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  2. Did Winona powercrept Wicker?

    What i mean is that they don't belong in the same category, nor they are supposed to be. Winona's catapults are op compared with tentacles and I don't think tentacles needs a buff just cuz catapults are way better. Again. I suggested before ammo for catapults to make them somewhat balanced also that they require fixing from time to time. But asking tentacles to be leveled up to catapults makes no sense when it's clear catapults need to be tunned down.
  3. WormWood abilities.

    Honestly they could port wormwood straight from single player to multi no changes and I would be ok with it Imo I consider wormwood one of their best character creations. Absolutely nailed it on the first try
  4. This could actually make shard farming a lot more reliable
  5. silly drawings i make

    Are those curves on the left THEM or "Friends" merms? Looks like we got a story now. I think... The quote listed reminds me of a rubber hose cartoon, mainly due to the color and grey scaling.
  6. Positive sides of Hamlet

    What about the scenery? It feel so lively, you can feel the dread when walking into the poison forest, the tension when running in the deep jungle, the calm of those pond and the waterfall, the safety in hamlet town and city, it feel so much better than SW, which translate anything into "yep, that's an island".
  7. Banan's art n' stuffs

    i've found a new form of joy in making edits,,, Putting this last one as a spoiler, since it contains sorta spoilers for the new beta they're all different sizes and it's bothering me but i'll bE FiNe
  8. Did Winona powercrept Wicker?

    It's less of one is ranged and the other is melee, its how tentacles get screwed over by aoes Meanwhile, catapults don't have to worry about aoes if they aren't in range of the aoe in the first place. That and you don't need to worry about getting stun locked to death when you're trying to getting loot.
  9. Wormwood, a nerf to come

    That's gonna be a no from me dog, any healing from food just breaks Wormwood's ability to make living logs, plus Wickerbottom is just the better mass food gatherer anyway, so the seeds are not that big of an issue. (Though if you had both you could get massive amounts of food, but pig and spider farms exist so it's not that bad)
  10. Just wondering for those who were around when SW was released if they have an idea on a timetable. i'd really like to play this on switch but shareplaying and being in party chat with my friends on PS4 would be nice as well
  11. captain and naval hats along with new boats, sails, bosses BUT NO SW resemblance... a unique feel to the naval experience for DST
  12. I forgot to add this but I'd love to see Maxwell's facial transformation from untriumphant to performer to the disheveled king.
  13. Did Winona powercrept Wicker?

    Wicker doesn't need to be paired with Winona here cuz tentacles simply aren't the same as catapults at all... range vs melee I suggested before that I would love if catapults require ammo. This could make for a more interesting gameplay cuz u could then different ammo could have different dmg and you couldn't cheese it as ez.
  14. They really should give the glass cutter extra damage to shadows in addition to the extra durability. If the purpose of it is to carve a niche of killing shadows, then it should outperform existing options. As it is right now, I see no reason to use it over a hambat or a dark sword.
  15. This is unimportant and oddly specific but I really wanna see moon tree petrification. Glass trees would be super pretty.
  16. Positive sides of Hamlet

    I am NOT disappointed with Hamlet. In fact it's the reason I booted up again. Last time I played this game was a day after shipwrecked came out.
  17. With the new update and the arrival of boats, Winona is now able to make a somewhat offensive boat for fighting mobs on land and (eventually) over the sea. But since Winona has a way to attack bosses off land via catapults, where does that leave Wicker? Winona can easily cheese the seasonal giants, beequeen, and even dragonfly; Meanwhile, Wicker needs to have more prep time to kill most of the surface giants, with some of them being near unkillable via on tentacles. The only drawback Winona might encounter is the world gen, but she'll still be able to kill the seasonal giants anyways.
  18. Backstories for all the characters, their relation to Max, and how they got there for sure. I'm absolutely biased as a Wilson main but I'm really looking forward to what they do for him. I'm operating under the theory that he'll be the last character refreshed and his short will progress the overall story of the game.
  19. Hamlet Disappointment

    I bought shipwrecked. played for a day, meh, then stopped playing DS. I saw hamlet , installed DS again and now it's the only game I play.
  20. I think, u don't get my point. Also in my playthrough's, my base looks always different. But the way to go and to expand is always the same. That is what i meant. The steps to build and in which order u do it, are always the same. A story would help to empathize in the setting and feel with your dupes. I know, that the sandbox games hasn't goals anymore. But in my opinion it is a destructive move to the gameplay nowadays. If u don't want an goal, it is your decision, but then it is not to the disadvantage for u, if a story existed. Some people need a story and the game don't get worse with one. If a campaign existed, nobody would force u to play the campaign. The possibility to set up a sandbox game (without goals) is always given. So, what's your argument that the game with a story would be worse?
  21. Bug with mealwood?

    Decompiling the source seems to indicate the code use floats all over, which is 32 bit. They could have used double, which is 64 bit, but from what I can tell, they use floats. Don't ask me why. It is possible that it's an issue with the decompiler though, though I think it's fairly good for something as simple as telling floats from doubles. Why even use 32 bit variables today? Do anybody really use 32 bit systems, which are fast enough for ONI?
  22. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    Of course there is the beloved book that I directly referenced by using some bold characters. I mean, I literaly put the author and the name of the book. The lack of taste I might have however was referencing the movie as the inspiration for Klei. But this is because in my logic, a blockbuster movie that aired less than 3 years ago, made by a well known movie maker and that got a large advertising campaign in several form of media, might have more influenced Klei than the 1982 book that wasn't quite in all memory. Also, in my job, we tend to reference the most recent work made on a subject. So consider that as a professionnal tic. Also, glad for your good upbringing
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