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  2. What i've noticed so far. Set pieces can spawn partially off the island Glommer and Chester are sometimes deleted by the ocean when the world is generating Swamps are no longer guaranteed dead ends (Meaning they rarely if ever had more than one biome connecting to the swamp.) Considerably more "holey" generation A lot more peninsulas and land bridges That's all i've noticed for now.
  3. I noticed this too. I also wanted a medium map size it gen a what seemed to be a large map.
  4. So patching holes is pretty easy, but how do you fix general hp damage? When operating solo I guess best landfall technique is to approach slow, and while gliding in drop anchor to avoid collision. Steering alone is a little tricky, I find traveling in a direction you can see further ahead helps.
  5. I don't feel like thats a big enough downside. It takes a while for disease to even set in. A competent Wickerbottom can just mass farm these things so you essentially would be covered on food for as long as you care to farm and by the time disease did hit them you could easily have thousands of nonperishable berries. One book can produce over 200 of these things. For example here is some math: The last island i visited had 28 bushes. 28x3 = 84 fruit. 84 x 5 book uses = 420 fruit. 420/3 = 140. Thats a guaranteed 140 meatballs worth of fruit for just one Wickerbottom book! When i mentioned the disease system I meant more for it to act as a timelock for being able to transfer the stone berry bushes to your main base
  6. Outside of setpieces and cave/ruins generation being all out of whack, what I've noticed is that for the Surface, world generation now seems to be able to significantly loop around, making worlds look like a C, or when that's not the case, stuff typically is like a straight line world, making things seem super far apart from each other. With the old world generation, it was more structured and branched, meaning that at the very least, stuff wasn't terribly from each other if you're world generation wasn't so great. With this new generation, it feels like stuff is super far apart from each other, meaning massively long boat bridges would be needed cause of world gen. I don't know how I feel about it, since cave gen is messed up at the moment so I can't use that as a reliable way of checking cave entrance shortcuts. What do other people notice?
  7. beautiful colors, one thing i can feel i'm tired of is the normal world of DS. The old dead and dark style which i of course will always love, that being said SW and hamlet has taken its place for me, it has changed so much its hard to go back to the old roots. Then again, most of us has been through this bandwagon for years ever since the beginning. And while DST has multiplayer there's just something that is missing when i'm playing it... idk if its more content (although i hope the newest content can keep me interested again) or if its music or colors or what it is. Like, multiplayer is fun, but i'm more so thrived to play singleplayer all the time lately.
  8. I dropped some jellyfish down in this pond some time ago, and they eventually all started hugging the shore in various places. I imagine this'd be true for rainbow jellyfish, too, but I haven't tested that.
  9. An item to link rafts?

    or that the boat is larger to fit more things
  10. Stone fruit bushes are brokenly good right now. The island has about 25-30 of them which each produce 3 essentially giving you a full stack of unperishable berries ala bundling wraps without the actual (low) effort of defeating the bee queen. The bushes are harvestable every 2 days and are susceptible to Wicker's book, however the replanted bushes are bugged at the moment so when you replant them they never produce any more fruit but if you relog they work as you would expect. These bushes need to remain on the island to incentivize revisiting it more or just act as a good scavageble food source during long stays. At the minimum if these bushes were to remain uprootable they should at least incorporate the current disease system where maybe normal berry bushes instead of turning into rot when digged up turn into a new item that is the only thing effective at fertilizing (even if only the initial fertilization) the stone fruit bushes. That way they serve more of a late game food source where you transition your normal berry farm into these better variants.
  11. You don’t always get the flute in nonbugged games
  12. Alright, I know this is kinda silly, but I really, and I mean really want some ONI merch. The only merch I see on the store is the "hero poster", but I would prefer something like... a plushie? POP Figures? I dunno... I just want some more ONI merch other than a poster. Anyone else or is this just me?
  13. Had no school Friday, and  no school Monday.'s weird just how stingy the school board is with assigning snow days.


    Wherein it's literally like 5 feet of snow, the roads are all iced over, and people are crashing everywhere, and yet they don't cancel school because that's apparently not dangerous enough for students. :wilson_facepalm:

    But nobody realizes that they had added more days onto the school year in order to compensate for lost class time due to snow days. 

    And yet after winter ends, it just starts raining 4 day weekends, and there are so many PD days. 

    TL;DR - The school board is run by a bunch of idiots. And this is even AFTER they had disbanded the old school board and made a new one!


  14. Banan's art n' stuffs

    1. I actually never thought about his painting career. this took place directly after another event though. 2. I'm probably gonna go see it very soon, but i was just thinkin about the base game. 3. Maybe he got sick of the weather in the alolan region and moved somewhere colder, lol. The cotton is mostly just for that good f a s h i o n.
  15. Today
  16. Gestalt

    Moon Mimes!
  17. Webber Character Refresh

    we need to be able to get silk (and perhaps glands) without hurting our poor spiderfriends.
  18. So... Warly and Wormwood, eh? Im just gonna beg Klei does their ghosts
  19. Since Wormwood is plant

    Give Wormwood a fertiliser meter which rises depending on how much manure, guano etc. you used on yourself. He should only be healed if the fertiliser meter isn't 0 and when he becomes wet.
  20. Wormwood skins?

    need ... this
  21. Unfortunate Screecaps

    ... I guess they changed how meteors work, and put a tempedizer in that pool of polluted water
  22. Webber & Wormwood synergy

    he still need other players who are willing to be Wickerbottom or wortox. and other character's drawbacks are also nullified: webber, well, you can't farm pigs, but other players can (and to nullify this drawback, you dont need other players to be a specific character, as long as its not a wortox). Wolfgangs drawback can also be easily nullified by a webber
  23. Swimmin' DST

    Right now with the addition of the oar, you can get 100% wetness in a matter of seconds. Just hop on the boat and fail to paddle several times over and it will build up your wet meter. It's actually really helpful in summer if you decide to stay above ground.
  24. Thanks but by convention I'm playing no mod & no glitch rules The sweeper is just here to feed ranched shove voles.
  25. Since Wormwood is plant

    I think it would be nice addition, it matches to his character.
  26. His farming skills could be nerfed a bit if he'll be forced to use a hoe on the ground before planting seeds (similar to The Gorge) and only on farming turf perhaps.
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