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  2. That's a different system completely. I personally use a filter, set on x seconds, where x = amount of fuel needed / 10. That's the bottom logic system shown above. But this topic was *only* about landed rocket detection. Which does help in knowing when to trigger a refueling system, but those are 2 different things
  3. In my game, I have 2 volcanoes, so I've built steam turbine above. But I notice something strange. Even with a full tile of magma, when it cool down below the freezing temperature, it turns into packs of igenous rock, instead of making a solid tile. O_o As you can see, there's more than the amount needed to make a tile. And the first pack on the left has 10 tons cumulated : the tile produce a pack, magma fill the tile, it produce a pack, etc ... 10 tons ! As far I see, the magma produce a tile only if there's something above. it can even produce weird behavior, like this other volcano. In this room, the magma flow in 2 layers. As mentionned above, the first layer turns into solid tile, and the second was, at first, packs. It turns in a solid tile with burried object on reloading. And a second reloading gives another solid tile above.
  4. Longer Cycle Time

    Not really, if you take the current work time for certain things and turn it into (current time/600) you can create a multiplier you apply to the current day length to find out how long it should take in a longer day. Some actions now you rate based on current day length with this multiplier, and some you rate on a static length regardless of day length.
  5. I was looking for a way to determine when to stop fueling the rocket, honestly. That's all. I don't like volitile fuels backing up in my pipes, to raise or lower in temp.
  6. The fact that we can light things like chests, crock pots, fridges, alchemy engines, ocuvigils, and plants is well beyond my level of comprehension, as it basically invites griefers to annoy you with just a torch. Simply removing the option to light them on fire directly will give real players enough time to put out the eventual smouldering after they attempt to circumvent this by lighting a material next to them, and then ban the griefer from their server. And again, why are we letting them burn structures in the first place when we're trying so hard to prevent griefing? On a side note, pig houses would have to be exempt from this proposed anti-griefing change, as lighting them has a use during a full moon, in which their homes are lit on fire to force them to transform, with a flingomatic or ice staff putting the fire out. As a member of Diverse Survivors, I get annoyed when I look at our griefer reporting channel and see how easily people grief. I'd love to see this stopped, or at least slowed one day.
  7. I didn't look into it. However that's not how I would use this information, more like : if scanner is green and rocket checklist is red = landing, if scanner is green and checklist is green = takeoff. Basically what he said. Note that in those 2 instances, there must be a pilot, so your worry is moot. And I would use this to make a different landed rocket detection system, probably much smaller than mine above () Those information are not great at telling you when to stop refueling, but neither is my system above. Both are meant to detect if there's a rocket landed or not, and not much else. I still have this image in my clipboard so here goes : Basically what's right under the scanner is the detection widget (as shown above in this topic) and everything else UNDER that (under the bottom horizontal automation line) is the refueling logic. (Above the scanner is the "door opening delay" logic but that's not exactly great, yet...) Detecting a rocket =/= managing its refueling, is what I'm getting at!
  8. "JumpShot"

    You can obtain the "Jumpshot" acheivment/make a ball into a hoop just by hitting the bottom of the netting. Not sure if this is intentional but I'd like to verify just incase. Thank you for reading.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I found it, the golden ratio. Some of these are just too perfect.
  10. Wurt

    oH MY oH mY oH mY- Joke post.
  11. You could convert it to quite a few things by rotting it. Let it out gas pO2. From there you can make clay/O2, algae/pH2O.
  12. This is a thread about DST on the DST forum and you're still using the "uncompromising" buzzword that's been purposely avoided by the devs, that's silly. Horrible acts which are on the same level as using console commands: - Lucky gold nugget farm which only works for a few weeks every 12 years. - Leading a treeguard all the way to a pig house so you save a few pinecones it would've taken to pacify it.
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  14. But doesn't the checklist not go green until you have a pilot in the capsule? So it doesn't tell you when to stop fueling unless you preload your pilot.
  15. From current position, run up to pizza display. Jump on top of pizza display. Turn around. Jump on top of vent coming out of the ceiling. You should be crouched on with your head against the ceiling. Finally, walk slowly off of the vent. It should be possible to move suspended along the ceiling, stopped only by the walls in the room.
  16. Hopefully, this was allready been done.
  17. Well, there was this... amazing post in an other topic, that I noticed too late. I have not looked into it much, because I was trying to perfect my own contraption, but, that could be a much easier solution.
  18. This doesn't really have to do with anything. Multiplayer doesn't change the AI being broken at all. The AI in DS singleplayer is broken in many ways too. The example Ogrecakes left is very much so possible in DS. Either way, I don't believe this excuses over half of the game's ai being cave man levels of primitive. Most of these exploits are so bad you might as well just start spawning items in with console commands.
  19. Treeguard's are in regular DS. Put some thought in before stalking my posts and playing devils advocate.
  20. It's a game, not a real life simulation. In ONI, the buildings bound to electricity are divided into 3 categories : generators, consumers, and storage. If a battery would try to fill another battery, this means that all not fully loaded batteries will become consumers ... And it would be awfull to managed in the code of the game. :-/ It works great this way. No need to add complex real life mechanics, here.
  21. I think many forget that DST is based of the same lua that Don't Starve was built on. It's old and outdated, but that's what we have to work with. I would love one day for DS/DST to be remade with modern engine to help with AI, memleaks, and more but it's not going to happen. Klei is still an indie company that don't have the manpower or profits to fund a complete overall or remastered in Unity or similar. If they changed the AI brains of mobs, Abigail, and more it would be great and I am sure they think this, but maybe at this time the system/foundation this game is built on could not sustain such changes or improvements. Keeping it simpler might keep the game open to a larger player base.
  22. Screenshot showcase

    I swear, strange "crop circles" keep showing up everywhere in this world. Like this... very unique hound trap that was created on the same world, it's actually quite effective.
  23. I'm considering using the extra meat to feed hatches.
  24. The game is meant to be hard and not the "lmaaaaaaaao dumb dumb animal, this is so easy!" but actually be a "Holy crap, WHY YOU DON'T LET ME ALONE!?, OH CRAP I DIED" because as the title says "uncompromising survival game" not "animals dumb dumb easy food survival game", fleeing is a option, but one that has far LESS reward than fighthing back. Using mobs to do your bidings, is cool, but they ruin the challenge of you fighthing for food in the wild, killing some mobs in your day to day farm is borin' and repetitive, i like more the sensation of "I gotta hunt, but i hope i don't get a Varg or a Ewecus!", because is more satisfactory to feel the challenge, that's why i hate using the primitive AI for exploiting it for food, it ruins the hard feeling of the game, Klei has to improve the AI, so players have to be MORE intelligent in how to hunt their food, this game is supossed to be uncompromising, not a day in the supermarket.
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