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  2. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    aw yea, so are my prayers answered by Warly bro. Here are what I wrote previously on the suggestions and feedback page way before he was announced: I suggest Warly from Don't Starve: Shipwrecked would make a great addition to DST. As a representative from Shipwrecked, he'd serve the great purpose of promoting the DLC, as well as attracting his fans from Shipwrecked into playing DST and buying the DLC. As an already established character he'd immediately garner much more initial popularity than mostly anything an unknown DLC character can introduce. I imagine he'd also be easier in a developing point of view as his sprites, voice lines and most of his dialogue quotes are already in the game. Unlike most of his Shipwrecked DLC comrades, Warly is a perfect fit for the Reign of Giants setting of DST as his perks have nothing to do with nautical travels and island life. Similarly, in many DST servers, the role of a cook is also an often claimed role in the camp as some love designing a kitchen and making various crock pot dishes for other campers; Warly fits this position perfectly, instantly resonating with the playstyle of some as The Culinarian. The role of a cook or chef also holds quite a popularity in popular culture, with characters such as Sanji from One Piece. Basically I have no doubts he'd attract many. As to the practical side of things, how can he tweaked for DST. Of course there are a million different things that can be done on the gameplay department but here's my personal view of how he would work. First, his Chef Pouch. I think it needs to be toned down as it completely overshadows insulated pack, an item that's supposedly made from boss loot, if Warly is going to be able to build and share his pouches. He should be able to do that without being too OP or too useless. I suggest a unique mechanic for it: a hat and a container in one! First off, to limit the item, it should only have 4 slots and these slots should only be fillable by food items like the candy bag item from hallowed nights event. It should, however, fully retain it's spoilage prevention function. About it's unique mechanic, I think it should be both equip-able in the head slot and the chest slot. In the chest slot, it'd work like original, like any containing bag, allowing you to carry 4 food items. However you should be able to carry it to the hat slot, which would retain what's inside but make them uninteractable, kind of like a bundled supplies box if it was a hat. This new chef pouch should be a Hat by default, its recipe being on the Dress tab and moving to the head when right clicked from inventory. In place of cloth from its crafting recipe in shipwrecked, I think Beeswax should be used, giving the item a new functionality and fitting as the insides should be able to slow the spoilage, like a mini bundling wrap. Next, the Portable Crock Pot. I think this one's fine as it is but should be tweaked for the multiplayer scene. It should be craftable. Warly should be able to utilize it fully like he does in Shipwrecked while others should be limited in their interactions with it. While Warly should be able to set it up anywhere and dismantle it back into his inventory, others shouldn't have the ability to dismantle it. They should, however have access to its full potential as a crock pot and should be able to destroy it with hammer to prevent Warly from placing indestructible objects. I think Warly should be able to give it to other players from his inventory and other players should be able to set it up anywhere as if building a regular crock pot but should lack the ability to removing it once set, limiting this ability to Warly while saying a little dialogue about how their culinary knowledge isn't up for it. I'm not sure about special recipes but he can keep the ones that are makeable with ingredients in DST (Fresh Fruit Crepes and Monster Tartare) and the rest (Sweet Potato Souffle and Mussel Bouillabaise) could be replaced by similar new ones like Carrot Cake (2 carrots, 2 eggs) and Eel Bouillabaise (2 Eel, 1 vegetable, 1 filler [can't be Lichen or makes Unagi]). Whether these recipes will be limited to the Portable Crock Pot or Warly himself is up to question but if it becomes the latter, he can have a unique crafting recipe called cook book, like Codex Umbra or Wickerbottom's books, made with his special dishes or various ingredients, which other characters can read to earn the ability of making the dishes kind of like a blueprint. I can also visualise a "Cooking notes" item in survival tab, giving Warly a recipes tab where he can build recipes with a paper, feather pen and the unique food item, perhaps making 4 shareable recipe notes. A more interesting option could be the Endtable opening this tab for Warly. His other stats seem fine to me but could be changed if needed, I'm not a stats expert. Perhaps his tongue memory could be increased to 2 whole days but he can get greater bonuses from foods he didn't eat for a while. He'll be more dependant on actual healing items in boss battles but that's how he is anyway in the single player so I don't see a problem with him being reliant on carrying stacks of Healing Salves and Honey Poultices for the longer Boss Fights of DST. In any case I wholeheartedly believe that he'd make a great addition to DST and personally I'd be amongst those first in line to purchase this character if released as DLC like Wortox. Thanks for your attention and happy starvin'
  3. Swimmin' DST

