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  2. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    With Wormwood, setting up base near a pond is doubly helpful because the hippos and frogs will be constantly killing mosquitos and you can just hop in a boat for free heals. But you have to keep the area loaded for this to happen.
  3. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    So I was on Tumblr talking about how my headcanon for the powers triumphant characters can use when they appear as their shadow avatar in the Constant basically maps to what players can do with console commands - make themselves invulnerable, make items or creatures appear and disappear, teleport around, mess with the clock and seasons, etc - and because I phrased it as "coming down to bother survivors" in the process I reminded myself of a fanfic I've never actually read (but have seen lots of art from) about Willow having triumphant Wilson as her semi-evil shadow buddy. Alternate caption: When your friend has admin powers and you don't
  4. will we got harpoon or canons ? if we got big crab looks cool
  5. Can't find the Aporkalypse Calendar. Need help!

    It’s a good idea to set aside some of the eggs you get from chopping trees at the beginning and stash them in a cork barrel with nitre and charcoal. If you have to use coconades or have a limited amount of gunpowder, AND you have a spare blue gem, make a magnifying glass. It will tell you which cracks lead to rooms and which don’t, so you don’t waste your ammo
  6. Where is my "Wilson x Wilson"?! ("What a handsome devil!" - Wilson about Meat Effigy) Also where's "Maxwell x Maxwell"?! ("Now that's a fine statue." - Maxwell quote for Maxwell Statue)
  7. Klei please delete this thread.
  8. Please make stone slabs renewable!!

    They better not, since i already mined them all
  9. actually i want to see ruins close to entrance because i like to rush ruins in few days
  10. Werewilba last too long

    And exponentially increase the cost of using Werewilba in the process, which would then require buffing her abilities accordingly to compensate. Which, in turn, would lead back to square one, as she'd finish farming logs/fighting monsters even faster and then leave you to wait for like half a day for her to turn back. Besides, producing stacks of meatballs and meat stew is only really possible once you're all set up, and such a high hunger drain (that's 525 hunger per day, mind you, almost thrice Wilba's maximum hunger) would largely diminish her usefulness in the early game, which is probably where she shines the most to begin with since you don't have the materials to mass produce tools and weapons at this point.
  11. CPU Usage

    Well I suspected there was something wintin out camp causing high CPU usage but at some point all 8 online users all went to fight Klaus and even if host turned from yellow to green for a bit the CPU usage remained at 100% all the time. Sometimes even with 4-5 people the CPU usage doesn't go down from like 90%. As is right now the only option would be to regenerate world and set the player cap to 8 or something, not that the CPU usage on a single core would change (based on current status). Edit: Even now with only 3 people connected the CPU usage is sky high, so clearly something wrong is going on.
  12. too many critters

    A good cooling system a lot of people use is a hydrogen room full of wheezeworts with radiant vents running through it. Send the oxygen you are making through it before going to your base. Will suck a lot of the heat out of it.
  13. The fixed temp thing is there from the beginning, because the devs wanted it that way. If i recall correctly, it was done, to prevent overheating in early stages, which would desastrous for new players. And yes, they said some while ago, they would only change it, if the system would change with it. The system has not changed...
  14. Please make stone slabs renewable!!

    dude, these slabs are emplaced in biomes where you can't find no more then 10 at best without walking around for a full day and the distance between each slab is more then enough that you will find buying rocks more faster then picking slab after slab, and have you forgotten about Cave Clefts/Tombs where one can find rocks, gold, gems, grass and flint very very easily, and lets not forget about Gnat Mounds, those are literally Mineral Mines that get remade by Gnats swarms each time you destroy them for resources, which mean unlimited supply of minerals without much effort. the big reason why these slabs should renew is due to Gummy Slugs and Bean Bugs, those two foods are limited in the world due to non-renewable slabs and the biggest reason why I personally want Slabs to turn over after a rain or something else. They are the alternative to Mushrooms from DS and Limpet Rocks from SW so they should be renewable like them.
  15. No idea, I never had that. If you want to be safe, just pump that oil into space. You can probably process it regularly though. As no other germs infect pipes or machinery, this one should not do so either.
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  17. Maxwell x wendy most voted You ruined it. You ruined it and I'm leaving
  18. As I am going for naturally grown Sleet Wheat, I very much _do_ need ice biomes...
  19. I think the expert diagnosis "something is really messed up here" is appropriate for this observation.
  20. I never complained about a cheat item - I complain about the inconsistency and counter-intuitive way the game implements certain items central to heat management, an element the game seems to focus on and enforce in the gameplay. In my eyes this is bad game design - I try to deal with the heat problem by introducing cold water to my base, but the game magically turns that cold water into 40 degrees water, no matter how cold it was before. Some modder changing number around doesn't take care of this problem for me, and especially since now my electrolysis requires no heat management - a gameplay feature that seemed interesting to me. But whatever - you're humor is strange. All of you seem very certain the developers won't change this - is there somewhere the developers write anything about this?
  21. Dumb little poll

    Judging from this poll, can we get a lil' Koelephant pet please? or at least a small Koelephant themed update, turning their mechanic to the sophistication level of Beefalo; breeding, herd mentality, riding, domestication...
  22. Maybe putting incestuous things on is excessive... the poll is also funny, but some choices are inappropriate.
  23. well, its lagging.... (almost everybody reported that issue - without feedback - so now im curious about your bug-tracker and feedback) KLEi do something - at least, respond to me... your, beloved player.
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