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  2. If you filed a ticket, that's all you can do right now. Account deletion is not supposed to be reversed, so it's a very manual process to fix. The account is not actually deleted yet but put into a queue to make sure we have time buffer for situations like this. As long as you included your klei account or email address used on the Klei account, you should have it back next week some time. It would be really helpful if you let me know how you thought deleting your account would help your situation here. We are trying to do everything we can to help avoid people unintentionally deleting their accounts so any information about your thought process during that time would be really helpful to us.
  3. I'm not certain that increasing the storage will solve the problem. I'm inclined to believe that is in a float rounding issue. The problem seems to be that fragments build up until there isn't room anymore to actually get a full measure of an ingredient. This doesn't appear to happen when you're only making one recipe. It also doesn't happen when you manually tell it to make X recipes for which you have ingredients for. It only appears to happen when you have multiple recipes set to run continuously any time there are ingredients. The problem appears to have a number of stages: Each ingredient gets loaded into the grill for each recipe until the 'input' is full. You need "uneven" amounts of ingredients (i.e. in a two-ingredient recipe, one ingredient is much more available than the other). It appears that room is reserved for the ingredient(s) that finish the recipe. So if you have pinchas and no meat, room is left for the meat. You need multiple recipes set to run continuously any time there are available ingredients. You need fractions of ingredients to be available. Which can happen even for non-edibles. Like 96% of a pincha peppernut showing up in your food storage area... Time. This problem, for me, has never happened immediately. Usually things start off working just fine. Its usually something I notice when my dupes start starving.
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    when your health is low
  5. err swimming hounds will not get changed. Exploiting and breaking the game will. You can't balance out a functional mechanic with exploits.
  6. Swimmin' DST

    Seems like a cool thing to add. It's clear Klei's approach with this ocean is not to merely copy paste SW.
  7. Surely the aunts behaved badly. But I repeat, the situation is certainly more complex than it appeared, since they could not see the shadows and understand Willow's problems. Perhaps, during other panic attacks, the child had destroyed other things. The fire at the orphanage may have been only the "final catastrophe". In short, we should have a broader framework to be able to fully judge them. If there were other children in the building we can't know, but since it was an orphanage and it was full of beds ... I think it's very likely. Finally, even the adult Willow never shows remorse... I think it is significant. I really like this interpretation, I find it very sensible and human. I think Wendy is one of the most psychologically interesting characters in the game.
  8. You mean to say all we have to do is to make a mod, which increases the internal storage and the problem will go away? There is just one small problem with that theory. The grill has 3 internal storage components: input, storage, output. Each has a capacity of 20 tons. I don't think increasing those limits will do us any good. Maybe it's a float rounding issue.
  9. The most interesting one is for the feather pencil: "M...maybe I'll doodle something... When no one's looking." To me this can go several ways: This is all a charade, Wendy just wants attention. (very unlikely) Wendy acts depressed because she feels that doing anything else will make cause her to "forget" Abigail. Wendy may enjoy how the other survivors help her with her depression, she fears that showing signs of being "on the mend" will cause the survivors to stop helping her. Wendy believes that if she starts to change, the survivors will grow different. Something like "The others see me as the morbid one. if I start being happy will they think that I've been lying to them? Will they leave me?"
  10. no, similarly to the DS dlc loyals, or the forge beta portrait, and even the new heirloom variants, these are all meant to be rare, and not part of a completionist's collection goals albeit for whatever reason heirloom variants show up even when you don't have them klei please fix that, giving away the bottomless pit, even if the original ones were upgraded to timeless, would simply make people like the bottomless pit less, remember, you can't tell if its timeless or loyal unless you are the one crafting it, and if one was to make a variant of the bottomless pit for new players, well the real bottomless pit still isn't available to them now is it?
  11. pls klei i don't want to feel like a Wagstaff without goggles whenever I zoom in onto my axe
  12. First of all I would like to specify that, except when explicitly written, I do not consider people like Wendy, Webber or others as "bad", "cruel" or other. Simply, for various reasons, they do not seem positive to me. Indeed, I find Wendy a character with many virtues, but overall she is morbid and pathological. Surely Maxwell has changed a lot since he fell from the throne. But in my opinion it does not erase all the evil he has caused. We do not know when and how the spider side could take over. It is too dangerous an unknown factor, in my opinion.
  13. [Game Update] - 337090

    Beggars can't be choosers.
  14. Anyone remember what's that mod called? You can click right through a critter to open your chest or use other items, so the critter won't block your mouse. Finally a glowing moth is worthy to have, but it's blocking my stuff sometimes. I saw this mod once in YouTube, don't remember what's called though...
  15. mutant suggestion: Uni-corn

    I never knew how much I needed that
  16. It’s just that my friend and I want to make a character who can also create creatures similar to shadow puppets, but we are unable to cut down his mind, and it turns out only to take it away, that is, he can restore it. How to fix it? Sorry for broken English, I just used a translator.
  17. Dumb little poll

    and also the sexiest one
  18. Trash or incerator

    "similar" is not by chance. Modding is based on Harmony, which is a tool originally created to mod RimWorld, but it works on all Unity games provided the game makes the needed call to start Harmony. It sounds like you want to remove plants, which are obtained when the game starts. I think you should be able to do that with worldgen, which means it can be done in plain text files. For instance in mobs.yaml SwampLily: location: Floor selectMethod: Centroid density: min: 0.4 max: 0.5 width: 1 height: 1 Without actually having tried it, adding that file to a mod and remove the SwampLily will likely prevent the map generator from placing said plant. I can't help you with how to mod worldgen because I never tried it. I know there are mods, which mods it and it's supported for modding, but that's about what I know about it. Steam offers filtering based on which mods contains worldgen modding. That would be a good place to start.
  19. That's the obvious assumption, but not necessarily the accurate one.
  20. Every summer the oasis lake make 3 new fireflies
  21. his first chance ended with being eaten
  22. Bramble Husk

    I have noticed that most nonhuman characters synergy well together an example would be a Wormwood Webber Wortox combo
  23. Dumb little poll

    you forgot the true cutest mob in the game:
  24. "problematic" children are and have been defined based on various criteria that are often used to make them seem as not worth it and from what we saw in the video they take Bernie away cuz Willow is scared. Other (normal) person might try to talk to get or confort her, but they slammed her with the door and took Bernie. I don't think they are very nice. There is no hard evidence there are other children there. Remorse comes after the fact.. She at the moment is pretty much in an adrenalin high at that point.
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