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  2. So I have a solution for the Thumper: just don't add it to DST. How about a harvesting machine instead? Picking up all berries, grass and sticks within a certain range and store them.
  3. There is only one song that fits ONI perfectly (for me). It's "ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST"!
  4. Do stone slabs flip now?

    I think in one of my hamlet worlds, i've seen a stone slab un-flip itself
  5. Ghosts have no clip

    Tarunio? I only know of this jantonio person Kappa
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I spent half of my day making this bad meme and now you have to see it I dont even know if this meme is new or is relevant
  7. Yes, but I would first make a copy of everything in the remote folder in case stuff goes wrong. This is not without risk, especially if you're using Steam Cloud. Make sure steam and the game are both shut down when you do this. Also, you will lose everything you had in the game before beta, so if you did not start the beta by importing your worlds your old worlds would be gone. If things succeed steam will likely say 'local files differ from cloud storage, do you want to use the local files or the cloud files', you should then answer that with 'local files'. Please note: If anything goes wrong, you lose all your saves. Steam can be very touchy about messing with its storage.
  8. going near a wormmole farm cause lost connection

    You mean moleworms?
  9. this picture was taken yesterday as of me posting this
  10. Sorry I didn't stay for the last stream once again, technical difficulties made me lose hope
  11. [Game Update] - 335195

    It's a big deal with merged worlds. If you go to Hamlet from RoG or SW, you are stuck with that Hamlet world forever without a Teleportato. You could get bad world gen or run out of resources, but your merged world is stuck with that world anyway.
  12. Unfortunate Screecaps

    The most unfortunate thing here is the bunker tile-insulation, doesn't that get damaged every meteor shower? (The insulated tiles not bunker)
  13. On Examination Quotes

    Another of Maxwell about his old comrades: "They don't recognize me!" (Hound) "How quickly they forget..." (Blue Hound) One can see a lot of frustration in those words. Probably sadness too.
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  15. Pointless Boat Suggestions.

    Additional point on Docks: These could possibly take damage instead of the ships so there was still some consumable nature to the ship landing and incentive to not just barrel into them.
  16. [Game Update] - 335195

    I still didnt get y everyone want a teleportato in Hamlet so desperately. Its not like in RoG or SW where u hv nonrenewable material such as thulecite, guardian horn and hard to renewable( and also less useful imo) materials such as obsidian to carry over worlds. Also, Hamlet's map isnt that big either to be game-changing like in SW if u got resources rly scarce it could be a pain to gather them with that huge map. But well its still good to hv the option tho. I like all those things's landmark. Definitely gonna base around those xD. They look so good
  17. And those goals would still exist if there were unique setpieces. Adding variety and surprise to the world does not mean adding random detours.
  18. Another way to transport items is just using the telelocator focus. All it costs is purple gems, something abundant in mid/endgame Just link the 2 focus like in this video
  19. Banan's art n' stuffs

    hey remember how i said i was making a goof video? Well i kinda gave up, and drew this instead. I was thinkin about pokemon and it was eating my soul so have a trainer wes and his rad team that will take over the constant... region? -Brionne -Mime Jr. -Lurantis -Jigglypuff -Sylveon -Comfey Maybe I'll finish my goof video another time... maybe.
  20. On the other side, you get plenty of niobium ores when searching for isoresin and fulerene. And turning thermium into niobium waste 95 kg of tungsten, which is a limited resource. I never use this recipe.
  21. That's probably intended though. Hamlet seems like it's meant to be more linear compared to other versions of the game. You start out with nothing, live among the pigs and rely on shops more than the limited resources. Then there are multiple "quests", which you need to do to get the Royal Gallery items. And you're also doing all of this while under the pressure of an Apocalypse you need to stop yourself at first. The end goal is more or less you become the Mayor and make your own thriving civilization anywhere you want. That's kind of the idea of the DLC: Expand greatly on the idea of mega bases.
  22. Who is best character to survive apocalypse

    I don't know about the best but WIlba has to be the worst. Good luck getting 300 hunger everyday without crock pots and shops.
  23. On Examination Quotes

    Here are some of my favorites. WX-78 examining Winona’s Generator - “OVERALLS IS NOW MY LEAST HATED MINION” WX-78 examining Kittykit - "IT USES 'CUTENESS' AS A WEAPON. RESPECTABLE" Wilba examining Alchemy Engine - "WILBA AM HATH BIG'TH BRAIN" Winona’s Gladiator skin quote thingy - “You seem to think you’ve got a chance. Let’s fix that.”
  24. @Xenologist how many status updates are we at currently for today? :wilson_curious:

    Still not gonna post 20, I don't wanna get lynched, OBVIOUSLY.

    1. Xenologist


      I think 13 within a 24 hour period

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