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  2. Dumb little poll

    It's a tough competition, but our little buddy have funny eyes and cheeks to keep standing!
  3. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    Might as well add some of my idea from my thread. Meals cooked by him could offer a buff to whoever consumed it, like maybe health regen, faster movement speed, etc. I'm hoping with this he could have a useful role. Something i think he needs to have a perk which makes him fun, the idea of Warly is really cool. But it isn't fun to play around with his upsides and downsides I really like the ideas you gave him, really sounds cool.
  4. Ban Ivo for being a lawyer and a member of the hated Mille-Feuille Club.
  5. Showing off your outfits [2]

    hahahhhhhahhhhhaaaaaa my wallet cries sometimes waiting to get her other heads until the character refresh bundle comes out but yea I've gotten every Klei shop release so far one way or another lmao Just want to say that if this doesn't become an Heirloom Heirloom Rosegown after the Wicker update, I'll be quite disappointed.
  6. Except more players means more hounds.
  7. ow, we have world without caves, i dont check it before posting u can use bush hat to hide dirrectly on tentacle if you do it really fast
  8. Dumb little poll

    he is pretending to be spider man
  9. I'm not sure that this is actually a bug, but if it's not it's odd and strangely coincidental: the Oddities Emporium is furnished with some default decor from the initial appearance of the Slanty Shanty that seems strange and out of place, including the cinderblock shelf and the wall-mounted fish. This may have been a choice but the identical placement of some of the objects to the placement of the same objects in the player's home makes it look like an accident.
  10. You can't use anything in that free hand. They fixed that bug quite a while ago. It works like that so it doesn't extinguish if you're trying to drop it on the ground.
  11. Mod dont work and I dont know why....

    Problem solve. Yeah! Thanks!
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    *Screams of terror*
  13. if u use lantern and take it out from slot - character still lights, its annoying people because u have freee hands and shining smallbirds spawn after some time (dont know what exactly time it is) and if u dont visit them for a long time there will be tooooooo many of them from every nest, because they spawn and spawn again and again, they will kill each other and u ll get free food
  14. I just went into a cave entrance and it spawned me at a florid postern in the caves with no cave stairs. I ran around and uncovered half the map and never found a stairway up. I had my caves set to 1 size smaller than default and the forest set to default size.
  15. The window and display shelves in the Tinkerer's Tower show "MISSING NAME" when moused over/focused with controller.
  16. Dumb little poll

    What I'm the most impressed by here, did you get a catcoon to do the Y.M.C.A. AND the splits at the same time? Damn! ...Notorious
  17. How greatly do you despise pineapple on pizza

    I'm sorry... that sounds so ba-
  18. elegants drop chances

    I can't imagine it being based on the playerbase as a whole. It would be difficult to implement in a way that stays consistent with a fluctuating playerbase, and offers no real benefit. Your friend just got lucky is all.
  19. Crashes when attempting to join servers.

    Hello @scribblenauty, welcome to the forums. Seems like an issue with the auto-subscribe feature. It should work as intended that when you don't have a specific server's mods downloaded on your client, the game will automatically download all of them while the game loads you into the world. However your client_log.txt just cuts off during that phase. The issue could be caused by old and non-updated mods conflicting with the auto-subscribe feature. I'd recommend you manually subscribe to the mods your friends uses for the server that are tagged all_clients_require_mod and then try joining again.
  20. I think the punch animation takes longer to hit than when the hand slot is equipped with something so when you want to command followers to attack with your target aggroing you, safer to unequip whatever you’re holding.
  21. I love pineapple on my pizza. I also didn't know that pineapple pizza is considered sweet.
  22. Screenshot showcase

    D I S G U S T I N G
  23. is it possible to combine same items to slots? when food become rot it will add to rot i have before, same with twigs, grass and any other stuff sometimes u have on inv 2-3 not full slots and asking myselves why i cant carry more, then realize that i have 2 twigs in one slot, 12 on other, and 21 in one more slot is there a mod which will auto sort them or add button to sort them or some other way?
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