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  2. Looking for modding partner

    I love it! (Mostly!) I would be rid of the liquid pipe, as it would function similar to a regular airlock door where it pushes the water to either side. There are definitely a lot of logistics to work out, some thoughts that come up are: Would it make sense to have the structure require a oxygen input? How would it manage multiple dupes at a time? What about dupes both coming and going? I am imagining it would be a fairly quick mechanism, just a little slower than a powered regular airlock door.
  3. Tbh, nothing sound more boring to me than PvP. The Forge was incredibly boring and repetitive, although I liked the Gorge. I want new biomes and mobs and items and mechanics, not just more boring combat, so I would rather the devs invest in those things— which they are! (Yay!) I’ve been playing this game for 5 years, so I don’t agree that it’s incomplete or lacking. I can’t imagine playing anything else for so long.
  4. Well put. In my case isoresin stays the bottle neck like it should be
  5. Was drawing along with tonight's stream.
  6. Kill your dupes

    this is extremely dark
  7. It's a good game. But it could be a truly great game if Klei and the community work together to develop a consistent experience. This is why feedback is important.
  8. yeah that's true, but darts are generally aren't practical enough for the cost anyway, by the time I get to that point where I have a 200 leftover rocks I already have the best weapon & armor in the game Even if I didn't (best weapon/armor) I would much rather craft a basic spear than waste a stack of rocks (which could be used for other things like a 2nd base)
  9. For non allergic dupes, floral scents will give a "smelled flowers" buff which reduces stress I believe.
  10. Update question

    The only way to know is :
  11. I would like to create a widget that makes the screen below blurry(Something like a gaussian blur), I wonder if this is possible? Thanks for reading.
  12. If ever compare to darts.. Another range weapon.. Compare the amount of resources you need for one dart.. 2 reeds + hounds tooth + Azure feather for 100 dmg vs one simple Rock that u can mass farm in one stack of 40 dealing 34 dmg each.. Like.. Pls..
  13. Me: Huh, KH3 critical mode is dropping today, might as well boot up the PS4 and get started on the grind.


    *I then later find out that it's dropping at 11* :wilson_facepalm:


    Me: ...well then I guess it's back to cleanup in KH2!

  14. Back on track, I made this concept of what I think the tree guards could look like.
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    There, sad now?
  16. This one/Sporkbill, the variant of the Peagawk, I don't think it's used, but I may be wrong. The Peekhen is another, the chicken (Mentally ill looking thing. I love it.) and 1 more, I believe. Discounting the flintstones style Roc.
  17. Update question

    It's not unheard of them to release stuff on Mon/Tuesday as a secondary. I expect we'll probably get some info this Thursday at the very least.
  18. Ban GerNerfedOn Becuase he didn't bring dixon cider
  19. I've seen a fair few calls for an actual airlock over the last year or so. I hereby propose an building that can separate gasses while also giving us a use for chlorine: the decontamination chamber, an amalgamation of mechanical airlocks and an ore scrubber for dupes. I see it as a building four tiles wide and three or four tiles high. It would block the lateral passage of gas (though ceilings would need to be low enough to keep gasses from passing over the building). It would require a moderate amount of power and have an input for chlorine. Dupes entering one side would get a blast of chlorine - thus decontaminating surface germs on themselves and anything they're carrying - before exiting the other side. The chlorine would be consumed, keeping the building's mechanics consistent with the ore scrubber.
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