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  2. The rust biome always seemed unfinished. Could definetly host a critter producing chlorine, like some sort of reverse dasha saltvine. Maybe gassy moos should have different morphs. Like one producing chlorine, producing more than the grass uses so you can sustain it.
  3. I dont know if this is a mod but I would like personal dedicated servers to be added in console, that way if I ever (probably not ;-;) have a friend to play with when there off the world I can maybe surprise them and start building random stuff.
  4. I worked on a collab about pacus, and my part is done, here check the art.
  5. The ability to host a 100% fully and completely randomly generated world, where anything and everything has a chance of spawning ANYWHERE... i would call this mod or game mode Constant Chaos.. get it? Lol Nevermind.
  6. Basically on console you cant teleport using command so you will have to find the chest physically in the rune. When you finish the second puzzle, you in your partner will each get a set 6 symbole and rune each (lets call it that for now). That will reprensent the order, the items and the quantity of item you need to place in that chest that you need to find in your cave. The password will go according to this sheet here hope that help.
  7. i cant see. i went afk overnight and when i came back this happened
  8. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    I find it funny that Wolfgang called Wilson weak and big-headed indirectly, even prior to DST
  9. Showcase for tidy bases [3]

    I have some ideas, but it's a big project. If I were you, I'd make my base surrounding the lake to the left of your current base and make a floating base in the middle of the lake. That would be something fun and different.
  10. The Realistic Placement Mod. No clue why it isn’t in the base game, but I never play without it. It makes SUCH a difference.
  11. I really think the beach biome on the island should be renewable. Kind of like new things washing up on shore.
  12. Hey uhh guys, how do you complete the Metheus puzzle on console? apparently I’m supposed to type in some admin code at the end and teleport me and my partner I used to do the website puzzle with into some In-Game cave, but as far as I am aware.. the console version does not even have admin commands like that. Help? <3
  13. I have this bug too but with a steam room (~220kg/tile), not vacuum. Annoying. And i have a lh2/lox unit production few tiles above that room. Now, i wonder if there is some steam deletion in the process.
  14. I love everything about Wortox. he is cute (uncorrupted). can heal himself and others soul hop is op Feeds on the flesh and soul of his enemies :3
  15. I was thinking it could be her after a victory over the pigs, like how Wortox’s survivor skin wasn’t in line with the other survivor skins before. Queen Wurt, anyone?
  16. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    AAaaaaaa thank you so much, Aret!! >/////////<
  17. Seems like Dragon pies the best crock item for moderate hunger and a health boost. But when you need straight hunger it seems to make the most sense to just eat raw or cooked foods as people have already suggested. Excited for the Thursday update !
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  19. I`m sure alot of players have noticed this. There are a couple of unique uses for chlorine but we have no real way to produce chlorine. If you are unlucky and do not have a chlorine vent or geyser, then you are severly limited in your chlorine use. To fertilize a single Gas Grass plant you need 3 Rust Deoxidizers running almost constantly, thats ridiculous. Suggestions (one or all): 1. Add one more hatch variant which eats Rust, Salt, Sulfur and/or other unused elements and then poops bleach stone. 2. Increase the chlorine production of the Rust deoxidizer and decrease the oxygen. 450 g/s oxy 150 g/s Chlorine 3. Add 1 more recipe to the rock crusher. Crush Balm Lily flowers into bleachstone. 4. Have Gassy Moos fart chlorine, not natural gas. If I`ve got my rockets up advanced enough to retrieve Gassy Moo`s, then I dont need extra power.
  20. Yay! I’m so glad! Was going to ask you guys if you needed help but I figured that you’d work together on it ^-^ x
  21. Porridge makes you regular?
  22. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    i dont like how papa bear is looking at mama bear he needs to stop right now im
  23. Animals in DST + Potential Character Idea

    Those are some interesting points you’re make. You’re right, you generally do benefit by exploiting the animals rather than actively caring for them. I shave beefalo all the time, but haven’t really messed around with taming one yet. While it’s not a perfect fix, Woodie does befriend animals for twice as long when feeding them, and there is a mod that lets you milk beefalo and make cheese with their milk, as well as one that lets you keep a small bird permanently small, so they don’t get big, angry, and kill-happy. I’m sure there are more pastural mods out there, I’d just have to look. I’ve actually been putting together a list of mods that makes the game more “Stardew Valley”ish, which based on your post, might be something you’d be interested in. I’ll probably put it up in a few days, and will be looking for suggestions from people to add to it
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