stack. It can help make moonrock wall when you have excess marble none uses for anything, which does happen lots if you farm it but none use it and it overflow. They are both very strong material, look much alike and very much relate to clockwork that relate to moon, so, I think is fair. It was sarcasm to point out flaw in person's argument, where they basically say ``moonstone is not marble, therefore moonstone cannot be marble`` like wtf?! Ok, you entitled to your opinion I respect that. But problem is already said things to respond to those arguments, but guess not directly. So here is the response to them and you will see my point far better with this I think. Something in game that has work put in doesn't necessarily make it good work that ought to be in game. Many things that had lots of work were thrown out, visibly so, because they not have distinct purpose that is cler enough or they don't fit developer vision for what the game needed to look. Though now they implementing unused stuff, sometime just because they need something to add (like Wortox) which I think is dip in standard for Klei, but that different discussion entirely. Making things have more uses just because they don't have any is lack of understanding how game is designed. I mention earlier that I believe in the idea that perfection is achieved when you can't throw more things out rather than when you have nothing more to add. Stinger could be taken out and many people would not care or even be relieved. One less resource to gather and manage for nor reason just because it is lying around everywhere. And either way, your point is moot because the only thing that require time for this item really is drawing static texture, that is it. Way less than some unimplemented stuffs that could never see implemented in game at all. And if you think that is bare minimum to justify the item in game, then look like you have very low standards for content. Nitre has some good uses and it isn't that useless long term but they are forced. Cold fires, morning star, booster shot (recipe of this is particularly disgusting because it try to make you gather stuff you normally would not and it make zero sense why you would for injection), lawn stuffs in hamlet, may be even flares. Mainly just used for gunpowder and was the reason it introduced to game in first place. Many of this recipe can benefit not having nitre as ingredient in them, they show no sign or reason it would require it. May be the resource should not be removed, but at least remove from regular rock drops, because this; Yes, late game! Not early game when you get so much of it and have no reason to use it, so it just lie around or gathered and not used for much early on. In summary; * Many nitre recipes are forced to give it use, not because it fits it best and sometime it can be real annoying to just get something this obscure for a recipe, when nitre is not anything special really. * Any use it has earlier on is not enough to expend the amounts you get so early on from normal rock, compared to something like rocks which you get in about the same amount early game. I needed mention these points at start and thought I did but look like I didn't so sorry for that. Thank you, I notice at least one person here seem to be to troll and barrage disagreeable topic. I saw them in another doing the same thing You know who you are, stop it!
  20. We should also dampen our expectations that the game will effectively launch at the end of July. It all depends on how well the testing phase at the end of next month goes. If the game has to be delayed again, they should and not try to rush to meet the deadline.
  21. it was just a steam inventory bug
  22. Why does fog exist

    Agree with OP a bit and that fog is bit awful to deal with. Would be better if may be it only regional to some biome area and some other creatures would be affected too, so no fog in towns. Can cause cheese problem if it just town turf that not affect by fog, so may be it need to take surrounding turf into account somehow? so you can stay and build new town where there is no fog but can't make road across biome that will create bridge like splitting the ocean to walk through it Also want mention hay fever. Later game not annoying to deal with unlike fog, but it just need improvement I think. Too punishing for early player and too easy for late game to deal with. I get to point where I love being in lush season too much as I get to eat nettles
  23. I can't find the wrong part of this item/inventoryimages/wolfsword.xml seems to be the problem and I tried remaking the entire file but it still doesn't work modmain.lua wolfsword.lua client_log.txt
  24. I guess for getting back and forth from the moon island, one is better off expending a ton of wood making a boat bridge then actually sailing. :s Especially on default hound wave settings where you get hounds every 3 days. Hounds feel too frequent past day 100 to ever do any proper sailing. I guess having a tooth trap area on the moon island would be another option, the horror hounds always drop 2 teeth when killed, so it wouldn't be difficullt.
  25. what I usually does (not on water, but when on land), is that me and my teammate first dodge the hound, then both attack until it dies. the hound usually dies before the next hound appears, if you're fast enough. but if my teammate do not do this, we usually get overrun by hounds. is it possible to kill the hounds fast enough before there comes too many, when on a boat?
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