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  2. Alroight. They're literally the same, the only difference is that the Shipwrecked one has a higher res oar.
  3. Wes doesn't even need to talk to destroy everything Jokes aside, I would love to see Them as a very hard boss(es) with multiple stages, epic soundtrack and great visuals.
  4. Year of the Carrat 2020

    My mom was born in the Year of the Rat, so this'll probably be the first (hopefully not only?) time we'll see a Year of the Something in DST that matches someone in my family. It won't be until 2022 that we hit mine, Year of the Tiger, and I'm looking forward to that one. And you all know why. KITTIES!! XD Will they use the Antlion? Normal catcoons? Or, now that we have sailable ocean, can we also has...SHARKITTENS? There's definitely possibiities. ...Notorious
  5. It could be worse. You could have compared to a game, which turned out to be a disappointment. Something like Spore, which not only had horrible DRM restrictions, it also had built hype based on screenshots of contents, which ended up being cut from the release. To make matters worse, the cut content has never been released, not even as a DLC. What was released didn't really live up to the hype either because the 5 stages were not really connected and ended up as 5 different games. Looking at each stage as a standalone game and they each become... let's just say not masterpieces. Putting 5 mediocre games into one package and calling it one game doesn't make a great game. I have seen no indication that anything like this will happen to ONI. In fact the delay is an indication of the opposite: that quality actually matter to the release. Sure I would like the final release now, but ONI (particularly with the continued releases of mods) is playable for years and next year it will no longer matter which month it was released this year.
  6. Wish I knew. The inconsistencies are annoying for sure.
  7. Question from my father

    Also...a player made THIS: Hungry With a Chance of Meatballs ...long ago. So, yeah...if Klei does have that movie on their mind, WE got there way earlier. : P (Be sure to watch the video while you're on that mod's page. The bouncing animation when the foods hit the ground... XD) ...Notorious
  8. I, of course, mean lore ending not Klei going "Hey guys we've ran out of ides/decided that ds(t) is complete/decided that we want to move on.
  9. deleted account

    @nome I'm a little confused too about what causes people to conclude that deleting account might help. When they delete account, do they mean their Klei User account? And there's a distinction between PC Klei User Accounts from XBOX Klei User Accounts, correct? I think adding more Confirmation Prompts during deletion: With a short Q&A might help. Why are you deleting your account? A. I want to link my xbox account to my steam account B. I want to completely remove my account If A is selected prompt appears "Xbox account cannot be linked to Steam account". If B is selected, then deletion proceeds as per usual. The whole thing is a little vague for me though concerning the confusion of users in general. Hopefully the Q&A thing might mitigate future mistakes (if I even understood the situation correctly).
  10. This gives me Starcraft 2 vibes. "We are on the final stretch" - game releases 1 year later.
  11. Boat Thread

    1. think of it as turning around but a lot slower 2. think of how fast you are going and where you're gonna be in 3 seconds. If you can, slow down by using an oar or hoisting the masts. 3. 2 is good enough but 4 makes it faster and harder to not hit stuff. 4. no
  12. EmiAlvi's art!

    Posted on it, thank you!! Aye, all art is improved with crabbits and that's just facts. B) Also, I believe it's time for more OCs. Here's Tyler Wong (left) and Waldemar (right)!
  13. Next Update 5/28 Bug Fixed! 1. Fix where Wormwood does not die instantly when crafting living log with only 20hp
  14. Today
  15. Since it's your game, especially because it is technically a sandbox game, you are free to do as you wish - a blind or informed playthrough is fine either way. However, truly subjecting yourself with the uncertain - , horrifying even - feeling of being thrust into a hostile, potentially deadly frontier with nothing but your wits by playing a blind playthrough ups the sense of immersion and satisfaction after triumph. Though, this may also bring about the frustration of repeated failure... But that is also balanced the sense of genuine triumph. Whenever I see questions like these I think of Hidetaka Miyazaki's design philosophy for Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro, so please forgive me if i get too carried away in my explanations xD
  16. Thats quite a useless tip but still good to know xD
  17. Done. Causes -10 sanity loss on initial smearing and a constant -2 sanity loss every other second until either it rains, you get a water balloon thrown at you, or 3 days pass
  18. Never had the luck to find others on the other islands. It seems RNG prefers to put things on the first island.
  19. Nope, not in mine. Did you verify your data? Turn off mods. Would be nice to have more information. Did you craft it in Hamlet or in SW? Please screencap the crash screen and post it on Hamlet bug tracker.
  20. starmap bugged

    I just got the same bug for the 1st time however it happened in ring 1. I analyzed all 3 asteroids in the 1st ring. Sent a rocket to 2 and then it showed 1 of the asteroids as a duplicate. Then again I show a duplicate in ring 4 and screenshot shows another possible in the next ring.
  21. If anyone on PS4 is looking for something different feel free to add NSA_iswatchingus! Open to the public in Autumn, Friends only for Winter and Spring, and closed for Summers. I made a world with towns, shops, and quests for players to interact with. Using lucky gold nuggets as a currency players can buy gear, buy supplies, buy food, buy a house, and trade with each other. There's also an Arena for PvP events, and a dozen "side quests" hidden around the map. You can check out the full thread HERE Or watch the 2000 Day Tour and 3000 Day Tour on YouTube. If anyone has some suggestions on how to operate the towns or just cool ideas to include let me know!! We're currently working on a new city and seeking new citizens to join it!
  22. I would recommend buying and playing DS (single player) first. It is more unforgiving, and therefore (in my opinion) more fun. Die a lot, learn a lot, get addicted. Then eventually, when you can survive your first winter, switch to DST and learn about the things that work differently there. By that point, you will not be requiring constant feeding by the other players, and you will easily find people who will help you get used to the slight differences between the two games. Also, single player has the Shipwrcked DLC, which is an absolutely awesome part of the game in its own right (and for which the dying a lot, learning a lot loop will start from scratch for you).
  23. honestly you can't blame them when we got the mime king get it ? meme,mime i am out of here
  24. Crafting the canoe results in a crash, and the prefab is apparently missing, as you can't spawn it in. Anyone have this issue?
  25. my problems with Wheeler

    You can, use a helmet along with it.
  26. Hello, yes, here's my contribution! (feat. Warly)
  27. Already added for Fashion melon skin. Come on, what about Tentacle for Wormwoods halloween costume skin?
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