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  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  3. I just wanted to create a new topic discussing the effects of forum usage in general. This will answer a few questions/issues people have about them and bring to light a few features that people may not have known about on the forum. Let's start. Section 1 - How we see How some of us view the forum: How the rest of people view the forum: From the above pictures we can see major differences between the two views. The top one has advantages such as filtering and easily finding articles that others have created or responded to. The problems start with the introduction of newcomers. They are not the problem however. This is: The last one I sorted by newest first. You can immediately see what the problem is. There is no option to remove duplicate threads from the search option. Because of the lackluster search function, everyone has trouble searching for relevant threads without spending an hour to sift through them all. If you have a question, the easiest method to do would be to create a new topic. This leads to the unintended consequence of the general section being bombarded with repeat questions. This bombardment also buries topics that could still be relevant today. In the long run, these topics will be lost in the general section unless someone else can tell you where to find it or answer your question from memory. There are other reasons (lack of experience) as to why it is harder to search for information, but this is the most prevalent one. Section 2 - In General The general section is also used for much more than questions. People post ideas, theories, builds, concepts, guides, you name it. You might ask "Why don't the devs/moderators dissect the general section and put them in sub sections". In theory, this would solve the problem of not being able to find the thread you are looking for. The problem with this is that not everyone will agree on how to categorize the topics. On top of this, discussions within a thread can bleed into other categories. The quick answer is philosophical in the sense that categories are in essence how our brains perceive information, but not how the world functions in reality. The general section cannot be decided by a few people alone (more on this later). Section 3 - The Psychology of Topics From the above two sections, we know how we view the forum. Now how do we interact with it. Let us go through the process. 1. Create a new topic: We know from sec.1 that it is easier to create a new post than to search for one, so we choose the option to create a topic. 2. Waiting for a response: I've seen a few threads that do not even get a response, though this is quite rare 3a. Satisfactory Response: The topic discussions slowly end as time goes on when everyone has said what they wanted. There is a possibility to repeat from step 1 if a person who is involved or has read the thread in question believes he/she gleans new information that is worthy of creating a new topic. 3b. Unsatisfactory Response: The topic discussions generally end much sooner especially when the original poster believes that his/her questions have been unanswered or partially answered. When this happens, there is a higher chance that a new topic will be created. Now let us go through the process of someone answering a question or responding to a topic on the forum. 1. Notice unread topic on the forum: This goes back to sec.1. You will be able to see new posts/responses easier if you use the "Activity Feed" feature. 2. Deciding to open/respond to a topic: As humans, we instinctively judge the book by its cover. This is unintentional and unavoidable. You will not open every new topic that comes into view. Ain't nobody got time for that. Titles are important for this reason. Example of a bad title and a good one. The content is irrelevant in deciding whether or not you will decide to open the topic. If you have already posted in a topic, there is a chance you may not want to reopen it thinking that you have already answered the original question. This is one of the main reasons that questions go unanswered. People do not return to the same thread even if new questions are asked. 3. Reading the Thread: The original post is the flashiest part of a topic. Not only is it the first thing people see, it is sometimes the only thing they see. It is common practice/courtesy to read the entire thread before posting so as not to duplicate information. This cannot be helped if two people are posting at the same time. In order to save time, most of us will skim the thread to get a general idea which can lead to accidental misunderstandings, duplicate information, or missed questions/information. 4a. Not Responding to a topic: The majority of people who view a topic decide not to respond. There are a plethora of reasons as to why someone would do this: The mentality "someone else will answer it" You do not know the answer or do not know how to put a response into words You do not have the time, or simply do not want to respond You have already given an answer and decide this is enough More reasons I can't think of at the moment 4b. Responding to a topic: Assuming you have followed proper forum etiquette up to this point, you are now deciding to respond to a topic. You may respond in a mix of ways such as: Answering a question Asking a question Giving an opinion Giving a statement More reasons I can't think of at the moment Section 4 - The Effects of it All or TLDR Searching for a thread is harder than creating a new one Creating a new thread leads to a quicker response over posting in the same one The general section is prone to overcrowding and losing valuable information due to lack of time/indexing Your questions will go unanswered due to crowding within the thread, general-section crowding, non-returning posters, etc. Section 5 - So What Now? Now we wait. Not much we can do without an upgrade to the forum. That is not the entire truth though. If you have seen my other posts, then you already know where this has been leading towards. You guessed it. Creating an additional layer of sub categories that the community can control is one way to eliminate crowding in the general section. On top of this, information can be indexed and searchable without the need for a search function. This does not mean that we do not need a search function in general. Also, this does not get rid of the need for the general section or fix the inherent problems with the forum. Where would you post if you didn't have the general section? Section 6 - Why Post...This. And Why Here? My questions have gone unanswered more times than I can count and I could not understand why until I started using the forums more. Why here and not the "other services" section? I want this thread to be viewed by more people and since I normally post in this section, I hear from the same people. This makes sense to me even if it were to be called abusing the psychology of the forums. If it makes people feel better, this is related to the uni in a way even though it could be applied to the forum in its entirety. I play ONI more than any other game made by Klei, so there will be no university for DS or DST. Did I get something wrong? Is this relate-able? Got an idea? Share your thoughts.
