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  2. Double clicking right-mouse enables you to dodge twice, or at least the sound plays twice. I can't tell if you get extra distance from this or even if its truly a bug, but its there.
  3. @mathmanican and @Saturnus among others have exploited the heck out of this with some really awesome builds. Off subject note: @mathmanican what happened to your Avatar? I always enjoyed seeing what you had on there next.
  4. if it's Billy I hope he can craft a bicycle "I wish my bike still worked, baa." T_T
  5. I'm not the OP... I'm just saying when bramble blooms spawn on top of each other to help the devs fix the issue.
  6. There is currently no way to cool down robominers or sweepers in vacuum. This makes building a space bunker very awkward if you intend to deal with the incoming regolith. I would like some ways to do so that don’t involve dropping liquids or gas on them. The two possible solutions I see are: - Robominers exchange heat with the tile they are attached to, and sweepers (and other “floating” buildings) exchange heat with drywall / tempshift plates, when present. The latter means that drywall / tempshift should be able to exchange heat with the background tiles adjacent to them, and probably also with pipes (even in vacuum). Feels like a lot of work to implement, but would be cool. - Radiant pipes exchange heat directly with buildings where present, instead of with the gas / liquid medium. This would make things so much more convenient, both for space builds and elsewhere, and doesn’t feel like should be too hard to implement. Any other possible solutions?
  7. Also, I see the "down arrow" as entering the object, and "up arrow" as leaving the object. Even though they have little boxes to show the in/out, it feels like the icon breaks conventions.
  8. Pretty sure I remember a water duping build using it and an oil duping build that used it posted here before. It's also pretty easy to trigger on accident in some cases with LOX. Pretty annoying when your trying to play normally and it happens.
  9. I did the inks last year but since this week is dupes, perfect timing. Jouste advertises Sammy o' Merm's mixed seeds with the Commander Gobbles Mascot.
  10. Hi ! I am currently playing Shipwrecked with Wormwood (a direct start, not coming from another game). During both Hurricane and Monsoon seasons, the heavy storms strike Wormwood while he is wearing the Snakeskin Hat or the Dumbrella, two items that are supposed to give lightning protection. So Wormwood catched fire by this circumstance, making it worse. During a single storm, I have been striked 10 times in a row, losing more than 100 hp. Shipwrecked is currently the most difficult DLC for Wormwood as nitre isn't renewable and healing items are complicated to produce in the early game. Losing a ton of hp because of the lightning, during two seasons, and furthermore the ones before the volcanic season that push you to explore in order to find the volcano, is a bit too much in my taste. Add in that the blooming and the added hunger multiplier during monsoon season and we are in hell. So, is it possible to rebalance the lightning Wormwood fire thingy ? Some thoughts : - Instead of catching fire each time even with lightning protection item such as Dumbrella, Wormwood temperature would hugely increase with a strike and be moduled by insulation factor. Of course, reaching a certain point, Wormwood would catch fire. That way, there is the possibility to prepare and prevent the problem. Cold thermal stone and ice would help too. - Wormwood could extinguish the immolation, with poop per example, or ice. - The bramble husk prevents catching fire. - Lightning protection actually prevents catching fire by strike for Wormwood. What are your thoughts ? I return playing the water/fire apocalypse, good game and good dev to you

    We're sorry to hear that you're having an issue while playing the game. Our team is currently investigating and trying to reproduce this issue to try and narrow it down. For now, please provide the following if possible: 1) A photo/screenshot of where you are getting stuck or where the issue is happening. Try to make the photo as clear as possible so we can see the whole screen and read the on-screen text. 2) Your Klei User ID - you can find your KU_ID by visiting our website. Your KU_ID looks like this: “KU_xXxXxxxxX”. 3) Are you playing on Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X? 4) Your region / location - this will help us identify any geographic patterns to the error. 5) Do you have an active Xbox Live Gold account?
  12. Wagstaff Goggles...

