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  2. Please focus on cooperation, PvP, and end-game content. Those are the three things that this game lacks quite a bit.
  3. I think people are reading too much into wendy's popularity in pub servers. As was mentioned before she is VERY noob friendly play-wise. If the majority of arguments here were true we would expect her popularity to follow into experienced players.
  4. THIS! It's an awesome idea and I'm totally using it for my next base.

    Oh! Xbox? Hhhhmmmm... The being kicked thing still applies, but I don't know much else about the console version of the game, Xbox servers might be the issue in this case, or it could be something completely different. Good luck though!
  6. (PS4) DTS Cannot log in

    You've been heard. Getting to the bottom of this is our priority right now.
  7. Very nice, thanks for putting in the effort to document all this. Despite being a worshiper of the Goddes of black and gold, my next game I'm going to give glossy's a shot. Bookmarked. Also got to add this to the tutorial list.
  8. being that it's early game and before exo suits I need to have oxygen in the room for the rancher to breath
  9. I don't know if it's a bug or not , but our server doesn't have connection lag issues , but sometimes this problem happens and some players get random lag spikes for a long time (or endless lag spikes) and the only way to fix this is quitting and entering the server , We do have some mods , but this is the first time we encounter this problem. (We didn't change any mods or settings)
  10. Very cool, LOVE your step by step guide. In the early game, I actually do the opposite with the doors and place them two tiles up to keep the carbon dioxide in the bottom of the stable.

    Yah I'm going to try again soon, but on xbox, there are no steam accounts or mods.

    As the others have said, being kicked from 1 server won't affect any other servers. The Steam or Klei servers might be down currently. I'd give it about an hour or more.

    Yah, he can log in. I tried a bunch of times, I couldn't log in

    Must just be something with Klei's servers. Can your friend log in?

    It says that I'm offline and need to log in to join the world.

    Being kicked doesn't prevent you from joining worlds. Being banned, on the other hand, just prevents you from joining that one world again. What's the message you get when trying to join worlds?

    Being kicked from a random server will not make it so you cannot join any others. Only if you were banned directly from playing DST however it would still work offline so you might want to verify data integrity or try to disable some mods. But being kicked from a game will not result in being banned from other people's servers.
  18. The valve is already somewhat useful. I use it in circulating eggs.
  19. @watermelen671 can you datamine the telebrella opened and a fullsize of the pegahawk feather wallpaper?
  20. I put a Squeaky Puft into some Chlorine to make some Bleach Stone and watched it for cycles. It ate tons of Chlorine and never once made any Bleach Stone. There is another bug report for this but it is a year old so it seems either the bug is back or it never got fixed.
  21. It will still crash. @Ipsquiggle I'll hook you up with some logs tomorrow
  22. little snaptooth babies

    tehee, lets keep it :3
  23. Quick question. I'll delete this post once I find answers. So, I was just hopping through random worlds, helping people or just looking at their bases, waiting for my friend to get on so we could fight toadstool together on my world. I joined this one dude's 500+ world. I found his base and was just looking around because he had a weird base. He/she wasn't there, and I wasn't destroying or messing with anything. I saw a lazy deserter and was touching it for a while, just curious to see if he would use a stone, then he kicked me. I wasn't mad or anything cause I was about to quit anyway and my friend had just logged on. But this was my first time getting kicked from a world, and I just then learned that being kicked from that world meant BEING UNABLE TO JOIN ANY ONLINE WORLD, INCLUDING MINE! That's extremely frickin frustrating. I tried logging out and then logging back in, and tried quitting the game and then starting it again. I waited at least 10-15 minutes. But I still remained offline, unable to join any world. what the hell. so if anybody could answer these questions, that would be really great (I play on xbox, if that matters) How long until I can join world again? Is there anything I can do to speed it up or immediately get back on? seriously. I might be over reacting, but this sucks.
  24. Can crock pots explode?

    Ice boxes can't burn. Crockpots don't explode. Some gunpowder and a moleworm would've been it, Deerclops, Griefers, there's a slew of other reasons. We can't help much if there were mods involved, either.
  25. [Game Update] - 327766

    What do you mean by "Desync issues", does this mean that it won't progress if you have yet to build a sky-worthy in a hamlet compatible world or?
  26. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

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