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  2. The CO2 geyser introduces basically no carbon dioxide in to the system. The best geysers are around 20 g/s, which would net you a whopping 2.6 g/s dirt (assuming no off gassing), or 1.5 kg/cycle dirt. That is not enough to grow a single sleetwheat plant. And the temperature effect is negligible due to the mass. I feel that it won't recoup the food it costs you to build the machine. And that is literally the best you can hope for. I wouldn't build anything for it specifically. However, if it is not inconvenient, I would hook it up to my CO2 vent system to have it travel to the central CO2 processing area (be it a dirt farm or a slickster farm).
  3. Wagstaff Lore

    I'm perfectly aware of the runes in the teleportato base remark... I was amongst the first people bringing that up... Back then when there was a typo saying "ruins" instead of runes xD That why I said he is probably not fully materialized.. Literally out of this world flickering like an old projector, like a reverb effect from missing magic from the runes of his own defective portal That's why Winona doest have it cuz Charlie took her directly from the portal rift There is evidence that suggest he is a projection too.. In the code... But we don't have enough bases to say that's true beyong that. Besides, he refers a lot many many scents... A projection cannot smell things I got already my own theory going in a post where I claim that wagstaff isn't really the guy holding on the portal frame in the vid... He was not alone.. I believe it was WX in there.. Maybe.. Hard to prove but maybe... Or that Wag panicked when he saw Charlie emerging from the portal rift and that's why he is holding on.. I think the "one guy similar to you past by" is pretty broad to pin point it to him directly and it's meant to say more or less this is an endless cycle... There is so far no evidence to link the Constant with the gateway worlds without the atrium/gateway The gateway worlds are more or less parallel universes reached only by atrium.. Even imps need to reach the atrium first to get to them... Check Wortox lines on atrium portal... Thats why this bit isn't really supported by the "someone else like you past by" remark We will have more info with the next animatic tho... I enjoy myself some theories debates nonetheless xD
  4. I like the current changes to the disease system. I don't think they're perfect yet, but they're on the right track. Here's the current flow of illnesses: exposure incubation infection plague or cure OK, so, lets start with exposure. Whether its eating contaminated food, venturing into slimelung contaminated air, or smelling a zombie plant, the dupe first has to be exposed to the contagion. How your develop your base will substantially impact this particular step of the process. Some bases will almost never have any illnesses. Some will always be getting sick. It will be a learning process for everyone that plays. The next step is incubation. Just because a dupe is exposed doesn't mean they'll get sick. A dupe's immune system (biohazzard, etc) has a direct effect on this. As does repeated exposure, or the use of boosters and vitamins. This stage still needs a little work, IMHO, but I think they've got the right idea. Currently you've got 3 options: Let your dupes take boosters any time theirs wear off, micro-manage boosters based on exposure, or forget the whole deal and leave the dupes to take their chances without help. I would like to see a method of automatically administering boosters only if a dupe has been exposed. With the previous method, a single exposure could get a dupe sick 10 cycles later. The current method simplifies the process and makes it more immediate. Infection. This is the point where the dupe becomes sick. Currently, in ONI, this is "the morning after." As slimelung and food poisoning are encountered relatively early in your base, they're fortunately not completely debilitating. Dupes can survive these without intervention. Slimelung is also transmittable from one dupe to the next, which leads into the last step: Plague, or cure? This stage is going to change dramatically due to various base designs. Some (like me) will find it nearly impossible to get slimelung (or other diseases) to spread among the dupe population, even without treating. Others will end up quickly having a base full of sick dupes. The key factor for any disease to spread is cleanliness. If you have a clean base, disease is less likely to spread. Limiting exposure will also reduce the odds, so having a med bay is useful since it will quarantine sick dupes (if you've got the right beds for the right illnesses). This all feels reasonable to me. I think there's still some tweaking to do, but the framework is there to handle a variety of different illnesses.
  5. Ban Angel because i have STANDO POWAH!
  6. Peagawk hat

    Didn't see it. Thanks.
  7. This is fair point I didn't consider.. I agree with u... TX for bringing that up
  8. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    Yeap.. That's all fine and all but there is a health concern so it doesn't hurt anybody to ask for an option to turn the filter off... The gas mask remark is pretty smart... I think you are right.. I'm gonna include this in my suggestions post and I'll credit you for bringing that up. Ty.
  9. Pyrochemistry