  4. Its most likely going to be up for at least a month, so don't worry you'll be able to play.
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  6. Anyone interested in a roleplay group?

    i would like to i just take sooooooo long time to actually make a character in any roleplay
  7. Wish it would get some updates or dst. Would be awesome to play dat on the go. My switch lite needs it.
  8. by monsters they may mean non-humans anyone know how long Hallowed Nights goes? i actually move the day of th e24th and it'll probably be a week before i have my PC set up again to play >.< so hopefully longer than that
  9. Off topic to a fashion, but I severely hope these aren't the fish Wurt has to carry around. I can 100% understand it being the case but seeing as how they die when dropped it'd be a bit weird, and I'd much rather something new and hopefully interactive.
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    RIP in peace
  11. More friends for Webber! Although this makes me wonder if Webber will also get a disguise to keep spiders from attacking other people? The merm king will probably also be like an inverted Pig King where you give him gold/trinkets or something and he gives you fish or rot or something
  12. I much prefer his Roseate skin. I think its by far his best skin and I use it all the time. I also like the Triumphant and the Magmatic
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    dang,,, rip in dead,,,
  14. берёшь вешь и просто кладёшь в него нало когда ктото кидает вёщь чтобы она испорялась и возврощялась на своеё время
  15. Today
  16. ah yes..wormwood is now a monster i guess
  17. я взял карандаш и подошол и вот просто не бросаешь а кладёшь я ищю в вашей игре баги :)
  18. You can add anim file for item created or edited by youself in mods, as I understand. For new amination of old item you should create mod, atleast for change for your's animation. For exapmple, if I make new mod/anim "smartreservoir" then I place it in folder #1. And I make animation named "smartliquidreservoir_kanim", then I place it in folder #2 (3 files).
  19. берёшь клей или что то другое и это стаит на воздухе и не проваливается :) рад был помочь я пошол искать баги :)
  20. Probably, so far all of them had been creatures.
  21. берёшь собаку идёш к кальцу кидаешь при этом потпрыфгиваешь м вот!
  22. There is only one new character left now ? After Wortox, Wormwood and Wurt. Will it be a weird creature too ?
  23. The basic merm hut is probably going to be something similar to pig houses, wood, froglegs?, rot? I don't remember what they drop when you hammer or deconstruct those in the swamp. I'd also go heavy on wood and boat materials to try to find the lunar island ASAP for the rock fruits, or maybe heavy on rocks/poop/grass for at least a few farms. As for the Merm king thingie, Joe said it requires stuff from all over the constant and it also requires babysitting, so it's most likely a very powerful late game feature. On a side note, I'm thinking what early games advantages could we use from what was mentioned, as it seems there won't be many (except maybe run fast in the swamp and be able to know where the tentacles are). Maybe using merm hutches early on to start farming spiders/pigs/bunnymen? If she can't eat meat there won't be much use for her to make merms themselves die. Also unlike Wigfrid (who can use vegetables as filler in the crockpot) most meat we obtain as Wurt will end up as rot, unless we can still werepig the pigs with MM like Webber/Wortox do.
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    3/5 of the way to 200
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