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  2. Where is the oxygen produced for those exosuits at the top-left? Where even is the oxygen produced? Those poor dupes will die in no time.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I was trying to mess with it in sandbox mode but it doesn't gives me the option for most of the pufts eggs in the conveyour loader. Do you know why is that? Also the main problem I see is how to take only regular pufts at a number of 6 in each chamber (that's the max you can use without being overcrowd)? How do you transport an exact type of creature taking it from another chamber where there are different types of pufts? I also don't know the mechanics of transporting from one chamber to another.
  4. Count to 200 without interruption

    Shh...hide the post and pretend it never happened. 144
  5. Ban GNO because I guess you have to collapse the quote in order to see it... But hey, now you know.
  6. Ban melen because i don't see it anywhere 0.o
  7. Wes doesn't have his haggle ability from Gorge in Hamlet
  8. Why is online local co-op broken?

    Does the 2nd account have PS+? I believe that might be a thing now. My gf and I play local online co-op all the time. But i tried to play it with my daughter (no PS+) and it wouldn't let her join online.
  9. I think that EVERY THING that has bones should, at least, have a small chance of dropping bone shards. It could even be a 1% chance.
  10. There are plenty of options. You can also listen for "attacked" and print or remeber this instead. Just search for "PushEvent and you will get al list of all currently existing events. And you can even push your own events. So you can nearly get every info that you can imagine. Although I dont think "print" is what you are looking for. Many mods and other stuff is using print for debugging.
  11. They apparently never heard of ONI

    Why is the bedroom down at the bottom? That's a poor design! The CO2 will all build up there and your dupes will continually wake up in the middle of the night to catch their breath.
  12. Klezmer tends to be perfect for sailing with accordions and what not.
  13. How to reset the aporkalypse?

    People say this dlc is unfinished for a reason. I hope one day devs will return to Hamlet and release one more update like it was done for SW.
  14. I messed up the quote so I'll just put @Bird Up to replace it, sorry Honestly I thought the rot music was perfect for the theme rot was giving, it feels like the survivors working fast to prepare in time for them to return. Like a working montage, it feels even more better for the fact that the music went in sync with chopping down a large tree. (Count it and see) it really would not feel right on the lunar island /ocean as the lunar island gives off an eerie and mysterious. While the it would sound better if the ocean had more adventurous music. Similar to the trailers.
  15. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    i had a dream that Wurt came out and the in game sprite was really poorly designed and people, including me, were upset of what this is. Flat colors, tiny dot eyes, small mouth, thick lines
  16. There’s a few things on the lunar biome that’s should be renewable. Anenemies. Possibly bones and reeds. The new saplings. The beachor entire biome should respawn items after a certain period of time.
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  18. What's keeping you from playing? If you're having technical issues, make sure to post them in the forums so people can help you out!
  19. Hello Everyone, Last night I was watching some mod spotlight videos on youtube and found something interesting. The Idea is not mine , but it will be cool if we had it on DST. So my suggestion is: what if we have buildable box of safe which allows to transform items from one world to another? For example transform items from save slot 1 to save slot 2? Or buildable science crafting which allows you to travel to new world and bring some items back? Similar to adventure mod in DS, but only at the end allowing you ti bring back some items with you! Im curently on 2000+ days on my megabase server and very soon will run out of stone road turf, will be nice , if there was a way to get some more.
  20. I've looked into the code and it seems that i can easily get who gave the final blow, i guess if i want to get everyone involved in the battle i would have to set a radious and set for all player tagged entities near the dead prefab EDIT: I think i can use FindPlayersInRange to get the list of players near the dead prefab
  21. Yes to both. The real issue is handling their morphs.
  22. I haven't ranched pufts in ages, but if I can keep them on one tile, that changes things Is the water not an issue? They can swim up to the air tile?
  23. There doesn't appear to be any animation for the salt pillar regrowing... Edit: Never mind I was using an old version of the salt pillar. Once again, second verse same as the first, the forum's being unruly doesn't want to auto play these for some reason, so you'll have to click it to see it move.
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