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  2. hi I need to know how sounds are referenced in dont starve and where can I find their list. I am not talking about the .fsb. I am talking how you can play them. For instance : "dontstarve_DLC001/creatures/bearger/step_stomp" step_stomp is not a file. I assume it's a string that randomizes the pick between 4 wav files called boss_step1/2/3/4.wav So where can I find the list that references all of these "shortcuts"? Specifically where could I find the Forge sound references? I see them in lava_arena.fsb, however I don't know the ... "shortcuts" to play them.
  3. [Game Update] - 327257

    An interesting thing to think about is how Wagstaff managed to build his portal without the help of forbidden knowledge. Though that’s probably why his exploded.
  4. What about using the buddy bud and it`s "one germ type per tile" rule. It blocks slimelung just fine without the need for fancy airlocks. I think there`s a balance issue with boosters vs medicine. Both take similar time to craft but boosters need to be used constantly and only reduce the chance of a disease while medicine completely removes it for the dupe affected in no time. Prevention should be better than treatment but currently in terms of time usage it`s not. Either the disease should effect the dupe for some time after treated (like 10% remaining duration + no coughing for slimelung) or treatment should take longer.
  5. Seems like kind of a cop out to just say it’s just some other random guy who wandered in as the portal activated. I doubt klei would do something like that.
  6. at least im pretty sure it was stated somewhere that he vanished the same day as the fire or that could have just been imagined
  7. Or use the aquatuner and cool it to below zero (polluted water only). This will deal with slimelung germs as well.
  8. Things to improve hamlet

    Or just remove/nerfed the fog at the first place. The fog is not fun, it not challenging because nothing we can do to deal with. I have 300 days base ROG/SW and Ham connected and still can not deal with this season. Being slow and blind is boring and lame. Honestly, Klei will have to do many things more to improve Hamlet. 1. Hamlet world is so small. 5 islands might be equal 1/3 ROG world and 1/10 SW to compare with 2. There is no farm in Hamlet. No pig, bunny, monkeys, fish or even bees. This game is Don't starve after all, we should have something to eat. I usually have to kill pig peoples for food, the loot is poor tho. :v 3. There are no sources of gears in the early game for an icebox, If you unlucky there will be no gear in the shop. Many resources are unrenewable like spider monkey, red gems and blue gem except purple gem 4. Trees in Hamlet are sucks, they have no cone or you have wait til lush season to collect a few cones. Its take like 3 seasons to have a proper tree farm setup even with the help of pig shop. Sure you can hammer down those pig house for board, it much faster that way. 5. It is a pain in the ass to farm oins with berries, there should be another way more efficient. The banking pig should accept purple gem like 1 purple/day might be. 6. Beside the Oddities shop (selling gears, eyeball, Mandrake .....) which is ok but not that great. Hamlet have nothing special. Unless you play WX so the thunder bird could be useful. In ROG we have bosses is renewable and dealing with them is fun and challenging. In SW we have coffee and giant cactus which is very useful and also fun to have. 7. Hamlet still haven't has a teleportato yet
  9. the problem is the fact thatit was said that he disappeared with the burning of the factory, unless there are two destroyed factories then how did he get abducted?
  10. I agree that the morale is a bit out of balance atm. Great hall was too good since it was added (srsly +6 morale for 1 plant and a watercooler in a huge room). The higher tier jobs are pretty easy to get now. But the thing is you don`t really need those early anyway. Why would you need an astronomer before you breach to space. The one i don`t like is the artist. You can get a master artist for miniscule morale and get the best artwork right off the bat. You`ll never see the lower tier art ever again. The early diseases could be alittle more... noticable. It`s just a stats debuff for now. I think it`s fine that they no longer vomit from food poisoning given how easy they can get it and how much work fixing it would cause but they might bump up the bladder stats a bit so they have to visit the outhouse 3 times per cycle so it gets annoying. Slimelung slows dupes down only a bit for the coughing and catching breath. I think it`s mostly fine as it can spread to other dupes if not dealt with. An entire colony with slimelung should work considerably slower (maybe an athletics debuff?)
  11. Mods Please

    A Helipack makes sense as an atmo-only alternative to the Jetpack. Being atmo-only also avoids the bulk of the frame drops you get from well as heat and CO2. MMMM...I can taste the uni brow.
  12. If you read again (sounds mean but I swear I'm not trying to be aggressive) I said the big portraits actually look great, by those I mean the art you see on the side when selecting a character. I don't like them ingame.
  13. You can re-work it either way; perhaps making a way to get much higher morale bonuses later game as you want to add more skills to dups?
  14. Wheeler.

    her attributes don't meld the only thing that really melds is her range and the ability to roll away to fire it but shes supposed to be an adventurer but can't hold any items that she finds has a device solely for finding things she can't hold also less inventory isn't a game mechanic to make her more interesting it just makes her more annoying before Warbucks was removed some fans were suggesting the idea that he can stack idols that would better meld her play style
  15. Those can be stored in smart storage bins for automation.
  16. [Game Update] - 327549

    They said they didn’t like his design and was problematic in culture. Source So it was better to change his perks and his background i.e: make a whole new character.
  17. I would rather say that the skill system morale gain is fine. Instead the morale you get from rooms is unbalanced. Especially the Great Hall bonus of +6 morale is completely overpowered. Mess tables + water cooler + 1 Briar plant = +6 morale. If you compare this to the barracks into bedrooms progression you go up from +1 morale to +2 morale but need plastic for the bedroom. There is simply no balance here. Early game morale should look like this: Barracks = +1 morale Latrine = +1 morale / Washroom = +2 morale and requires at least one shower Showered = +1 morale Mess Hall = +1 morale / Great Hall = +2 morale Recreational = +1 morale This would give you +6 morale from rooms, +1 from showers, +1 from socializing and +1 from breaks in the first 20 or so cycles which is more than enough for a non interested Dupe to get to tier 3 in one profession. If you want to get more skills you either have to invest into decor, food or recreational buildings. With tier 5 food and high decor you can get additional +28 morale, +4 morale for recreational buildings and +4 morale for coffee, which is enough for highly skilled late game Dupes.
  18. It's been almost a year now since I last used powered refrigerators so maybe things changed or maybe I had polluted oxygen in my base. But maybe I will go back to powered refrigerators if it is only polluted oxygen fault.
  19. Stuff in the fridge will rot eventually. I had that happen(Edit: apparently i got some polluted oxygen in my base when it happened). But it takes quite a while. Also remember that you can put a ration box in the ice biome and it will count as refridgerated as long as it`s below 4oC.
  20. Low temperature prevents rot in any atmosphere other than polluted oxygen. Sterile atmosphere does the same as low temperature, except that it also makes it less likely that a bubble of polluted oxygen passes by. If you can guarantee no polluted oxygen, refrigerators can prevent rot indefinitely.
  21. Mods Please

    The ion engine is electric powered. It uses an electric field to propel gas to create thrust for the rocket. It was called the electric engine at one point. It doesn`t generate enough thrust for liftoff but might be useful as a booster. It would be interesting to have an engine that is a giant battery that needs to be loaded before start. It was also suggested recently i think. I`m not sure if it`s usable as a jetpack but we might as well build a helipack for dupes. It just needs to work only above a certain pressure. That could be battery powered.
  22. The interfaces of the Pew-Matic Horn and Navigadget show up together whenever you enter a boat and stay even until you equip and unequip the gear once again. Also: The Navigadget doesn't work on boats, probably because the compass hides below.
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