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  2. I don't appreciate people saying that x time spent in x community makes them more truthful/valid in the community than other people thank you
  3. Yeah I highly doubt there will be many people who use it the "legit" way. A temporary power source isn't worth building. It's like building hydrogen generators to consume a pocket of hydrogen you uncovered and only for that. It doesn't make any of sense to me.
  4. Is this the part where you dramatically pull off your cowl, revealing that you were actually Lord Battal all along? I wouldn't even be mad, honestly.
  5. I already showed you the code from ontrasplant, see my post above. It only does: tree.components.pickable:OnTransplant() The ":" means that the calling object is given to the function, so only inst==tree. There is no information about the deployer in this case. Currently I have no idea how to get the newly planted inst AND the deployer.
  6. AddPrefabPostInit is for every thing executed that has this prefab, after the initializaion, but still part of initalization. But "inst" is an individual object. And although every inst has the mycustomdata entry, the value of this can be different for every single inst. OnLoad is executed by the game itself after the initialization. So it does not matter what values are defined within common/masterpostinti and within AddPrefabPostIni, they get overwritten in Onload, if there is code in OnLoad to overwrite them (and it was previously saved in OnSave).
  7. your opinion doesn't become magically more valuable than others' just because you spent more time in the community, in my opinion
  8. This thread is honestly just ridiculous. I feel like I'm arguing with a bunch of people on the matter of whether or not the sky is blue. But I mean, what do I know? I've only been an active participant in Don't Starve's community for six years, and a lurker for longer than that. After all, it's really just silly to think that somebody who had a hand in shaping Don't Starve's development with the rest of it's original community would know anything about the game's design ethos. Surely, the people who only started playing when DST got popular would know better, silly me.
  9. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    you presented the opinion of at least 5 people and pretended that it was fact or a general consensus within the community why?
  10. Leather Suit: a poll

    does this imply there's another set which is where the spear + log suit + some arbitrary headpiece belong to? i don't get this
  11. Could we see some mods make it in the game?

    nobody suggested this they wanted features of mods like client mods like geometric placement in the vanilla game, and you somehow ended up complaining about something completely different that happened over two years ago you imagined a scenario that you didn't like and started pretending that it was actually happening, please tell me the point of this? sorry if this might be off-topic but i want to know why you thought this was necessary
  12. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    DLC characters and reworks don't usually coincide. We'll probably get the rework (of Wendy probs, but I'd love a Walani rework) on November and either the last DLC character or another rework in December with Winter's feast.
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  14. Ranching problems

    I like dropping hatches using doors instead of using incubators.
  15. You used the quantity of positive reviews to argue for something in an earlier post, right? If we're going by that, then yes, let's have DST abandon the core ethos that has been holding it back all this time and be more like games that get more positive reviews. You could also justify plenty of those reviews with the art style, music design, and lore behind the game, not the game design. Your comparison of two games that are already much more successful doesn't really work to prove your point, I'm sad to say. I think that most people who came to DST saw the art style and atmosphere and came for it, not the game design. Have you ever seen it advertised in the store page how good DST's "progression" is? It's emphasis on "trial and error" gameplay? Is how the game plays in this way ever advertised on the store page? Not gonna lie I felt a bit...brand twitter reading that....but...just for verification.
  16. Are you REALLY trying to say that niche indie games can't turn into a huge success? And who on Earth are you to say why people enjoyed DST, or any game for that matter, for Pete's sake someone could play DST because they like the way the rocks look.. I know I didn't stick around because of the "engaging" gameplay, no I stuck around because of DST's aesthetics and my friends. You seemingly want the game to just... end once you know everything, like it does now, and thats silly for a game meant to be played endlessly. There.... are reasons why Minecraft, Terraria, and much more once tiny indie games became massively successful..... And besides, weren't you arguing on other threads that DST DID change everything about the series and forgot its roots? While I somewhat agree with that, saying that and then this comes off as hypocritical.
  17. For Warly Make Powder cakes and season them with Honey,Garlic,and Spice. Way more efficient to just have a stack of those prepared for whenever you want them on hand. Instead of making seasoned food and it spoiling before you use it up.
  18. Set up a kill chamber with lower priority drop off point and your problem will be solved There are many designs out there and I'm on mobile so can't post any. For example a horizontal door right above a puddle of liquid, if shut closed, creates a full tile of liquid beneath and drowns the critter
  19. The max weigh of a debris is 20t so either way you're creating the same amount of pieces of debris
  20. I thought it was neat too, but then people start telling me to go look at over people's designs, which don't have it. I switched production from Steel over to Iron and both the pump and non pump version have bee producing close to 100% petrol production at 10kg/s. I'm quite surprised about this. In this latest bout of testing, 9 dupes were killed, as they got buried in iron ore that mysteriously appeared from no where and there were not enough digger dupes to free them in time.
  21. When they use lubricant for it, i would call it an exploit!
  22. Give people a tiny opportunity to use this gen and the second you look back brothgar will be pushing water up with doors
  23. Count to 200 without interruption

    I can't w84 the Hallowed Nights.
  24. I didn't expect 3 tiles of pressure to hold back 1000kg of oil. That's neat. You can place the shutoff in a nearby vacuum to use low quality metals up there if you like. For example here:
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