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  2. 1, 2, 3, 4 are same as your team. 5 and 6 phases. We let a Widfrig stand at center of battle area and other members at one side to kill pigs and Crocommander. When Crocommander on the other side reach about to the center, It will summon that flag. The Widfrig just use her pike to right-click the flag and get back to main team. 7 phase. Just kill snortoise one by one. mind the sequence of breaking its shield. Our sequence is pike first, dart second, hammer third. 8 phase. I think this part is most technic of all. We take down the 2 scorpeons side first same as you. but there are quite lots of details of this phase. Firstly, cast heal ring until the first poison acid comes out. Secondly, let the CD of fire staff and heal staff in the same count or at least similar. When the heal ring being casted, follow with meteor and hammer and other AOEs, let the petrify at the end. Still kill them one by one, but when you cast meteor, to cover as many mobs as you can. 9 phase. scorpeons > snortoises, If your teams is strong enough, you can drag the boarilla together and AOE them. 10 phase. One Boarilla first. And then the little mobs. Another Boarilla last. if your runner is pro, he could let the other Boarilla be close enough to let the cataclysm AOE on it at same time. Final boss just let it sleep as short as your team can.
  3. Strange undigable "blue fire"

    That "blue fire" is actually falling snow. Probably should have been fixed with falling sand on update 242561 If not I guess next update?
  4. Temperature of electorlizor gas

    It is definitely not the temperature of the input water. You can easily test this by sending fresh Geyser water through Abyssalite pipes to the Electrolyzer. If it used input temperature, your base would heat up super duper fast, because the water fresh from the Geyser, depending on the size and format of your holding tank, will be upwards of 80 C. Probably closer to 95 C.
  5. Don't Art (Magicphobic)

    Wilson is mildly concerned. (part of a bigger image im inking and full coloring but just a quick sketch update I RIDE AGAIN. (Also art style shifted... AGAIN.))
  6. Too Many Showers!

    I've never really had the problem. Usually when my dupes are somewhere that they'll encounter polluted water, they're in environmental suits. They shower once a day or so, but usually not more than that.
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  8. Forge Skin Pack for trading

    This will be a nice feature in the future. Something for future events.

    I'm not much of a "skins" person when it comes to games, but I'd gladly buy skins if it's to support a great game & for future additional content!
  10. An Arthread 2.0

    Love it!!
  11. Forge Skin Pack for trading

    Had to go to bed, sent the email now
  12. Copyright of klei characters

    I had to make two reference books to seperate fan art and official art so I can show who was done by who.
  13. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    Depending on the paramedic friend with us, he'll be probably getting his left hand back to working.
  14. This song has some epic build-up, like the final level of a space RTS when the really intense stuff has already been done and this is part prologue and more aesthetic than challenging.
  15. Ninjanemo's art dump of random doodles

    I'm so hyped for Coraline 2
  16. The wiki says that the electrolizor releases gas at 70C. However My own experiments and comments on youtube say that it releases it at the same temp as the input water. Which is it?
  17. What to craft with spools as f2p?

    Marble armor (six pack) Ham bat Glided book Infernal staff and the wooden reskins are my favorites
  18. image.png.ae5b2362bd82c16715f9197cd932e1a5.pngNever got this tag before. Curious.

    1. Quoth143


      Did you die a lot?

    2. DragonMage156


      We was reborn as a skeleton, I reckon :p

  19. What to craft with spools as f2p?

    Wood armor also applies to dragon scale, so I'd choose one of those. Probably plain or silken.
  20. Too Many Showers!

    Alternatively, just disable the Showers. Or don't build them at all. The negative aspect of the "Grimey" debuff is basically nonexistent. Combined with the "Nice Bathroom" and "Messhall" room buffs and it's altogether irrelevant.
  21. To counteract the high-pressure gas vent. Make the operating range 20 kg.
  22. During gameplay, i found that all my suits from a exo checkpoin (exo-2) ends on the exo-1 checkpoint, leaving dupes with no exosuit slot on idle, and most of time they finally die if i dont unequit the suit manually. I keep looking for the bug and i found it: If a dupe from the exo-2 find a alternative path to cross the exo-1, when they come back, all dupes from exo-1 and exo-2 cross the same exo-1 doors. The first leave the suit on exo-1, the others dont remember there is a slot on exo-2, and get frozen on a spot on iddle, because they cannot cross the exo-1 door with the suit with no slot. the fix: Dupes should remember their suit slot, so they could cross exo-1 with the suit on, to go drop it on exo-2 door.
  23. I'm having so much fun lately in Shipwrecked. Follow me on if you ever feel like watching instead of playing yourself :)

  24. any idea how to set up the post process outlines to be based on distance? like the same normal and sobel edge but they get thinner the farther away you and other objects are since it seems to be the opposite right now
  25. Too Many Showers!

    Did it the same way but with an OR Gate and weight plates. If a dupe is showering and the door close, he cannot out. Timer from 0% to 10% and the door open through the timer OR the weight plates. So everyone can go out and is not trapped. PS: The nonstop showering should be fixed through the devs. Once per day is enough.
  26. Hi everybody I'm new to the forums here, I hope that's the right place for suggestions/requests for the next update. By now I have subscribed to quite a number of mods, a moajority of them being character mods. As a result of this the mod menu has become very cluttered and slightly annoying to use the way it is now. It would be very helpful to have search and sort options (e.g. alphabetical, active/unactive, install date). And it would be great to have a third mod group character besides the existing server and client. Just my two cents
  27. Why would it not be a good or plausible idea? It would require a change to the job system sure but so does your AI idea, in fact your AI idea would take much more dev time than a rimworld job priority system. And basing the priority on their skill level is the exact same system as a rimworld priority system except it's a automatic number instead of giving players the control.
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