    They are, because he can't wear a pith hat and the mantle is uneffective
  13. and that was when Warbucks was in Hamlet, an interesting brand new world, DST is kinda older and it would be absolutely bad to have someone as Warbucks when he couldn't be interesting in like the exotic expansion where he should be the best character to play as.
  14. This topic just turned from 'Implementing a DST Warbucks' into 'Implementing a DST Warly'.
  15. Atmo suits

    No, I just had 4 atmosuits in the whole base I think it was because of some mods(even though disabling them didn't fix the bug, disabling them and creating a new world seemed to fix the bug). I think the 'problem mods' were packs and 75kg storage docks(not trying to badmouth them here)
  16. Many characters don't work with certain play styles it doesn't mean they should remove them too.. not every character is for everyone. Her dodge mechanic is great and if anything Klei should only improve on it, removing the dodge ability and replacing it with a speed boost or just removing it completely would be extremely lazy and stupid because the dodge is what makes her feel more unique compared to other characters and it has its uses. Changes to her which I personally feel would improve her is. 1) Making some of the range it travels dependent on the turf you're sliding on, such as sliding further on swamp turf because it's slippery while not being able to slide on spider web turf because it's sticky. 2) Allowing the key which activates dodge to be configured to any key the player wants instead of locking it to right click. 3) Allowing shift click on an item to just fill her gun with ammo like how it's used to transfer items between containers and maybe add a reload animation whenever she puts something into her gun so in that animation if you're using the gun very frequently in combat you're a little vulnerable while in the reloading state. 3) Remove her con of less inventory space and instead make torso and head gear slow her down based on how heavy they are ranging from 10%-15%-20% speed penalties. 4) Give her a natural small speed boost or even the ability to start running faster by pressing a key which is configurable, but hunger drain also gets faster, basically a sprint action. Though, probably wouldn't happen since it would be too much effort for Klei to do.. 5) Allow her to craft/upgrade her pew-matic into different versions which have different pros and cons such as shooting faster/slower, dealing more/less damage, having more/less ammo capacity, or even some uniquer abilities. And if you don't want that upgrade and she can't craft her pew-matic then make them hammerable and they give back the original pew-matic then she can turn it into any variant whenever she wants (if you have the resources). 6) If these changes are too overpowered then she could have lower max health such as 100-125 instead of 150 and probably increase her hunger rate by 10%-25%. If this happens then I think a good change to her dodge would be to make the cooldown from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds and when she double dodges (preforming a dodge while in a dodge) she will be in a state where she slides a little bit extra but isn't invulnerable so she's left a little bit vulnerable to getting hit and it also makes preforming double dodges not always ideal. Personally I feel these changes would make her even more fun to play as then she already is, but to be honest doubt it will happen since most official characters have to feel very lackluster and uncomplicated in playstyle like Wilson, Winona, ect.. So, my ideas may feel more like a mod character version of Wheeler.. It all depends on how much effort Klei wants to put into making Wheeler fun to play as, I mean they updated Wilba with a werepig form and made her have more depth to her character so maybe they will make Wheeler have even more stuff to play around with too !
  17. super coolant

    просто раньше super coolant мог замерзнуть и поломать трубы , а сейчас этого нет. сложность усчезла, не нужно тонко контролировать температуру... just before the super coolant could freeze and break the pipes, but now it is not. the difficulty has disappeared, it is not necessary to control the temperature...
  18. Equivalent Exchange v2 (SW Compatible)

    This hasent been updated in 3 years but is there any chance This would be updated to Hamlet?
  19. Atmo suits

    If your base has multiple exits, but due to the out of base priorities all the dupes end up coming back in the same entrance, then they can only fill the available docks. That is, if you have 5 docks on the east, 5 on the west, but 10 dupes leave out of the base, they will split when exiting but if they all come back in through a checkpoint with only 5 docks, then 5 will get deposited while the other 5 get dropped on the ground. The dropped ones are likely getting swept up and put in storage bins. If you click on the clothing drop down on the full list of mats on the right side of the screen and then click atmo suit, you can cycle through where they are located.
  20. I was thinking he would get Mumsy as an Abigal type thing, and have some cooking benefits. I feel like getting the oven as a crafting recipe would be cool.
  21. Hi, I would like to thank you for making this awesome Tool and to make a small suggestion: Would it be possible to add the Ability to filter for the total output of all Water generating Geysers in the next Version of the Tool?
  22. The mistake you’ve made @Pop Guy is thinking it’s just Warbucks that I’m against, and that was blinding me to the merits of your idea. It wasn’t, and even on it’s own a capitalist big game hunter isn’t a character I think we need or want.
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