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  2. Considering Wormwood is plant wouldn't be it logical if he gained hp while it is raining? Since healing Wormwood is a quite problematic, I think that would balance him out. What are your thoughts?
  3. You forgot the insane amounts of food he can accumulate when planting seeds in the ground, no farms required. I'd say he's pretty worth using in conjunction with a Wickerbottom and Wortox to instantly grow the crops, and instantly heal Wormwood when he crafts living logs. On top of that, he's one of the best sanity management characters because of how easily you can go insane and instantly become sane again with just a stack of seeds to plant. He's designed as a fun challenge character in singleplayer, but through multiplayer most of his drawbacks are nullified.
  4. I'm actually doing this, approximately. All the rego is moved into a steam chamber. That way, it's free energy using the steam turbine, until the rego reach 125° (set t°). Secondly, indeed, it allows me to pile up all those tons of rego. As far as I've seen, dups are dropping off rego regularly. I don't know how to check how much I have, but surely I've hundred tons, and probably thousand tons. MAYBE, the tile type I'm using (metal tile here) gives something different than a rock tile. Still need to be tested.
  5. Webber & Wormwood synergy

    well, he do still have his really big drawback of not being able to heal with food. compare wormwood to the other characters: Wickerbottom: can mass-produce: grass twigs berries drawback: cant sleep don't like stale food webber: can mass-produce: monstermeat silk spider glands drawback: can't befriend pigs, bunnymen or catcoons. (well, he can actually befriend pigs, but this requires a one-man-band) wormwood: can mass-produce: living logs drawback: can't heal with food catches fire easy looses sanity when digging plants and such (but some players might consider this a good thing) is he really that good?
  6. That's an oddly specific number. Should've been 86%, so you get the benefit of saying mods 86 DST's performance.
  7. From what I can tell in the source, all numbers are stored in kg. The display code can change it to grams, tons and whatever else we can think of, but the internal storage is still in kg, hence the limit is the number in kg. Having internal storage in more than one unit is confusing and makes your code prone to bugs and before you know it, 1 meter = 1 foot and then your spacecraft crash into Mars instead of the planned orbit.
  8. On Examination Quotes

    Wendy rope examination is kinda creepy Wortox: WALRUS = "His horns are on the wrong way." SPEAR = "For defense only, I promise." Maxwell quotes for old pigman are one of my favorite.
  9. I need to see where you use your OnEat function. E.g. your fn() or master_postinit() function, where you hook up OnEat to your character's eater component.
  10. Don't forget mods. Mods cause 87% of all DST problems.
  11. Oh that's cool. You're like one of the top 3 videos when I type in the search bar for telelocator focus
  12. Have you checked, if the game switches to kilotons, or even megatons, if the amount reaches a certain point?
  13. We kind of knew that since the video game crash of 1983. It's hardly a new thing, though 1800 is the oldest year I have seen mentioned in this context
  14. [Tool] ONI Recipe Maker Helper

    You provide a possibly harmful executeable file, and refuse to answer legit questions about what its doing. I reported your post, and i hope KLEI will remove it. Dont get me wrong. I really do appreciate it, if people provide tools and such to the community. But in case of executable files, without any further info or explanation, this is an absolute no go in the internet. You are also just "a random person". Nobody knows you. You do not have a reputation for being trustworthy to distribute such files. Therefore, the caution person has to presume, your file may be hazardous. And everyone should refrain from downloading it, as you reply to a friendly question with a toxic answer.
  15. Yea, that's my video from my YouTube channel . The Glass Cutter is ok, and I like the theme of them being "effective" against nightmares (in this case, it's durability rather than damage). But my current preference as it seems right now is to turn all my Moon Shards into Axes (and Statues) over Glass Cutters mid-to-late game is all I'm really saying, but if you want to make them, then go for it.
  16. [Game Update] - 335195

    It’s all about the world gen for me. Optimally, the BFB’s caves exit onto the main island, but if it goes to the Pugalisk, I can’t use the BFB as a taxi home. I think some maps might have mobs that go extinct, etc.
  17. Swimmin' DST

    i mean, boats already move at a snails pace. going any slower than they do now would be basically not moving at all.
  18. This sentence could mean anything.
  19. Today
  20. Webber & Wormwood synergy

    Or just ask wortox to heal you, it is faster progress.
  21. The inventory adds up all the piles and all the storage buildings. The number I mentioned would be the upper limit for the combined mass of all of those. However it doesn't really matter because the number is so big. You need to place 3.46 * 10^30 tons on each cell to reach that limit. It doesn't sound particularly realistic to me for anybody to get anywhere near that amount.
  22. Note that if there's more than 25t on a tile of one material, it splits into piles of 25t each. These are treated as separate entities. So the upper limit described by @Nightinggale above is probably that number of separate 25t piles.
  23. It was a big risk to implement so many changes in such a short time. How to release a product for a failed release has recently shown me Stellaris. 3 months were needed to get it "ready to go". I'm always happy when the developers take their time and publish their product ready. ANNO 1800 has shown that customers prefer to wait rather than accept bugs. Maybe they will change their decision and publish only a biome every few weeks. That would make testing easier. But with 983 hours of play, it has already earned its money for me anyway. Thank you for the nice game (and my confused crush for Gossmann )
  24. I'm so in love with these new creatures!!!
  25. Drawings and Drivel

    That was intentional! The compositions are very similar.
  26. Don't at least three of each spawn per world?
  27. My prediction

    What about the Forge? They seem intent on killing Them, so if Pugna ever gets his mind back he could help us.
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