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  2. Cool thing I noticed

    Guys, what if the game is a foresight and we ARE the ancients o.O????????????
  3. i dont understand whats the hammer for? the effigies are intended to stay up to either attract or repel the monster/creature it represents and sure the lazy forager is a thing but who is gonna sit there and waste a lazy forager on logs when you havent fed chester since um uhhh EVER this chester variant is intended for maxwell mains to harvest wood and then take a nap because their brittle old man bones are soft n sqwooshy (jk jk )
  4. Gift Drops.

    Yes, there is some minor chance that you get a skin more than one tier higher for 9 low-tier ones. If I'm not mistaken, in theory you could get an elegant even for 9 commons... but those chances must be very, very low.
  5. Gift Drops.

    Yes you can, i actually got around 3 elegants with trade in over the last year.
  6. Gift Drops.

    buy your friend a lottery ticket
  7. Imagine how cool that'd look if you replace everything with wooden flooring.
  8. I tried it with slurtle slime and it seems to only mine a single fruit out of the stack. However, you can throw all of the fruit into a wormhole to get it into separate stacks, and then explode all of it. Be careful not to catch the fruit on fire.
  9. if i ever play on a public or klei run server i only play on day 1 autumn worlds and if im lucky enough to find that i can only hope that the self declared wes main leaves after they forget what a torch is...its not anti new player imo its more of a common courtesy to not ruin everyone's sanity if you've made a friend that is able and willing to revive you congrats but dont hover around for days expecting a revive from randoms
  10. Those mutated pengulls strongly remind me of those frozen partially disembowelled animals from Tundraful level of "Alice: Madness Returns".
  11. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    If bone boy or any boss ends up happening i could only hope they get a lunar energy aura or something xD
  12. Gobblers, Rabbits, Bunnymen and Carrats as well.
  13. Character Quotes

    What is this from?
  14. Music Emote

    i would love this xD i can only hope my friends dont play bass boosted ricardo music nonstop while they eat my foood and sit in base REE
  15. Uh, I'm not sure what you mean. Either way, this and one other puzzle required to proceed in the puzzle require you to use your knowledge of the game to proceed.
  16. The true problem with Hamlet and Shipwrecked

    I don't know if I am in the minority here, but I really do like all the DLCs. I just wanna have some fun and make a nice world. Adding new stuff always brings me joy.
  17. This already exists.
  18. Festive/Christmas Tree Missing?

    Please Klei, tell me you have not forsaken me! All I want is the bright glowing tree of decadence!
  19. Music Emote

    I honestly think character specific emotes would be cute; as in emotes that would let the player's character pretend to play the instrument that they're voiced be! Examples being Woodie would pretend to play a cello, Wendy would pretend to be an alto flute, Wes could be a conductor (since he has no instrument)((or maybe he could pretend to play whatever instrument he would sound like if he had a voice)),etc.
  20. Weird Headcannons

    What does Wilson 2.0 mean?
  21. Changed Status to Fixed
  22. Autocompiler is a tool mainly used to compile animations into their bins for the game engine to use and such. Perhaps you may find Simplex's ktools to be better suited for only making a tex? It's a commandline tool so do these steps to utilize it: 1) Open Command Prompt 2) Type into it: cd 3) Type a space 4) Drag and drop the folder where your png is at onto the Command Prompt window. 5) Enter/return. At this point your prompt should have changed its working directory to the folder. Drag and drop the ktech.exe onto the window, hit the space key, drag and drop the png onto it. Enter/return. Wait for it to compress it to the .tex format and it should spit the file back out into whatever folder you specified from above. I think autocompiler does transform pngs into texs somewhere, but I don't do art assets enough to recall the whats and wheres. Good luck!
  23. Do birds still drop flint sometimes if you're all out? Where there's sticks, driftwood, and crows, there's a way to make new boats.
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