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  2. How is it that walking the plank guarentees safety, but falling in the water is certain death? Makes no sense =/
  3. Nobody does it intentionally. However keeping parts of the map completely airtight is actually an advanced concept and leaks are fairly common until players get really experienced. Even then players mess up once in a while.
  4. LOL that sounds like where i want to be in life
  5. If you build a crock pot inside, leave the house, and then reenter, it will be emitting light despite not being in use. Not sure if it has to be used at least once, or if maybe this only happens if you leave the house once with the crock pot cooking.
  6. The heat capacity matter as it retains more or less heat per kg. So because you're decreasing temp at a fixed value, you'll delete more heat if heat capacity is higher. Still I agree it doesn't change wattage. Nevertheless I would appreciate a confirmation from better physicians than me, even if it sounds logical to my ears. We're a bit off-topic, but not that much, as the OP is still about optimisation around aquatuner.
  7. Yeah you do not get my point at all. It an item you get abundance of very early game when it not used for anything should at least drop somehow else not basic rock bolder it annoying. Hate all about what you said in this. Game functionally they could very well be same item. And it do make sense at least to me if they are same type of item like in Hamlet Pig skin and Pig skin? is because they both hard material use for tough stuffs and relate to clockwork very similarly. They look almost same, just one is more blue than other.
  8. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    This thread... I like this thread
  9. There is one simple explanation for this, besides an oversight. Petroleum is less dense. So inside a give tile of pipe there is a partial vacuum if oil changes to petroleum. That may break the pipe.
  10. Daisy Chained Aquatuners

    What does it matter? The tuners will remove 14° not matter the temperature or the liquid. Its a fixed temperature decrease and it will aways consume 1200W / liquid input (no matter the quantity). So 50° 10kg water will consume the same amount of power as 50° 10 petroleum. Both will cost 1200W, and be 46° at the ouput. Back to the original problem: They tune up, backing up the pipe for a short duration. I use buffer reservoirs at output. This also prevents pipe breaking, du to blocking, which happens sometimes.
  11. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    Some of the layouts can`t be used together, becauce all of them include startingpoints for the world. But I can give you the stuff from these layouts. Right now I have ready: 1 Diviningrod not too far away form your starting point in Vanilla and RoG Survival, run in a few big circles and you will find it. 7 - 8 additional Resurrectionstones in Vanilla and RoG Survival, all around the map above ground But I need to know where you want your other things. Especially if above ground or in the caves. Also if you want I can make option for you so you can enable or disable the different parts of the mod Za
  12. Enemies (specially bosses) using new abilities depending on how much health they have is a great idea: is a nice way to know how weak the enemy is, and it also makes it harder to kill as the battle progresses. We already have Deerclops' laser eye which could be given to it when it is below 50% health. Weapons having secondary abilities would be nice, but could be tricky to do. Just imagine a weapon that has an amazing ability, and you have an entire inventory just to be able to use it almost non-stop... Plus I don't know how this could affect lag. And this is not considering usability. Farming and cooking from Gorge was cool and immersive, I definitely want it back. Even better if we could use endothermic firepits for newer different recipes (think of ice cream, for example xD). Of course, some of the vegetables we have in-game are fruits that come from trees: durian, pomegranate, and dragon fruit; trees could be added for them, of course. Everything else would be fine with Gorge's farming mechanics though. Would also be lovely if Mumsy, Billie, Sammy and Pipton come back and make trades. As for the plates... I don't know, has potential, but sounds like the farm plots: only will be used for specific things; I voted for it though...
  13. The only option you have when playing with a controller is to plant the flower; there's no input option to consume the water.
  14. When I saw the willow rework come out I was kinda hoping for the idea that whenever a character gets reworked their default portrait skin would be remade (or redrawn) so that it would also look similar to Winona and wortox.
  15. The fourth question lacked an answer for me. I keep them open and I don't mind them griefing since such actions make the world feel alive with population acting in different ways. I dislike PvP so there is never an outright way to kill each other and I wouldn't kick a person unless if the person is using deragatory language, one exception if that player is the only player in my world with me, in that case then I could just mute him. The most boring thing I can imagine with joining other servers is getting kicked out or if the server is shut down quite close to the time after I joined. I also really dislike 99% of all mods which stops me from joining the mayority of the servers.
  16. Title says it all, mostly. I think this might be an oversight since as far as I know, Crude Oil ⇒ Petroleum is the single temperature-based transformation that isn't also a phase change. If a liquid freezes or evaporates in the pipe, or a gas condenses in the vent, that causes damage and that's understandable, but liquid changing to liquid causing a similar issue? I can't say I follow.
  17. ONI Merch?

    I think a puft plushie would be pretty cool. Almost like a pillow... with eyes...
  18. Happened to me as well. Furthermore, the Bull Kelp Stalk is both stackable and equipable. However, when ordering to plant a stack of them, only one gets equipped, the rest simply disappeares.
  19. Today
  20. I think that if you guys got concrete example, the best is to report in the bug section with pics and save files if possible. That's the fastest way to get world Gen fixed
  21. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    new style ill be using both (whenever i feel like drawing in that style) chibi wilson or as i call it chibson
  22. my design for Wortox's Rose skin :3 


  23. Dont Starve fanarts

    Your art style lends itself very well to stickers. Not usually a fan of furries, but these are little chibis, so I like them.
  24. this is my fanart/ fan design for Wortox Rose skin :3
  25. Lol, I thought the beta was going to end yesterday, looked now and saw it is going to end NEXT month.
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