    Klei doesn't seem too bothered about retconning string lines. They do it constantly.
  4. The last couple times I failed adventure mode, the game would crash. Is that supposed to happen? I swear it used to take you back to the door.
  5. No one knows, but it wouldn't surprise me if Klei bundled em the same way they've bundled sets before, such as being able to buy everyone's GOH in one purchase.
  6. Yes in the master_postinit of your character.lua
  7. What I mean is that when all the overhauls have been done will the Rose, Triumphant, Survivor, and Guest of Honor sets by able to be purchased in full for all the characters at once?
  8. hah you didnt spend $20+ on a wendy skin what a dork
  9. DIBS ON BEING THE ANCIENT KING! I even got a gem for a construction amulet!
  10. I'm still a little mad about the 2 skins that were given for buying shipwrecked and RoG as i bought both when they came out and never got the skins for that, a few people did figure out a way to get them, but most of us did not(PS4). It was a highly debated topic for us for quite awhile and then we just collectively gave up, as that was at a time when Klei kinda treated the console side as more of a nuisance then a customer base. Now this last year Klei has truly shown us some love and realized that were pretty darn loyal even when we don't get everything we want.
  11. Swimmin' DST

    A lot of characters mention they can't swim, be it via SW or DST
  12. There is a reason why certain skins are rewards for certain actions. Taking that purpose away from them destroys the purpose of "reward" titles. There are better Firepit Skins than Bottomless Pit.
  13. How do you claim Webber’s Webrolly on PS4?

    For now it is impossible to get them on console, but us console players keep hoping Klei will find a way to make it possible again. Weird question but have you tried redeeming the code through the PS Store? I haven't seen anyone say to try it or heard of anyone trying it. Probably won't work but i guess it'd be worth an attempt.
  14. Dunno if this is a glitch influenced by a mod I have or something else, but it erased ALL my games. @Aurorus had this problem too. Fortunately, I'm too pumped to care. Thanks, Klei! Love ya! I'm super excited to test all this out, it's all I've thought about this week.
  15. Walls are not our enemies lol

    Its not really a bug it was designed that way, but i agree it truly can be annoying. Where it aggravates me the most is my mole farm, try to hit the moles and more often then not my character targets a wall, i've made it bigger so i'd have less of a chance to target the walls and still find myself hitting them. You didn't forget to mention PS4 this is the PS4 section, so it was there mistake not yours. No worries though at least they were trying to help.
  16. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    M Y B R A N D
  17. Today
  18. Mod dont work and I dont know why....

    It says that on line 167, you are trying to use the variable 'start_inv', but it is not declared, as in not available. You deleted the 'start_inv' variable in your character prefab LUA code.
  19. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    "He has special eyes."
  20. This has been happening to compost piles as well.
  21. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  22. Can't find the Aporkalypse Calendar. Need help!

    For the future you can buy coconades on the weapons shop if you cant get gunpowder and they can open cracks as well
  23. Dont need to go very far. Fire up a test scenario in a 4 tall room, spawn a couple packets of po2 with about 1000 germs each (lowballing) and have the dupes run through them like it is a well traveled area. If they don't get exposed, then my game is broken. I am playing with normal immunity, and none of my dupes have negative immunity traits.
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