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  2. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    Thanks, here it is Za
  3. I updated Sensory Overload to contain pipe pressure sensors for both liquid and gas pipes. It does precisely what you would expect it to do: it takes the mass of the content in the pipe and has a temperature like threshold controller GUI. It has custom code to work reliably in two scenarios: Above 0: active if pipe contains anything, standby when empty Above 1/10 kg: active only if pipe is completely full Those two modes didn't work reliably with the code copied from vanilla, hence custom code for those two cases.
  4. For like 2 weeks Yes it was No Some elses server not a big base it doesnt have any impact on fps No and no
  5. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    I feel like as he is now he is not in any way a good use of time, but i feel he could be something special so lets get on with the suggestions. Ro-bin should have more health to allow you to take him out more without fear of your materials getting scattered and for him to be a meat shield, in accordance with at least someones (can't remember who examine maybe its more then one persons examine) saying he looks like he can hold alot maybe an extra 3 slots? And something i feel is never going to happen and is way out there but i like the idea, allowing you to jump into Ro-bins mouth to hide from thins like a bush hat, have him shield you with his health and maybe provide immunity to could and heat but you get wet from being in him. i know that last one is actually insane but... doesn't it sound like it would make him viable? if you ignore the visual and conceptual problems of getting eaten by a bird being weird its useful.... yeah i cant salvage how odd that is.
  6. Maxwell suggests in some quotes, that everything thats embodied with shadow is done or affected by Them.It can be a little confusing.But Them seem to destroy everything and trick everything, but Lunar power changes, and tries to share the knowledge.
  7. Positive sides of Hamlet

    Queen Womant is a better version of Bee Queen, but what about the other bosses? Who do they replace?
  8. yes, the targeting with a controller is very annoying I do not think it's a bug at all because as the gnat swarm is so close to you it's normal not to be able to interact with anything that's how ds works with controllers. for that mechanics is that I have killed many of my puppets of the shadows without wanting to, also you can not use range weapons properly. In case they do not fix it take in mind you can disconnect your controller for a moment and do what you have to do
  9. "Old habits die hard... and so will you!" Maxwell
  10. Hey, i just made this because i was wondering if people actually liked other people joining their server and other things similar to it such as the bias towards different names (if you have any servers that for some reason or another, a specific name makes you not join them please let me know in the comments) because i stopped joining servers quite quick once i realized its kinda a gamble, sometimes you can join the server if its a player hosted one but if they're not on, good luck, and if they suddenly get bored and never play again that's all that progress down the drain, and dedicated servers, i don't know much about but i've heard they refresh every once and awhile and hat isn't too appealing to me, i absolutely LOVE the concept of multiplayer in Don't Starve but i feel sometimes if falls short on to fault of the developers and it saddens me, also if you're this far in i'm not sure if i'm allowed to share my Psn or Steam id here (i have both versions) but DM me if you want to add me i'm usually free except for work on weekdays, which thankfully is changing soon, but right now i'm available after 4 my time in the weekdays and almost 24/7 on weekends (bar sleep) Thanks for reading!
  11. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    That should insert the room 1 time in the RoG World in the Desert Biome. I don`t know why it doesn`t work. If you send me a .zipwith the mod, I will take a look. Right know I`m out of ideas. Sorry
  12. ...wait a minute. 

    How did I put that in here, and what happens if you click on it?

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    1. crystal_clodet


      it brought me to your profile

  13. FINALLY finished my research paper!


  14. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    1.Derpson (please spell my sons name correctly(also im a dad now apparently)) 2. id go for mune instead of moon 3.really dont think of a plot when i draw so he got there using [insert transport device here] using an lg tv to come here you have to click on everysingle word (so frustating grrrr) 5.i cant feel my thumb out of excess typing (why am i still typing)
  15. Would like to say that all the best game studios used to have this mentality, "we're going to release it when it's done". I applaud klei for this decision, because losing that mentality is what's brought the gaming industry to the state it's in now.
  16. Your videos are always a blast and never fail to make me smile, Keep it up weird bucket man Filling up the constant with your rhymes
  17. My prediction

    and mumsy to support us with her milk to making high end tier foods
  18. ONI Merch?

    I would seriously buy some plushies or hoodies.
  19. I focused on introducing everything on list and sorry if it's not THAT detailed. But I kept it so it won't get too outdated after future updates. Also, I did not included items that are included but not implemented in game, example being "fish net" which can only be spawned with console command. I will do so if we actually get to use them.
  20. i also heard rumors about "them" that are shadow gods but i want to it is officall confirm, specially now with this new beta update that suspicious me about "them" nature. that which side are actually "them" ?!
  21. Them are, as Maxwell sugested,the Shadow Gods.Because Maxwell knew about them and shadow magic,but didn´t knew about Lunar magic.
  22. I did actually see a Maxwell get butchered by another Maxwell... on a pvp server
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  24. Banan's art n' stuffs

    I made another pokemon trainer doodle. this time we got Wendy and her team! Here's her team: -sandyghast -shuppet -misdreavus -froslass -snorunt -piplup
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