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  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    The hulk is officially the best stone and flint farming method
  3. Wheeler's hair art and design

    ? She has a pink color.. That's undeniable.. Lol.. Like Warly She looks pink in RoG too Ok.. We going in circles now u trying to get into another topic that Inst her quote really.. Ty for expanding your position anyways..
  4. Wendy = Popular = Cashgrab = Lucky People / People with 20 accounts for Skins = Scam; Simple connections
  5. Her skin color isn't pink, it's literally the same color as Warly's skin color. That's just the hamlet color cubes. Like I said, I wouldn't mind if her faces become more smiley, but to be honest she has all rights to look sad! I mean her air balloon crashed into the middle of nowhere and she's all alone stranded trying to survive in a place where everything wants to kill you! Even if I was the most optimistic person in the world I wouldn't really be happy in that situation either ! Then what you would want is for Klei to change the hamlet color cubes because it makes her skin color look pink because even if her skin color was changed Warly is skin color would look pink in hamlet too.
  6. If nothing changed dupes can`t move morbs unless you use a critter trap. Dupes can`t touch them as they are walking sacks of bacteria. All other critter can be moved using a dropoff set to auto wrangle but morbs can`t.
  7. .dyn Barrier, sorry, I may hold the key, but I can't give it away, but I can give you this one wortox.dyn
  8. What do you mean console name? The prefab is "telebrella" Edit: If your a dumb dumb like me I looked in DLC0003 instead of base game since Wagstaff was added in base game.
  9. Guess Who?

    U need to enable him via console with the command GetPlayer().prefab = "warbucks"
  10. Each point increases expectation based o the tier. If a dupe has interests in a job the expectation is reduced. You can get 3rd tier jobs easy but you can`t get too many of them before you increase morale.
  11. I haven't gotten that far in the game yet to mess with this kinda stuff, but the rework on them is totally different and they output as much heat as they take in, or something like that. As you can see in the screenshot from the youtube video, he is running fine at 3x the DTUs you were talking about.
  12. What's the console name? I can't find anything relating to any telebrellas.
  13. Wheeler's hair art and design

    But what we are asking is.. And it's in the tittle.. That the changes fit her personality... She is an adventurer... No reason to have pink skin that doesn't fit het She is not depressed.. Look at her mooth from all angles.. Her portrait reflects that... Vs BTW all those characters don't diverge so much from their portraits.. Only one is maybe max.. But in adventure mode u know he isn't really smug... He is pretending to be.. So it makes sense he has a more neutral face expression And Warly looks much better in the game... He reflects what his character is.. Which is the most important aspect
  14. Guess Who?

    Okay that didn't work! The game won't let me cheat, it seems. I promise as soon as I have time to play, I'll find out and post.
  15. Well all DS character faces are very neutral looking except for Wilba and Woodlegs. Also, some of the characters may have different facial expressions in their portrait art such as Wes looking sad, Maxwell looking smug/happy, Woodie looking like a crazy person, and Wortox not looking angry, it doesn't mean their face textures should all be changed to reflect their portrait art. Quite a few Don't Starve characters have their portrait art skin color exaggerated it can be seen in some portrait arts. Warly Wilba Maxwell Anyways, personally like I said I wouldn't mind if Wheeler smiles more in her face textures, but I wouldn't like if her skin color was changed or she looks very different than she does now.
  16. Abbe is my miner/construction guy. I had increased his skill in construction twice and then in mining. He had a five in construction when I added the second miner skill. I was on the skill screen checking to see what dupe skills I need when I noticed that Abbe is missing all his construction skills including the ones I bought with precious skill points! What gives? What am I missing?? And he did not have a minus three in cooking ever, it was a zero before whatever happened here.
  17. Yeah, they are encrypted. Sharing them could get you in trouble.
  18. Any chance for a shipwrecked together

    I tried that once, but it didn't really work out. I'll talk with Joe about it if more pop up, though. I know a good thing that could be done for it, but mods don't have that forum feature available to them.
  19. Wheeler's hair art and design

    Yeap... I mean I also didn't include an "I don't care" option.. And ik for a fact at least one person voted no cuz doesn't care... But oh well I tried to make the topic as comprehensive as possible.. Those examples are visual help... And tbh her sling tone is weird... She is pink and in the portrait more like tanned.. Which makes more sense cuz she us an adventurer
  20. Then it would've been better if one of the votes was something like "Yes, I would like Wheeler's face textures to be more smiley" or something instead of showing examples for an overhaul of her texture .
  21. friends together

    I will play like I said I also have a friend that can teach you alot about the game
  22. Wheeler's hair art and design

    Those are examples.. The underlying message us asking for a meaningful change to not making her look like a sad person.. Cuz she isnt That last example came a little late to include it and I probs will later when I'm sitting in my pc
  23. I thought there were two male characters with one being the Adventurer and the other Wagstaff who is old.
  24. The vote is "DO WE WANT WHEELER'S ART TO CHANGE TO SUIT HER PORTRAIT AND QUOTES?" I voted no because the examples of how she should be changed to look I personally didn't find as appealing as how she looks right now. If the change were something more similar to this then I would've voted yes. I do however want the issues with her animations to be fixed such as hair glitching through the torso, ect. Personally, I like Wheeler's in game art. I wouldn't mind if her current texture was changed then the faces look like she's smiling and maybe slightly messier hair, but changing her skin tone, facial structure, or any other drastic changes I wouldn't personally like it ..
  25. Was I the only one to think that Wagstaff had this appearance ?
  26. I dont like this mechanic either. It is just so boring to wait like 3 days to grow some nettles and you can't even have an efficient farm because you need the jungle turf to make them grow.
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