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  2. This is relevant to the current discussion, so I will post it here. I also have a persistent suspicion that the suggestions channel doesn't get much attention from the developers......
  3. This is my phosphorite to phosphorus smelter and solidifier (for feeding my wild azure bugs) For you is enough a water lock, tepidizer whit the above automation (for me 1 sec buffer 3 second filter) and a steal pump whit a thermo sensor set at 115 degrees, and for water input an bothle empier above the tepidizer is enough. This is the easiest setup for a steam generator. Insulated gas pipe for the steam transport ideal igneous rock and you are ready to go
  4. pls suggest this in the suggestions section.. it belongs there
  5. I'm not sure if this was mentioned before, but character stats and abilities could be different when playing on a server with PvP enabled. That way it wouldn't conflict with the PvE balancing. So the PvP rework would be small AND not affect PvE at all if done like this. To give an example, Abigail does 25% of her damage when attacking players(Maxwell's duelists don't have a penalty at all and now I'm crying), and the werebeaver also has PvP damage penalties that only come into play in PvP. I would never argue these have affected my PvE experience in any way. Also, Klei didn't state whether the update can touch on PvP or not. I'd assume it's up on the table for consideration.
  6. I usually dig out the entire world and I run out of materials and I'm not even close to trying to fill the map with tiles. I find it quite a big end game problem having to sit around for hours while waiting for the rocket's to bring back materials to build the next great thing.
  7. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    and on top of that... she looks like a sad person... (not to mention the numerous animation and sprite issues with her hair) like why... she is sassy in her lines, she is not depressed.. pls
  8. Yes, I have had the issue yesterday that the solid oxidizer tank was completely empty although it was set to 1800kg. The message set "waiting for delivery 24.5mg of oxylite." As oxlite evaporates when carried there is no way the tank will ever get filled.
  9. Not sure if this was included in the ops list. If you transition GAS to liquid to solid then back again to liquid and GAS you can create insane amounts of the GAS. I made an ICE machine and it was cool enough that the CO2 from a dupe breathing in the room, got frozen, but then new water was added and it melted creating a insane CO2 explosion, I had 30 KG pr. tile in a huge area, because it took me a while to notice.
  10. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    Klei has said they are working to fix that so that we can dodge while walking.
  11. Wagstaff Lore

    Other characters do have quotes for his items. They don't vanish if you change character so you can examine them. None of Maxwell's quotes would suggest he knows who made the items. Perhaps he never knew Wagstaff is in the constant? Also, other characters become nearsighted wearing his glasses. A nice detail, considering it's probably not intended to be able to do that in the first place (special items usually vanish when characters change).
  12. Just Another Character Idea

    perhaps they could make statues of other materials than marble and rock?
  13. Wagstaff Lore

    He is part of single player, so unless there are some lore reasons he will be going to DST once he is out of the beta testing.
  14. King Guards

    perhaps people would rather talk about other stuff?
  15. If we really do get a hunchbeast, that would be great for moding.
  16. the impact yes... the key to the city and multitab feature is the most intelligent feature we got so far.. not to mention housing I never said impact... I said.. content. Hamlet is awesome.. don't get me wrong (I'm still salty on the color palette changes but that's another topic) I like Hamlet... A LOT.. but I still think it feels somehow empty.. compared to SW... we need more biomes and also a teleportato option... after you clean the pig ruins what is it there to do in Hamlet? the smashing pots don't renew... we need teleportato in hamlet too
  17. should be able to be turned off (for pvp)
  18. they shouldn't be too high perhaps more skins?
  19. The appearance of Wagstaff

    He looks adorable without glasses. Please do not take this away from us.
  20. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    Hamlet could use some more content on its own. SW has more content overall, but I think the impact Hamlet has on the entire game is much bigger than Shipwrecked. The insanity of end-game mega bases just increased several fold with The Key to the City and merged crafting. This DLC definitely caters to people who survive for a long time and want to have an end-goal objective with building complex cities. Remember when they first announced Shipwrecked years ago, they said it would be a standalone game that would not interact with regular DS or RoG at all? Then we made our voice heard and they allowed us to world hop with items and stuff under one roof. That was probably the best choice they ever made for this game, since this allowed us to have ALL the DLC in one effective world. The game has definitely come a long way since RoG wasn't even made.
  21. the downside to having a clone, could be that you'll have to feed yourself (your clone don't need to eat, but you still need to while controlling your clone. and the clone's mouth isn't a portal to your stomach)
  22. Today
  23. You can use pneumatic doors, as a workaround, to push the bottles up and make them fall onto the pplate again. That triggers the weight sensor.
  24. I haven't built a Jukebot, Arcade Cabinet, or Espresso Machine yet. It's pretty easy to get Morale into the mid 20s with just Rooms and Decor. Barracks, Plumbed Bathroom, Great Hall is pretty much all you need for quite a long time. Put up Paintings and Statues made from Granite, some Crown Molding, and a few Plants in the Barracks, Rec Room, and Great Hall, and call it good. From that point you should be moving (or have already moved) to an Electrolyzer setup of some description, and be branching out your Power options to start running the ridiculous (though, balance-wise, understandable) power cost of the Jukebot.
  25. M8, why so toxic? It’s totally not appropriate here.
  26. Looking for modding partner

    Is neutronium the stuff under geyers? I thought the whole point of neutronium was to be unmineable?
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