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  2. The answer to all your questions: 'Sand', probably... I tried to make a gif instead of the video, it had twice the file size and was only part of the screen, when re-encoding the tool crashed .
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    i could never bring myself to do it because I want to own all the dlc characters
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  5. It's called Moon Moth Figure Sketch as an item, but Butterfly Figure Sketch in the crafting tab.
  6. the userscript: i've kinda grown tired of seeing a lot of animated avatars on this forum, so here's my attempt at stopping the eyesore what this script does is look for animated avatars, then convert the first frame into a png image so it can't be animated (as a bonus, this affects animated signatures too) example of how it should look like: to use it, install Greasemonkey on your browser, create a new userscript, copy+paste the code above, then save it tested on: - Greasemonkey 4.9 - Mozilla Firefox 71.0b3 - Debian 11 (bullseye) i'm not really used to writing javascript, so if you think you can improve or optimise the script, then please tell me
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    on one hand, i never play wortox and can see myself really enjoying wurt and wouldn't have to spend any money but on the other i don't want to not own wortox
  8. No your fine! You have very good advice and your a great artist! It's just I never really gotten that serious with drawing like you do. I usually draw more for fun in a way then serious, I never really draw for people so I guess the stress got to me since I had people who were actually professionals at drawing art like you were giving me advice, and I didn't really want to mess up/ disappoint you guys. I've sort of been hard on myself already for a while anyway about that and I guess I put my frustration into this comment.. so I'm sorry if my earlier post put any guilt on you and I promise to further work on the drawing!
  9. Obviously, Pacus turn into red herrings secretly when fed! I have made excellent experiences with just letting them go hungry. Works best in 15C water or so, where the variants survive as well. And overcrowding is not an issue, just put all you have into a small pool.
  10. Wow Wes’ quote really made me tear up, such powerful wording..
  11. Nah only this morning when I noticed the thread's 399 pages long. Anyway enough of continous quoting. Seeing that something was posted on the meme thread and it turns out to be just someone quoting the meme is disappointing
  12. I have observed cases were I needed to have a closed room 4 tiles high to start them planting. Probably some path-exploration failed and then the whole planting task was aborted.They did pick up seeds and dropped them again immediately. That issue persisted with a reload, but I don't have the save anymore. I also had a case where 2 pips completely refused to plant over 10 cycles, and then bringing in a 3rd without any other changes, it planted immediately. No idea whether a reload would have done anything. There seem to be still some bugs in the whole process. And sometimes it just takes long, just to make any diagnosis harder. While Pips are sort of cute, a process where you had some advanced machine that creates a "wild planting seed" from a normal one, or some other more clear process would really be preferable.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Longer than he would like to admit probably...
  14. oasis is usually near dense bee-area or rockyland encasing forest. one part of the rockyland in the rockyland-forest is spider-infested. tumbleweed dessert is usually near pig king. if there's a big rockyland, there wont be a triple mactusk in the world, and if there's a triple mactusk in the world, there wont be any big rockyland. if there's not a big rockyland in the world, there will be the rockyland-encased forest. there's always 1 wormhole and 1 sinkhole in the pig king forest, and the same applies to big swamp. there's always a big swamp and a small swamp in the world. the mandrakes is always in a grassland in a forest. in the mandrake forest there's always a small savannah with beefalo.
  15. From what I can see you first tried starting steamcmd out of a directory where it didn't exist. Then you tried to navigate to a directory that didn't exist. Lastly you tried to run the dedicated server, which didn't exist. (in that directory at least) The easiest way for you would probably be to follow one of the easy quick setup guides (Here's the dedicated server quick setup guide for Windows) before trying to run it somehow. I'm not sure if, and if so how you installed the server, but if you did it directly over the normal steam client (despite trying to run steamcmd over the launch script), try it over steamcmd instead. People had issues with the normal steam version, even though they should've been the same.
  16. Ah, I usually end up on electrolyzers before distilling slime for algae. I guess if it releases enough germs to frequently infect dupes that'd be a problem.
  17. webber is oldest main cus i like the idea of taking over the constant with communism wendy is my current main for reasons unknown
  18. If you lived an honest life of not griefing anyone, never asking where is base, killing no innocent creatures, and sharing and caring for your comrades then your character will go Valhalla. BUT If you lived an evil life griefing everyone, asking where is base multiple times, causing mass extinction of several species, and letting your comrades starve then you can harvest their bones you will go Hel! AND Finally, If your character is a scientist they will fade into the eternal abyss ceasing to exist.
  19. How long were you waiting to post this? Be honest.
  20. It always rains on day 5, 6, or 7 Like every world you create it will ALWAYS and I mean EVERY time it will rain on day 5, 6, or 7. 3 flowers always spawn near portal on the first start up of the world
  21. Why do you play as your main?

    I mostly main Webber. Ever since i unlocked him in RoG (which took 4 save files that ended around day 12,i was bad) I love his design,quotes and his gameplay is amazing
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