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  2. There is no general "best way". There is different possibilities, but they all have advantages and disadvantages. The only thing we can say (and even that is not absolute) is that everybody that gets a colony to permanent sustainability is doing something right. There may be a "best way" for your play style, I am not disputing that. There is none for mine, as I like to experiment carefully and doing things differently becomes an advantage in itself.
  3. I'm a Webber main and I played as him for a long time and I enjoy his but if I play as any other character that I enjoy I just feel like Webber has things missing that would make him 100% pick for a server
  4. And that is just the thing. This is not a simulator for building your designs exactly as you want them. If you want that, use sandbox or debug mode as an approximation. If you play the game, you are playing a survival challenge and you are rightfully expected to work with what you get and that means working around shortages and restrictions, some of them unexpected. You can soften the impact of that in numerous ways. For example I now (for the first time) am using a known seed. But people, please stop asking for things to be exactly as you want them to be in the proper game, you misunderstand what this thing is about.
  5. Why would you play without his goggles in the first place? This is not intended.. That's why he has so many cool head pieces for every situation
  6. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    As an autistic person, I'm gonna have to ask you to not use that term like that.
  7. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    I think she is very good in SW.. U can find more gold islands... More coral.. The other doydoy.. The next bottle with treasure... The slot machine with dobloons... More brain sprouts
  8. Peagawk hat

    "The wiki" actually lists both the Peagawk Hat and the Hay Fever Hat in the unimplemented items section...
  9. I took the egg in my hands to move it closer to the fire at night, and at that moment 2 ro bins appeared Then I killed them both and only one returned, but both stones are active
  10. Peagawk hat

    I wish I were a bird
  11. Hamlet Beta - Pretty Parasol

    I still can't find pretty parasol in my game
  12. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    when you got your gun.. take the things you want the gun with and place over the gun... you'll see an option "load" . load it with anything really... and see how much dmg you deal ty.. yes.. her face looks so weird.. pls check the thread and cast your vote
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  14. Wheeler's hair art and design

    ty for this... probs will include in OP to have all info all neat in one place edit-- btw .. I credited you for pointing this out
  15. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    What? How! And maybe you are right about her sad face. She look like hyperactive character and she should be more happy. But dodge is really uselles. I killed deerclops with hambat and without armor as Wendy. But I tried using dodge with that character. It's just hard...
  16. Just to add: There is also an issue with the front hair part being visible when she's struck by lightning. There's an image of it on her wiki page.
  17. Given the following: A mod is installed, that adds an item. If installed from steam, the game updates the mod itself. If the mod author decides to remove that item, this will apply by force. What happens then? Does this item just disappear? What if a dupe is wearing it? Or is the save game garbage, because it cant be loaded anymore?
  18. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    I disagree Wheeler's art is perfect... she looks sad in game.. her hair has very weird animation issues like cutting through her head when she is crafting or mining and from the back it looks very bad compared to the front.. I mean I got a thread talking about this in detail u need to load her gun to deal more dmg.. u can even use twigs for 34 dmg.. that's pretty strong ?? her dodge is awesome... it has a cooldown tho... I don't get that part that you got killed by Deerclops.. he has a very ez kitting pattern and if you use one footbal helmet + logsuit you wont die... I guess this is a typo @Angel_Octolingand I were throwing some ideas together in wheeler's thread to make some mechanic around speed but maybe not direct speed.. like when she sprints and she looses hunger .. basically the lili pad jumps is interesting... but not really that good to make it for a rework I really don't see why this should be a thing... Her outfit doesn't really have anything white... it would clash with her jacket a lot...
  19. However, doing this requires you either have some ridiculous scheduling restrictions, or quite a few of these single-occupant facilities to facilitate a functional base as your Dupe count grows. This in turn causes issues with planning out your base, as you have to keep deducting space in certain areas, as well as allow for 2 more lines of plumbing to and from the location. Trade-offs exist everywhere.
  20. Dupes don't eat food and he always feel full for 4000 calorie,also he can't get the food Buff
  21. No bosses

    Maybe It's because of sleeping! When I sleeping to passing winter, I had no boss too. If you don't sleep and you don't see any boss you can use that commands. c_spawn("-bossname-",1) c_spawn("deerclops",1) I think it's not a cheat because game would spawn boss same way
  22. Game won’t load in on ps4 Oceania

    Presently able to load an offline world sometimes, but can't log in. Located in Sydney, Australia. KLEI USER ID KU_opnrqxEs
  23. I got a fatal error after I tried to enable a mod for the first time. "An Insufficient Space Error Occurred when trying to write to disk. Please free up some space. C:/Users/paulg/Documents/Klei/OxygenNotIncluded/mods/mods.json" I would have included the output.log file but it wasn't in the file folder for some reason. Restarting the steam client didn't fix the issue. I'll probably try reinstalling.
  24. I might be in the minority here, but I'm not entirely impressed by Wagstaff. I am by no means an expert, but it seems clear to me that Klei has lost some of the direction of the original art style, for example the messiness. When you see Wagstaff's portrait in the line-up next to the other vanilla characters, he sticks out like an (admittedly very well done) mod character. His outlines are way to clean and his hair looks like it has been ripped off a dupe from Oxygen Not Included. I think Wilba, Wormwood (and even Warbucks) were better in this regard, maybe they were done by a different artist. Design-wise I can't say much because I haven't played a lot, but overall I got an impression of: "Look at the cool shaders we now can do! Let's see how many of those we can cram into a single character!" I also feel that certain strings should be excluded from the random pool of object names he's using, mainly unimplemented items, character names and causes of death from the morgue. Right now I'm living in a house with a door called Woodie and a fridge called Resurrection Sickness. I do enjoy his quotes though (even if they show an unusual amount of typos).
  25. Q4 is coming

    In the new update, stress is no longer any problem, so far.
  26. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    Wheeler has got perfect drawing. She is orginal character and I like her a bit. The inventory is not very big problem if you are not a collector (You can live without collecting seeds sorry c:) But the air horn is uselles. It's dont damage even butterflies and I prefer melee weapons more. Knick knack is very useful for rog too! But her negative skills is more than positive skills (She remains me willow). Dodge skill is so autistic. I tried to fight with deerclops but I can't use dodge in game and this thing killed me in short time. She is an explorer and she must be faster than other character. She shouldn't judge, she should jump to short places (jumping can be cause losing hunger maybe). With that skill she will be able to jump to lilypads. It's would be more interesting! She should start with adventure hat and this hat should protect her from vines and bugs! I didn't like the drawing of Wagstaff. He is really ugly drawed. Wilson's scientist's skins is more beautiful than him. His hair is so gray, it's should be more white. Her skin look like forgot coloring, it's so white! His clothes is good I'm not gonna lying. His glasses are amazing useful. But I found him op a bit I don't eat raw food for gaining more hunger. He should have more negative skills. The glasses is useful but... umm. It's have not different from miner hat. Yeah the laser one is good but the fire staff do this job better. He is a scientist, he should able to make mining machine, minion robots, cars and more! And I wish you guys update other all characters and make them interesting. I think the new updates will be good!
  27. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wilson has made a shirt.
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