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  2. I think Wheeler suppose to be the Wilson of hamlet, my improvement ideas Wheeler stats: Hunger-125, Sanity-150, Health-175 Wilson stats: Hunger-150, Sanity-200, Health-150 (NEW) + ambidextrous handiness has 2 hand slots, can use both items (ex. can use a lantern and a spear at the same time) or automatically swap between them (ex. chop a tree then dig stump without looking in your inventory) (BUFF) + Pew-gun, shoots faster than before (ammo: 10 instead of 6) (damage: consistent 50 instead of random 17-37) (TWEAK) + "dodge" ability - can double dodge easier, used during walk animation and zero end-lag out of dodge (coffee/canes can make it faster) + Navi-gadget - same as is - 5 less max slots
  3. That's what I do too. Not need for complicated set ups. Here's what I typically do.
  4. I'm having a weird graphical glitch were the ground texture disappears. What causes it I can't for the life of me figure out, but I have learned its behavior. It only happens when standing on a specific tile(s), if you leave the tile the ground returns if you enter the tile it disappears again. It's not fixed, the bug does not occur instantly or any set spot you're standing at your fire waiting for day and poof gone. It only happens at certain camera angles, standing in said tile and rotating the camera the ground is only gone in one or two angles. Turning off bloom makes it go away, if bloom is off the grown returns turning it on and the bug is still present. Restarting the game is the only way to fix it, just saving and quitting is not enough. It could be me, with it happening many time to me and not a hint of it anywhere on the internet I could find it might be an issue my computer specifically has with this game but it hasn't been showing any hardware problems elsewhere so I'm not sure. Correction it has been reported by one of my friends too, my computer's not dying. (yess)
  5. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    I personally really like Wheeler's perks and drawbacks! I don't mind the 5 extra slots gone, I don't mind carrying a backpack at all times, maybe even a piggyback if I need the slots. Confusing tbh. I like the idea of it but I think it's bugged atm with 1 stack items not dealing any damage. Also I don't know if stacking different items inside has different damage outputs, and what can/can't be loaded. Her compass is the most useful item I could've asked for. Being able to pinpoint even the rarest of items from across the map is an A+ in my book. If she were to be ported to DST she'll make finding the ruins a cinch! I don't agree with this. To me her character is balanced wonderfully. She doesn't need a base speed boost because her dodge already acts as a psuedo-dash. Dodging once doesn't really get you anywhere, but if you spam the button twice you can get two dodges with no cooldown for extra distance.
  6. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    sounds good... I mean actual physics.. when u stop you are indeed a bit slower until u regain momentum ... so yeap.. sounds about right
  7. Playtime record

    Dear Sir / Mam / X
  8. Just an idea

    to be fair, since you can't see what other players put in a crockpot, the original is still a wet goop machine for anyone without wikipedia
  9. I suggested something similar a month or so ago. All the notifications need swapping so the self-dismissing ones like the Idle one appear below the ones that wait for the user to dismiss them so when the self-dismissing ones disappear they don't make the other ones jump around and cause you to click the wrong one, or select a tile instead.
  10. Why is a chlorine geyser needed?
  11. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    Here, let's build on this. The more she moves, the quicker she gets, the more hunger she uses. How about when she's moving quickly, and she dodges, her dodge is longer/moves further, but when it ends she has to rebuild speed again? Maybe not start as slow as when you start, but a smidge bit slower.
  12. Playtime record

    I knew it. You've unlocked the secret. Please let me be your padawan. (Bows deeply)
  13. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    this is a cool idea.. like she sprints a little bit she could like consume food a bit faster while sprinting to compensate.. that might be cool faster around tasks... dunno about that.. she isn't very interested on crafting or chopping or stuff like that to make it a thing.. while a way to move faster is way more on point with her character design
  14. Playtime record

    One thing to you three, below me (because me = king of the hill). Infidels! There are many options, that it can be true. Time travel for example, is one of them!
  15. silly drawings i make

    Wilson chilling out on the grass with Winona's Spotlight.
  16. Quote

    Mother, wherefore art thee abusing me?


  17. Playtime record

    *bows submissively while chanting* We're not worthy! We're not worthy! Seriously, though.. wow. I humbly admit that I do not have nearly as much ONI experience as you do.
  18. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    I keep seeing people say she should move quicker. I don't like this idea, but I do like the idea of her revolving around speed. I think it should be like Wilbur, run a bit, and get faster. Though, to make it unique, make her slowly build up speed, rather than suddenly start running. OR, have her speed revolve around her actions, as in, the more she works, (chops, mines, crafts) the quicker/more energized she'll be for a small while. Could also apply to fighting.
  19. Hahaha. That's a great idea, but not completely necessary. If there's a navigable path to water, the pacu will consistently flip-flop towards it. I watched them flip-flop their way across the room, out the open door, fall down the ladder, then splash into the pool. I should re-load an old save and see if I can make a gif of their progress. It was very amusing.
  20. Playtime record

    Only needs 136 more days to hit 4 years constant 24/7 playtime. Of course this is @Oozinator we're talking about so I'm pretty sure this can be done in less than one mortal day. Unless another call interrupts.
  21. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    I was really hoping that the silhouette was gonna be a lady adventurer, and I got what I wanted! As I said in the Suggestions subforum, I don't like her ingame sprite. I haven't read all her quotes, but from what I've seen I like. The "gun" is kinda cool. I found out that the damage depends on the ammo. Good ammo hits 37 and bad ammo hits 17. I don't know if distance affects damage though. One of the good ammo items is Stingers, which I guess is nice considering Stingers are one of the excess useless items.
  22. Playtime record

    So do I. @Oozinator has appearantly played the game about twice as long as it's been out as it's 3.6 years. Apparently.
  23. Peagawk hat

    Okay, that's my problem. I typed "Peahawk" instead of Peagawk. Now I can quickly open it up and let wilson wear it for ref. One more thing to point out: The hat will only spawn in Hamlet. Other dlcs won't recognize the code.
  24. Playtime record

    Thank you very muchos gracias dankeschön. Perhaps one hour afk in total, because once i got a phonecall from my mom. She was very angry about her neighbour, Harald Demitz from Osterode, and i forgot to pause game while talking to her, but thats another topic!
  25. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    not all character move the same speed... Wolfy moves faster when mighty and Wilbur moves faster while running and then we got broken WX that when overcharged moves faster than anyone.. which stacks with a walking stick or cane and coffee... so... there is a precedent in the game for movement speed increased... it's nothing new I never said tier god speed.. maybe a bit faster... I'm never for OP concepts.. but she does carry less.. so logically she could possibly move a tiny bit faster btw there is coffee so the idea of not being able to get caught by mobs is not supported by the game.. maybe that applies in dst... but not really in ds also about unique characters.... Wormwood is actually unique
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