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  2. I do a similar thing in my base, at the middle right I have an exit to my base with the same set-up, since its only Co2 there though I do not lose any oxygen unless there is a lot of traffic there. Any excess Co2 drops into my Farming Pit.
  3. This is an old trick I originally used in the morbid oxygen build but since then how doors work have changed a few times. Now they destroy gases again if there is nowhere for the gas to go. So how can we exploit that. Well, simple, CO2 always goes to the bottom right corner of your base, so if you put something there that dupes have to go get, like for example a lavatory that they have to visit at least once per cycle, and you put doors if front of that all CO2 in the base will be destroyed. You can also use it with outhouses and compost heap since we know from tests that polluted oxygen in an oxygen environment does not move up or down but only moves sideways, we can put an outhouse and compost heap behind the doors and all polluted oxygen generated by these will also be destroyed. Here a quick mash up on how it's built. Note the tiles above the doors are needed to ensure gas in the two middle doors have nowhere to go. It is also best to have an open structure so gases can enter from each side but if you have a small amount of dupes you might want to avoid that as that could also delete a fair amount of perfectly good clean oxygen.
  4. Coffee plant

    They are drying out of nowhere. I planted them in the dry season and soon fertilized them, at the beginning of the mild season they were all dry.
  5. Yeah I am really interested to see what we can get done with that.
  6. I'm not asthmatic but this excitement got me wheezing
  7. You're right. I forgot that 50% of the people on forums are keyboard warriors that get pissy when someone disagrees with their original post. I shouldn't have assumed you were intelligent enough to understand my post. I"ll keep your username in mind so if I ever reply again I"ll make sure to dumb it down for you. Cheers, mate. The whole dupes exhaling nearly the same amount of oxygen that they breathe in should've clued you in to the sarcasm.
  8. There's a lot of things I look forward to testing but this probably is my favourite and most long-awaited addition High Pressure Gas Vent .
  9. Old tutorialstuff, perhaps it helps.
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  11. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    That is so sweet! What? I'm not crying!
  12. I already have the doors set up like that with all transform dimensions locked except for z ( I think it counts z as vertical instead of front/back in Unreal) I'm just not sure how to set up the blueprint so that it will move when I want it to. (both door panels are actually just a single geometry I made to tesselate.) Other than the blueprints and the fact that Unreal doesn't want to fully enable Custom Depth and Custom Stencil for some reason I have most of the other assets set up the way I want them.
  13. Dear game developpers, I recently joined the beta branch, and kept playing my 2k days game. I jumped from RoG to SW and ended up switching world in SW. I explored the new world, found the seaworthy and eventually used it to go back to my former RoG base. While doing so, the client crashed on the "Loading screen", without any message whatsoever. It just stayed on this screen until the client eventually dissapeared on its own. When I launched back the game, I got a message that the client didn't start correctly last time and that my few mods (Recipe merger, geometric placement, combined status and quick drop) might be the reason for that. I then tried to load my saved game (which appeared as "survival 1 2210", which would mean the world jumping actually happened) but the game crashed again the same way. I tried to disable / enable the mods while switching from the beta version to the regular version, but the game keeps crashing whenever I try to load this savegame. I have no issues loading other savegames. Don't hesitate to tell me if I need to give some files (logs or something) in order to get this fixed, I'm very attatched to my 2k days megabase Thanks in advance. PS : whenever the game crashes, steam downloads a few files it the library for DS.
  14. No Sweeping

    Water bottles are swept into "Bottle Emptier" called building in Plumbing section of buildings. You need to build one and set it to accept polluted water under liquids. With this building and selection the dupes will bring bottled polluted water to it and the water will start dripping down from it.
  15. you mean Left geyser? I wanted quick result of insulating geyser with/without 1 height of water. and I didn't need water much when I build this, so I build small as much.
  16. Animal traps

    The update will include animal traps unless there are issues with them. It was just announced
  17. Well looks like we are getting everything this update geez! Looking forward to it! Animal traps OMG FINALLY I AM GONNA CRY!!! I love you Klei NEW LADDERS!!!! KLEI YOU SENSATIONAL GODS!
  18. Geysir cooling easy

    When your "stepping -path" creates enough "swirls"(that vortexpicture-animation), you need less wheezies, but yes it works, many different ways. Nice how different ppl solve problems in oni I like to cool down geysir directly. When i see the red dots (heat texture) somewhere, i fix it. Why insulating the geysir, only too cool it down later? ^^
  19. How would YOU change SW Bosses?

    I'm not suggesting to nerf the iron wind, but to buff the other sails. Also they made it easier to find the volcano in the beta patch though, with the rainbow jellyfish migration that happen on (either new or full I don't remember which) moon.
  20. my current most efficient geyser cooling. Cooling 2 Geysers by 5 Wheezeworts and WolFramite Pipes, then stay Icy. 4 Wheezeworts are fine enough to stay 20C. I think it can even manage height by over pressure, if Supply surpass Demand
  21. Geysir cooling easy

    stepping down the airflows cools it enough with the wheezeworts?
  22. There are many ways, to get around problems in ONI. 20Kg/sec ^^
  23. For simple things, like the airlock, you don't need animations. When the door is in two parts (each one tile) it would be ok, to move one part -z and the other +z on interaction. Organic breathing, like the coalgen does, could be done with shapekeys (blender user) and easy connected to values in UE4 (blueprint). Similar problems are solved like that. Everything modular. Break every door in 2x2 segments. Red doorframe(stays) grey doorpart is scaled into doorframe (pivot), better then moving, to prevent clipping problems, or walltiles have to be thicker then doors/stuff.
  24. And I use self-powered pump boilers. H2O and LOx in 2:1 ratio that outputs 20kg/s 17C H2O and 10kg/s 17C O2.
  25. sounds like server gets restarted, which is common for public ones, servers where you got progress show you how many days you survived as well as char you picked
  26. They use precious sand = evil. I use fertilizer synth and this(link) = no polluted water.
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