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  2. The Recipe Book Interface from the Gorge is something I would have liked to see implemented in the game. I would argue that for newer players, it can show them that there are many recipes that one can make in a crockpot, in several different ways. It also forget how to make stuff that I rarely make from time to time, such as Ice Cream. It could also encourage me to eat a more diverse palate and I would say it would be a great addition to the game alongside Warly's release (though I can only dream). That's all I wanted.
  3. Renewable Gears

    Another - much, much much, much, simpler option When meteors fall, a chance for one of the following ideas Option 1> Ore/Metal/Iron falls from sky - make gears craftable - (possibly make Winona's machines require gears) Option 2> Broken Clockworks falls from sky - making the resource available even without enabling caves (but also makes Thulecite available on surface world - unless the surface version of 'Broken Clockworks' has different loot table) Option 3> Satelite/Machinary falls from sky - can salvage gears, possibly frazzled wires, and other items (basically similar to option 2 above except can't spawn clockworks, and different loot table)
  4. Dont Starve fanarts

    I remember you posting that in the dupe-a-day thread. If you want to do any more, there's a art and lore section for it.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  6. [Game Update] - 336171

    Worldgen fixes? amore! <3 big props to the bug-swatting team, tackling the oddities right on the money, hoping to see more solid landmasses and less "lakes on the desert" in the future, too ...God, I sound like an 90s car salesman... By the way, IIRC WX-78's water-damage quirk is not being applied when miss-timed oars and ship-abandoning wetness is acquired, only the generic sanity debuff. It'd consider an even bigger health loss with those specific scenarios since saltwater is more conductive, but that'd roam into suggestion and balancing territory.
  7. WormWood abilities.

    Just gotta be *real* careful when playing Wormwood, don't go catching fire anywhere near base. O_O (Would other players be able to extinguish a smoldering Wormwood? Would Wicker's Applied Horticulture bloom Wormwood? Will Wortox's souls heal Wormwood?! SO MANY QUESTIONS.)
  8. my problems with Wheeler

    I personally think wheeler is on a pretty good spot. She'd just need to get the keybind for dodging. She brings in speed, guns and a dodge for inventory management, i like her as is
  9. @DyingCrow you need to post more. Your posts are awesome fun to read. =^.^= This is great! I'm sorry that you had such a difficult time with your allergies, but the posts were definitely worth the read!
  10. I believe the base game should be made as great as possible because that's what everybody plays DST for, not the events which come out once a year or may not even come out again. I mean the events are fun, but after repeating them several times it gets stale really fast and they're out only once a year while the base game is playable always and doesn't get stale with many things you can add to it like different worldgen, mods, many friends, mods, ect. Just imagine if Klei didn't add oceans in return of them to make SW feel more unique compared to DST.. then we wouldn't have this great new content right now. I'm not saying for Klei to just copypaste the Forge mobs, Forge weapons, Gorge crockpot food. They can add different things (not that I would mind if they copypaste) I just think it would be good to add the better more complex mechanics into DST than DST can feel more fun to play as a whole.
  11. Also as well - same issue. - have to go to game settings, switch to mouse + keyboard, place boat, then go back into settings and switch back
  12. Hello, When you have a cold metamorphosed flame skin for thermal stone, it will turn to its classic skin when you rollback.
  13. Intrepid art

    Willow looks surprisingly younger here. What inspired you to draw like this?
  14. How does one mod an item to make it float in water?
  15. Hello, Birds in bird cages disappears when you rollback.
  16. Can you or @minespatch make a shipwrecked version of this with the sealnado minus the tornado?
  17. @DustFireSky No, I read your post correctly. The first five cycles are, admittedly, pretty cookie cutter. Dig out some of the base, build a latrine, set up some power for air and research -- but beyond that, I rarely do things the same multiple times. I'm not saying that a campaign would be bad, or that a story would make things worse -- I'm saying that, from my perspective, neither is necessary. If I want a game that, say, uses a campaign to unlock progressively more difficult scenarios, or perhaps a game with an engaging storyline, I can find a plethora of them already in existence. As for most of the scenarios you mentioned in your earlier post, the framework is there to do them already (See: Helicona, and TheRock). I think a few months ago someone posted a scenario map where you start off in a crashed spaceship and you have to scavenge parts of the spaceship in order to survive -- the devs even played it during one of their vlogs. I've seen another scenario map that was posted where you had to unlock paths to various rooms in order to survive. You can also get very different games by changing the difficulty settings, choosing a particular seed, or changing your map dimensions. You can write your own map generator that produces only ice and slime biomes, or that doesn't have neutronium or abyssalite to keep the lava from rising up into your base. You can create mods that dramatically change the game. Some that currently exist are: Chemical Burns -- Duplicants will suffer damage when exposed to dangerous substance (like chlorine gas). Extreme Surface -- World surface gets hot in the day, cold at night. Geothermal Steam Pump -- Granted, this isn't a world mod, but it really changes your game. Nubrion (Map) -- Adds 12 more biomes. There are more, but you get the idea. Klei have done an amazing job setting up a very customizable sandbox. By officially supporting modding, and giving us examples to work with, they've given us the tools to turn the game into anything we want. Check out the Workshop for more ideas.
  18. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    The blue and sterile quality is giving me Invisible Inc vibes. I think you should balance with the color yellow due to the Gravitas logo having yellow.
  19. You should really cut the attempts at quirkiness when making a poll. It's annoying to not be able to just plainly answer "yes" or "no" and always be stuck instead with "NUUU, NOT MY BOAT ;_;"
  20. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wormwood finding base in Summer:
  21. Banan's art n' stuffs

  22. these and the antlion are really the only ones you want to use tentacles or catapults with. if youre not killing bearger and deerclops with tree guardians youre missing on the best source of logs and living logs in the game, and the Goose/Goose is barely even useful to kill after the first time youre right though. the catapults are better and safer than tentacles, specially because theyre kind of invulnerable right now
  23. I would see Wickerbottom dying due to one of her plans backfiring horribly due to unforeseen circumstances, leaving her no choice but to deal with the consequences of her actions alone such that the rest of the survivors live to see the next days.
  24. I...uh...nah, Imma let it go.
  25. Is this the old or new one? It looks like the old one, the newer one had a hound shaped stomach right before it popped. Unless I'm going blind again.
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