    While I think the idea has merit, there's the small problem with how volatile oxygen actually is. Its one of the primary requirements for flamability. Our atmosphere is only 20% oxygen (roughly) with approximately 78% nitrogen, which gives a good balance between 'stuff still burns' and 'everything is always on fire.' Since ONI doesn't model gas diffusion in air, but rather isolates molecular 'elements' by strata, this could be an extremely difficult problem. It means that in most bases, if a wire burns out, or a dupe gets a static shock, it could result in everything flamable suddenly (and explosively) being on fire. Granted, you could make rules up to handle everything, but then fire would be completely arbitrary. For example, you could have a room of 20c oxygen bleeding into a hot hydrogen vent... with some of the hydrogen cooling enough to not burn, and some of the hydrogen burning (and, coincidentally, producing rain) -- instead of a big explosion and suddenly your entire base has no oxygen anymore because it has all reacted with whatever was around it. FWIW, I like the idea of combustibles in a game like this. I'm just not sure how it would be implemented that would make any sense.
  10. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    Dude... I'm known to be argumentative... But I never go over reason to argue to be a complete f annoyance to everybody without a solid substance... You just want to disagree for the sake of disagreeing and trying to be smug when you got owned already... Accept you defeats and move on... It's part of growing as a person
  11. silly drawings i make

    true! i think i forgot to make the building tilted while making this. i can't remember if it was because i thought it would be hard or i just forgot. thank you! Thank you!
  12. I think this part is normal. Any building placed in vaccum will overheat because it can't exchange heat with the surroundings. Maybe your first issue come from the same point. Try filling the room with a gaz, and cool it with an additionnal system aside.
  13. Wheeler Feedback

    what if she just doesn't wear backpacks that would be good
  14. I don't really see any of them as particularly 'useless.' Are some more useful than others? Sure. However, each geyser/vent is useful in its own way. It requires a slight shift in thinking -- rather than thinking, "I really wish I had X geyser so I could do this," you need to consider "I have X geyser .. what can I do with it?" Early on, I used to think along the lines of "I really wish I had X geyser." I'd have an idea of what I wanted to do in my base and I'd try to find a way to accomplish it. Inevitably, I'd come to the conclusion that I'd have to start a new map because I had too many 'useless' geysers. More recently, I've definitely started looking at geysers differently -- and I've found that I can use all of them in some way. Some take more effort than others -- like my liquid CO2 vent that I turned into a dirt farm. Cold CO2 removed heat from compost piles, then got turned to polluted water in a carbon skimmer. The polluted water went into a water sieve, and the polluted dirt into the compost piles. As a result, my bases have become less 'cookie cutter rebuilds' and more organic. I feel somewhat hypocritical writing this at the moment because my current map has some very juicy geysers, so I can't use it as a good example. Even so, I've found that just changing my perspective on how I play can really influence how I look at the random geysers in any map.
  15. Today
  16. I probably asked this a long time ago, so I'll as again. Being that we're playing with friends, it'd be nice to have a server that can sustain itself indefinitely, if you're good enough. With that, it would be fun to actually make structures, furnish them, and build up some sort of village. For me, there is real no end-game. All you do is survive and once you do, you then go fight bosses I suppose? But after that, when then?
  17. Since the developers are back to working on the core game, would be awesome if you guys made PvP an actual thing. Surviving is fun, but after going through all the seasons, you need a heavier challenge. That of course, is people. There are a few way that you guys can make PvP relevant. Improve combat. With the forge, you have plenty of ways of doing this. We simply need more ways to attack and CC other players. The current combat system is outdated and isn't even fun for PvE either. Add a new gamemode. Would be cool to have a team deathmatch of some sort. Maybe call it tribes and have two teams compete, whichever team remains alive, wins.
  18. Guess Who?

    so sobbing over the demise decommissioning of Warbucks is not staying on Topic? you monster!
  19. I have 3 levels of geysers. The ones I actively look for like metal volcanoes, cool steam, water, slush, natural gas, and chlorine (I know, it's not necessary but I feel way better when I have a chlorine geyser.) The ones that get their own room to do something. Major/minor volcanoes, hot polluted O2, infected polluted water, leaky oil fissures, etc. And finally, the ones that get dug up and subsequently ignored due to their rediculouly low output. Both CO2, hydrogen.
  20. @Toros Someone please promote this guy to a Developer before he goes even more Political on trivial issues : D
  21. Okay, so as someone who plays Wortox in their free time, and has noticed Klei has a losing battle with skin mods in the workshop, why not find a way to merge your DST Inventory and let the players use skins/characters there? Wortox is registered as a Inventory item, and then people wouldn't want to not only port him, but also they wouldn't have a need for skin mods. If steam doesn't provide a way to merge the inventories, find a way by linking your Klei account to both games, Although this has a high chance of not getting in, I still wanted to throw my hat into the ring of solutions. Maybe a merged inventory could even let the game detect if you own a DLC via some sort of unique inventory item, possibly providing a solution about dividing the communities about DLC. Food for thought.
  22. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    He is not free, he is included in the price of the game. Wagstaff causing genuine harm to some people is a serious concern that affects all current and future owners of the game. You got your analogy wrong. This isn't the restaurant saying "We do not have bread sticks that are safe for you to eat". This is as if someone asked the waiter/waitress if there is a gluten free option and then you (from the next table over) start yelling at them about how they are so entitled to even think about asking for alternatives and that they should just leave. You. Are. Not. Klei. Stop speaking on their behalf and stop insulting their patrons.
  23. Ban GetNerfedOn because I said so.
  24. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    salad what? i didn't say salad
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