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  2. I'm pretty sure that they are in fact scattered at random places on the map when it is killed.
  3. my headcanon is that he unironically died for good because of age or deleted from constant himself via the throne.
  4. it'd be rather awkward if he didnt show up in DST unless he managed to find a way to get back or something else happened to him. he'll have to wait and see
  5. it might be helpfull if one could select certain dupes that trigger this message a farmer, rancher, researcher, builder or digger for instance the couriours make little sense to make this check on the way it is calculated now at least.
  6. The dirty one is propably a prototype and the second one is used in the Hulk fight.
  7. Despite the Moggles working by turning smell -> vision, Wagstaffs short-sightedness still blurs everything. Surely he isn't short-olfactioned too?
  8. I noticed also the lack of knowlegde regarding Maxwel too.. I was talkign to Sudura about it I mentioned for instance that it's sooo strange to me that when Wagstaff enters a new RoG world, he is recieve by Maxwell, but when he examines the Adventure Portal he says he would like to meet him.. which is so strange.. similar with the Max statue Tbh I don't think is strange he knows Charlie, she is Winona's syster after all ... and he might have encounter her in her travels to DS after entering the events of the voxola factory?? maybe she should be indeed the one receiving Wagstaff when he creates a Vanilla or RoG world instead of Maxwell.. Maxwell there with his old speech seems like a thematic discrepancy to me when he doesn't even know who he is .. But tbh I don't really think she is the one responsible for bringing him... at least not intentionally?? he clearly had intent to get to there.. he was building the portal by himself but he lacked the "forbidden knowledge"... dunno for sure.. but he does have that quote saying his portal was lacking the "runes" so there is that watch Next of Kin video by Klei on youtube on that
  9. im just trying to fit together why Winona would get the job if Wagstaff didn't disappear yet then why'd she come to the factory theres no other ties and why they showed a random person rather than Wagstaff it makes no sense why he'd hold out of the portal so its not him
  10. dupes keep sleeping after the sleeping schedule changes to work if stamina isn't 100%. well they wake up they need relief themselves, eat, sneeze due to some ailment or save/reload if the scedule after sleep is something else then work they wake up instantly this way you can make some use of it by making sure basic needs are done before going to bed and let the ending of the sleep scedule not end right before the autosafe. This was true in mk3 preview at least so i assume it still works like this
  11. ...I literally just specified—The pigtails hairstyle. I'm not talking about literal pigs' tails. To counter my own point though, the effect is an old-timey "projector", so it might be more literal than anything else. Also worth noting that Wagstaff is aware of Charlie (but not Maxwell), and Charlie's plan didn't include Winona—meaning it did include Wagstaff (as read from the charlie strings in DST). So I'd say it's pretty safe to say that Wagstaff was brought by Charlie.
  12. Coal liquification

    There is liquified coal (Carbon) in the game, perhaps it requires liquified coal instead of solid coal to add an extra step. The issue is that it melts ingame at 3551*C, maybe it gets toned down to compensate. Coal doesn't have a whole ton of uses lategame other than Ceramics and Steel, so I like this change.
  13. Ancient Hulk Idea

    or when it dies a chest falls with the head that gives loot like the quacken and ancient guardian.
  14. Playtime record

    For me it's 871 hours behind the screen, minus a few minutes for getting coffee
  15. pigtails aren't hair.. they are butt skin + the tail which has bones.. but if t-shirts have them then that's besides the point Interesting with the "projection" in the code... I'm going from the evidence in-game as I always do tbh.. I did notice that holographic effect and I assumed it was a reverb effect for the lack of "runes" from the portal cuz it's different for Winona since she wasn't really taken by the portal alone but by Charlie directly... and as long as we don't get to the trailer for Wagstaff and Wheeler we are not gonna know for sure where is Wagstaff really.. as far as I know there is no second factory... all the event refer the voxola factory
  16. Why? Do whatever makes you happy. Life's too short to not code from the heart
  17. @FreyaMaluk i was saying about if the original factory were to burn then a second factory with less budget would be made the possible first factory could have been when Wagstaff disappeared leading Winona to come to the conclusion that the factory may have something to do with her sisters disappearance thus give her a motive to work at the factory
  18. maybe Wheeler could have 1.2x speed due to the fact she travels lighter than others (Klei could drop the Pew-gun, as it's basically Wilbur's poop throwing ability)
  19. Pigtails as in hair. Skirts and other clothes have them too. Not to mention, I'm not just assuming, the code literally says "projection" in Wagstaff's files.
  20. I wouldn’t mind a partial reintroduction of the tier system, where for example your highest tier determines your food quality, decor, and entertainment requirements. So, for example, a dupe with a tier 2 job would need tier 2 food, an average decor of 30 (or whatever) and 2 sources of entertainment, or suffer stress penalties. I don’t think it’s going to happen though.
  21. question 1 and 3 kinda contradict themselves question 4 can be rephrased a bit better... more creatures yes... impossible to kill .. not so much.. with a good brain and irregular kitting patterns.. yes also stalkers could probably be the death of people with bad ping cuz they wouldn't even be able to see them before they strike.. that can be a problem honestly...
  22. Balm lily farms are easy....if you have a caustic biome near. My points were: Certain bases, like mine with 100% slime coverage, make that cure not worth the effort. A second, that newer players would certainly not set out on a balm lily farm as a top priority at 30 cycles. So if they are trying to make this newb friendly, it is not. So it bores experienced players and new players will still also ignore slimelung since the cure is not within reach. For my game, I could just set up some buddy plants and then ignore slimelung. No more infections without any boosters or cures. This was with full naked slime biome digging.
  23. Is it a bug? So I am not supposed to let it reach liquid state? Either way 330k sounds much more than 10 times..
  24. Iron Hulk has hardly any payoff

    As has been said, you can Telelocate the parts once you wake them up, so they're actually pretty easy to assemble. I do agree that it needs to be more rewarding though. I will note that The hulk is easily the best stone farm in DS
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