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  2. Getting Lost in mid game

    If you want some more motivation I can dearly recommend you playing on the hardest difficulty settings. Miserable/Fatalistic with very high morale expectations force you to build a properly designed base. For instance, you can't just dig into the slime biome without preparation since slimelung will wreck havoc in your colony. Stress levels rise extremely fast so you won't get by with sloppy base layouts. Mopping up the floor becomes vital to prevent stress. You are also pushed towards optimizing the morale of your Dupes. All in all: It gives you less breathing space. Your current issue is that your base is doing just fine but it will crumble in a few decades. A harder difficulty will shorten the time your base runs itself in a dead end so you will always have something to do until you reach self sufficiency. Short on algae? Well too bad because you can't enter the slime biome without atmo suits or a working medbay. Gases screwing up your plants? Well, water airlocks will stress out your Dupes so you have to spend power on a massage clinic or tech into atmo suits. Low oxygen areas? You have to avoid them otherwise stress will overcome you. Have fun building infrastructure everywhere you want to build something.
  3. Why does fog exist

    we said his name many times now he seeks revenge God help us
  4. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    More health will be reasonable, anyway he require more effort to get him than other counterparts so he should have more advantage than them not less.
  5. From the screenshot, you seem to have about 10'000t. The steam-chamber is a good idea.
  6. I will never understand the decision to continue development on singleplayer even after multiplayer came out. It is not hard to satisfy everyone. They could have very well scaled mobs hp to amount of players and designed things with solo play in mind too. I love both of the singleplayer DLCS, but am more disappointed that I have to play them on DS and can't on DST. As of now, nearly all of the DST content could be played solo if they did what I said and tweaked mob hp and AI if you are playing solo. It is also just very confusing for new players looking to buy the game, they have what are essentially the same two games being sold separately on the steam store with separate content. DST should have been the sequel to DS, it is right now the more polished game. If it were designed to be played solo too, it would have made everyone happy. Some people here are listing some of the awesome stuff from Hamlet, but that could have been just as awesome on DST.
  7. Why does fog exist

    i merely mentioned his name as a refrence then the loons made this about bringing him back try saying that with a shamlet on your face silly billy
  8. Why does fog exist

    You're the one who brought him to the topic just saying. Will fog isn't "culturally problematic" -------------------------------------------------- Anyway I agree that it's annoying but it's part of the season and make the game more difficult otherwise it will just be spring copy. I wish they added fog buster, it was in the game file before the release and it still not here.
  9. Tela preta durante o jogo

    bom, quais mods você está utilizando? deve ser alguma configuração de jogo ou com mod que cause esse bug
  10. It's not usually impossible to get a stack of 40 reeds from a single trip to the swamp in RoG. You can even farm shadow creatures while collecting it so I don't think that papyrus is a big issue or too time costly. You don't need to make the 4 armors at once but you kinda have to fill the Cloak to 100% or close. Remember that for 5 nm fuel you only get 112.5 hp on the Cloak. You get 750 hp for the same amount with papyrus. Heck, you can get them for even cheaper too. Night Armors are only 20 oincs in the Pig shops. You can sell 4 nm fuel for 20 oincs so you don't even need papyrus after all and you get 5 armors for the price of refueling the Vortex Cloak. Truly these prices can't be beat!
  11. Bug with mealwood?

    I've encountered this as well, with both planters and farm tiles.
  12. You need this if: You have some crash that only occurs on the beta branch, you would use that to fix the crash on the beta branch without affecting the non beta branch version of the mod Your doing something with a new(or heavily modified) component(you might think you need this for prefabs, but in general you wouldn't) Your doing something with a new tuning var/global function/something else I'm not thinking of.
  13. Why does fog exist

    There's a big difference between a playable character and a mechanic. For one, the fog is supposed to be annoying, making you be more careful where you walk and its nothing but just that. yes, while not feeling fully done in its concept, it does its job. The other is a character that is just not fun to play as, didn't bring anything new to the table and was just vague. So i'm still not sure how you can match these 2 together. You can't be serious right now....
  14. Getting Lost in mid game

    You've got a good start but will need to make some adjustments. Next thing you want to do is explore as much as you can in all 4 directions from your base. Get a feel for where the other biomes are. Look for a natural gas or hydrogen geyser for more reliable power. Then you want to start moving the hot things out of your base. The electrolyzers are going to make things very hot, along with your 3 coal generators, and that seive. Get those on the outside of your base and put some insulation to block their heat from going into your base. Put your electrolyzers in a cold biome to to cool the oxygen they produce (40C is hot). Turn of your fertilizer maker for a wile and wall up your cool slush geyser until you have real need for polluted water. Next I would concentrate on creating a proper energy grid. That means putting your generators on Heavi-watt wire (and moving them to a place where their heat won't bother you) and using a 2 or 3 transformers to create regular wire circuits inside your base. Most players put all their generators, batteries, and some of their big machines like refinery on the heavi-watt backbone and divide the consumers like pumps and auto-doors and cooking machines, into circuits. After you do that, you'll want to create a nice big reserve cistern of clean water.
  15. Why does fog exist

    sorry frendo but... Warbucks was disgusting, useless and was more overpowered than WX78 rushing literally everything at once. Wilba stinks, she takes only the mud baths for christ's sake
  16. Why does fog exist

    you stink the fog mechanic isnt something that needs to go, craft a pith hat before day 11 like everybody else
  17. Getting Lost in mid game

    Your base isn't sustainable. When you look at certain resources (like coal), you spend more than you gain and eventually you will run out. Also your colony lacks temperature control, meaning unless you do something, you will end up with no power and a colony too hot for food production meaning all your dupes will starve to death. Another issue is that you produce CO2 and it just piles up. Eventually your base will be full. This too isn't urgent, but it will happen if you do nothing. Luckily you have a fair number of cycles before that happens, meaning your task now is to work towards replacements before you run out of resources for your current base setup. The ultimate goal is to have a base where you can in theory leave it for 1000 cycles and it will still be alive when you get back. You are very far from that point right now. Actually scratch that. The ultimate goal is to have fun while playing
  18. Strange ending

    I believe this occurs because of the way the Maxwell lights work in conjunction with the way sleep works- If you were to walk away from the throne, then back, the proximity sensor coding would make the lights re-light.
  19. Why does fog exist

    @Sunset Skye @bugsmand @QuartzBeam stay on topic or i will report you all this isn't about Warbucks
  20. It would be nice to have a confirmation when assigning skill points. Currently I save the game prior to assignment. If I don't like the end result I reload my save file.
  21. Yes, it's Marilyn Monroe. However the analogies are many, if you think about it: they are both blondes I'm joking, Marilyn Monroe is also an incredibly tragic figure: she suffered from depression and took psychiatric drugs, up to the (probable) suicide. In short, not too different from what I imagine Wendy could do as an adult :'D
  22. Swimmin' DST

    I’m not too sure about swimming. It might take away the whole danger away from the ocean, since you’d could just swim if your boat sank. Maybe it’s just me though.
  23. Type - Graphics Platform - Steam Wortox's chest set items all look weird and cropped on human characters, when equipped without the legs. I tried it on Wigfrid, Maxwell and Wendy. I dont't know if this is intentional, or if it is just because the character just launched, but I prefer to bring it to attention just in case
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