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  2. Count to 200 without interruption

    Fitty six
  3. Ban GNO because I eventually got my sleep.
  4. Since this update chain is called 'Return of Them' it's expected of Klei to give us some lore about Them
  5. But it doesn't benefit from being tinkered. Right? Or did they fix that?
  6. They deliver mafic rock to this diamond window tile: The mafic rock created a diamond window tile: This happened to several of my diamond window tiles, so I finally decided it needed to be reported. Thanks!
  7. It's in the same spot on all maps - it's part of the Printing Pod POI.
  8. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise you changed the thread to detecting whether the rocket is fuelled. My original reply: was to OP not your derailment.
  9. Even with an unlimited heat source, the best you can do with a tuner on supercoolant is break even on the power cost of running it. A nice source of cooling, but look elsewhere for power.
  10. Time was a factor for me, as well. I simply missed the fact that OnUpdate() is public xD Sorry about that. Just be careful how you do it, though.
  11. Just in case you were asking for real - the building itself is marked as "tinkerable" in the code, but does not generate tinker errands.
  12. Yes, there are two "schools of thought". One is - maximise heat deletion by eating, and second - transfer that heat elsewhere. Not to say one is necesarily wrong.
  13. I'm not going to lie man, a mod is a terrible answer to any and all discussion on people wanting the game to be harder. Console players can't use them at all, and you shouldn't have to mod the game in order to be a satisfied consumer.
  14. Hmmmm, if that's the case (it not happening on OSX) that is indeed somewhat interesting, as it happens on Windows because the game does not register the key-up while in the background.
  15. Which bug? The one or the other one? Or none of them? ;P
  16. You can have the idea in the project, as long as you help implement it. Huge ideas require coding efforts, and even if the idea is good it won't get made
  17. Point 1: I don't necessarily leave a pilot in the rocket until the end of time. Point 2: I already suggested that, and was told "just use the checklist signal" so you're chasing me in circles here.
  18. Yeah, that part I personally wouldn't use myself though. No reason to leave the heat in the regolith to be deleted like that when you could use it to power your base, and result in regolith that is normal temperature. Then it makes no sense to have a vacuum at all, and normal cooling can take place.
  19. Longer Cycle Time

    Nope, not at all. You'd be surprised at how easy that part is.
  20. Today
  21. Hello, I noticed Lumber refinement could be used as a heat source thanks to minimum temp of ethanol output. A credible scenario would be 1kg lumber @-255°C -> 500g ethanol @73.4°C, generating something like 400k DTU/s on refinement for 240W. (+hot PDirt and CO2, PDirt that could also be cooled before composting reseting its temp, extract 96k DTU from PDirt, compost, extract 160k DTU from dirt). Cooling the lumber in the first place and moving the heat away from the ethanol would require a lot of power however. I have 2 questions on this : -Would it work? -Do you see a use for this other than a heat battery for storing excess power? Also, I'm aware of containers reseting temperature of genetic ooze to 20°C but I'm really not a fan of this particular exploit and assume it'll get fixed at some point.
  22. Has the bug been fixed? I don't want to bother with the build if I can't tinker.
  23. Eee! I've the last couple minutes scrolling through your art and I love all of it, you're really talented!! If you still do requests, would you be willing to draw my trio of misfits?
  24. Untitled.thumb.png.7834ddb8b1f2fd7dc9d985e03ff3ff4f.png

    my numbers grow!

    soon enough, I shall be everywhere!

  25. Yeah. There is definitely a way to just cheese bee queen . So honestly I can do that. Bee queen is boring anyways, all combat is, once you know what do to. Its just... memory. That's the problem, it always has been. Nothing added to the game will ever be remotely challenging at this point unless combat gets fully reworked. I've said it a thousand times, but I don't think it was smart to design the game's difficulty entirely around not being aware of something, when the game is supposed to be infinitely replayable. Again none of this matters. Is anyone really going to die to the extremely slow and non-lethal tree guard? Just remember the hits like I said, and if you are wearing a football helmet, your practically god. Tree guards are jokes! Almost every enemy is! Exploits just add onto this already broken system. Justifying exploits and making combat a joke for walls to have another use besides looking pretty is silly. I'm not talking about just wall exploits either, there are.. so many it honestly just makes the game feel broken. None of this stuff feels right and just really feels like bad game design. But yeah, even if every single exploit got fixed somehow, combat would still be a joke since its entirely based on memory, no skill at all is required. The game isn't engaging and these exploits just add on to that.
  26. Weirdd, you just made me notice these aren't his shoes
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